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  1. Genuinely that gives me a lift @RadioactiveWaste I’m isolated here in a suburb of Stockport surrounded by fellow struggling Man City fans
  2. Emotion being the word mate. Me too I feel so deflated now really expected a decent show but that was beyond disgusting . For periods of the game I wanted to do something else other than watch football. Zero entertainment there
  3. @B4ev6is mate tell me what kit you want us to play in mate I’m with you that lucky pink can duck off
  4. Days of watching a team with a spine of Shilton Wright and Saunders to this. Please fellow Rams tell me I’m not alone in my suffering here
  5. Disgusted with that never thought I’d say that about a Derby performance. Disappointed, plenty of times but that was about as dire as it could get for me. I really really need a drink now. serious relegation threat unless we improve vastly. Who we gonna rest next?
  6. This is another day booked off work to watch this... I’ve learnt my lesson I won’t be doing it again for a while
  7. Remind me this is Coventry City not Man City right? The colours are so confusing
  8. More classic commentary....’dealt with everything Derby have thrown at them so far’....... there are no words 😶
  9. Keep up, @BathRam72 I know you work off anther clock down there mind
  10. Deep thinking commentary ‘if Derby are going to win they’re going to have to score at least twice’. Love the insight
  11. Clearly knackered after Cardiff..... oh erm
  12. Roberts has to take some weight off the free kicks every one overhit
  13. We do make massive errors that get punished 😞
  14. Coventry City 1-3 Derby County CKR
  15. Just seen this. No glamour no headlines just a hard working pro. I’m 56 in a few weeks it’s no age. Watched him at BBG and away. Scoring goals again now. Go get em Mickey 🙏🐑
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