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  1. Absolutely awful and everything that could go wrong did
  2. Ribeiro thinks he’s Bamford what a ducking cheat of a dive
  3. Derby County 3-1 Nottingham Forest Shinnie
  4. Please let the title of the thread be the first chant he hears when PP has thousands of voices again
  5. Just under three hours, not sure what times players arrive for home fixture but I’m getting me tea and celebration drinks tomorrow as I have work in morning. Some have suggested they’re not really buzzing for this.... I am......
  6. I recognised a couple of the voices but perhaps one or two wish to remain anonymous. Think Wayne took it in good faith. Notts of course the piece de resistanće😂 Think a poster has mentioned ‘Notts’ board in meltdown over it. Agent Rooney awarded.....
  7. Agreed. And just heard Steve Bruce asked why he was laughing with OGS at press conference. He was less than pleased!
  8. Much to my shame I’ve never been in...... not been in any library in years! Here’s a better one for you @Chester40 . Impressive building for sure. I’d just had my now annual medical and was the first time I’ve walked through the city since lockdown! So it was legitimate. Surreal!
  9. Walking through Manchester we have a sign I tell ya!! ITS A SIGN..... Rooney Time
  10. Fair enough but it’s sport which has no doubt saved many, no matter how bad we were (past tense👍👌). When we had no football it was far worse. Having something to look forward to should be celebrated, whilst no fans has taken some getting used to, once the game kicks off I’m totally engaged! But as @AbuDerbyDave suggests our vastly improved form is almost boring 😂
  11. Four pages only........what’s going on, is this a new tactic like our revolutionary corners? Be 20 pages long any other year?
  12. Forget any toss of a coin, simply alternate who opens. So many games have been won simply on who bats first
  13. So Joe Roots 5-8 down to his quality? Well maybe it is 🤷‍♂️
  14. I’m sure none of us are taking you for granted @mozza . Top work as always. If it helps I’m gutted when I miss prediction. Scrambled to log in with seconds to spare sometimes! Could be alcohol could be work I do try!! 💪👍👌
  15. Marshall as captain I’ve no problem with at all and they’ll have discussed it in detail I’m sure. But I’d prefer CKR as captain rest of season. The man has smashed all expectations from all Derby fans and when they announced on commentary ‘the noise you can hear is CKRs calling for the ball’ I thought you’ll do for me, I’d wondered what that was about. His inspiration on the pitch we can all see and I hope we can have a couple more years from Chris Martin’s lesser replacement. And here’s what he’s gonna do to any forest that may get in his way......
  16. Wayne gets it... totally. He’s fine the players are fine......Interview ‘got to go and calm down the kit man and back room staff though’ Utterly wonderful. He’s winning plaudits all round. Wayne Rooney is a Ram 💪🐑
  17. Derby County 3-1 Huddersfield Town Gregory
  18. Excellent posts @Alpha though I would suggest you do the lower leagues a disservice where I think there are many many genuine hard working players. I totally relate to your views re Premier.
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