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  1. October 16th 1973

    I blame Mel. And Keogh too...
  2. Pitch Invader Banned

    Why stop there? We could ritually disembowel them and feed them their steaming entrails as pre-match entertainment at the next home game.
  3. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    When we're on a poor run, results are all that matter to me. Any win will do. When we're on a good run I guess I rather selfishly hope for good football too. As for the Premiership being the Holy Grail, yes I can see that, but I'd rather gouge my nether regions with a rusty penknife than suffer through another season like our last in the top league. This is why I have a significant degree of sympathy for owners and managers alike in that I'm just one fan and yet even my hopes and expectations swing wildly from one pole to the other. I'm not sure how many Rams fans there are out there in total but just imagine trying to keep us all happy. A thankless task in my book as even if we were winning AND playing good football, there'd still be a section of the fans who'd find something to moan about!
  4. Zanzala on loan to Chester for a month

    Right on groovy dude, 'the cat's' got some mad skills as you say.....
  5. Derby County V Notts Forest

    What, you mean we might actually lose a few games. Well f*** that. I'm jacking it in then. I mean, what's the point? I'm not going to support a team that frickin loses, am I?
  6. Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.

    This made me slightly moist
  7. GT The number "10"

    Most naturally talented player we've had in yonks - yes, better than Hughes and Hendrick - and seriously deserves a change of luck. If he plays the balance of the remaining games without a significant injury we'll make the play-offs, no bother. Welcome back George, we've missed ya!
  8. Derby County V Notts Forest

    For sure, but there's clearly no pleasing some folk, eh!
  9. Derby County V Notts Forest

    A few thoughts from the Gumps forum: Backed off Vydra again ffs It had to be that f***** didn't it? Better team, can't score, can't defend We're f***** now And the TV goes off F*** off Mancienne why run and play him onside when you're not even near enough to tackle. Losing to a sh1te hoofball team Really hate him. Bin dippers and now the sheep Zach Clough's head appears to be badly photoshopped onto someone else's body Why does David Nugent keep grinning like a bad guy from the WWE? Somebody scythe down that mascot We're all so small and nice, with big Murphy up front we look like a rendition of Gulliver's Travels Did we win on the passing stats? POST: Billy Davies knows how to beat Derby RESPONSE: We lost 5-0 bro Nigel Pearson is the man we want someone with some b******* and put the pride back into NFFC That was an all fur coat no knickers performance
  10. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Yeah, sorry about that. There's absolutely no place for humour on a football forum. I'll take myself to the nearest market square and ritually self-flagellate by way of penance.
  11. If we lose Sunday...

    OP now in hiding. Naysayers have put the pitchfork sharpening tools away, tiki torches extinguished, life all good. Pub o'clock I reckon. COYR
  12. Derby County V Notts Forest

  13. Derby County V Notts Forest

    If you could just spend the rest of the game on the khazi we'd all be much obliged good sir
  14. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Oh ye of little faith. COYR
  15. Derby County V Notts Forest

    WHo are you? WHo are you?

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