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    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Does this mean we can look forward to a few weeks without having to put up with your incessant and cringeworthy whining or will you simply be ramping up your 'I want to make babies with Chris Martin's' posts? And what exactly are you thanking Mel for you utter clown? Rowett walked, he wasn't pushed.
  2. 86 points

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    Not if you've just trousered £8 million it doesn't, even if that's a lesser figure than some might think Vyds is worth, especially since selling Vydra only impacts the wage bill by removing Matej's figure from the overall cost. Or am I missing something? To be fair, recent signings with the possible exception of Tom Lawrence have not been bad value, least to my way of thinking.
  3. 86 points

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    Why on earth do we insist on making unnecessary press releases that just bite us on the harris? If we don't come out and effectively say our OPEX is unsustainable. we wouldn't be giving the impression of a fire sale and buyers might be less inclined to lowball us. Transparency has been an expensive game for us recently and in some instances I can see no benefit to the policy.
  4. 86 points

    The Kasey Palmer Situation

    It's a fair comment really. I suppose other managers might have tried to string him along and tell him that he had a future here but I guess it's to GR's credit that their conversation was frank and to the club's credit that they didn't stand in Will's way and wait for a fatter fee. Whether it was the right call, I don't know but once Will decided to go, there was little point in trying to stop him. Worse still, I'd imagine Will's worth 4 to 5 times what we received already, but much of his improvement is, I suspect ,down to having better players around him as much as the coaching staff at Watford. Hopefully we have some kind of sell on clause. Optimist that I am, I also wonder whether we might not see him back at the club at some point in time. Maybe Watford and Derby will meet going in opposite directions one year, you never know. As for Kasey, I got mugged off for giving him a big up when he joined but my lad's Chelsea and trained with their youth teams as a nipper and he's got a good inside track on their younger players - the word was really positive about Kasey and I highlighted the fact that the Chelsea brains were saying he could play anywhere across the midfield or forward line - really adaptable. It's a shame therefore that it seems to have been an either or scenario with him, initially with Vyds and then with young Tom. Much as I love Andi Weimann's work ethic, he doesn't really seem to have the quality to hurt teams in the final third. Pains me to say it but maybe he was the one who should have made way as I think Tom remains a player of great promise and has a longer-term future at the club than Andi. Worse still, I can't see Kasey extending his stay. I think the same argument extends to the youth players who've not had a look-in this season. I can't claim to have seen enough of them to be dogmatic about it but there were surely games we could have had a look at them? I was a bit crestfallen to see Elsnik and Lowe shipped out on season long loans as we've seen a bit of both in the first team already and they seem to have the technical prowess and quality that some of the seniors apparently lack. I think GR saw this season as being a dogfight (he was right!) and maybe that was the thinking but you gotta think that we need to look at them along with the likes of Bogle and Thomas. I'm probably being a soppy **** but I'd be gutted if Luke went to the Hammers without ever getting a proper run at Derby. Not sure what that would say about the value of the academy either to be honest. Who'd be a manager, huh?
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    I'm the most purist fan me

    You old cynic, you! 🤣
  6. 86 points

    I am losing interest

  7. 86 points

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    Cheers @Zag zig I've PM'd @wixman1884 and we're good. Thanks for calming me down 👍
  8. 86 points

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Bit off topic but is it wrong that I'm considering a Spoons large breakfast with a side of black pudding? I'm strangely drawn to it right now but I feel a bit dirty for being so. Thoughts please....
  9. 86 points

    I'm the most purist fan me

    Funny and brutal in equal measures 🤣
  10. 86 points


    OK mate - you've got bigger fish to fry today. Once again, good luck with your exams mate. 👍
  11. 86 points

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    See other.... We'll leave it there.
  12. 86 points

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    Deleted with reticence
  13. 86 points

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Really disappointed to hear about the behaviour of some of the Fulham fans. I think these types of games attract a slightly different spectrum of supporters to a rainy awayday on a Tuesday night and some of those who turn up for only the 'bragging rights' games can be utter knobbers in my experience. I also think that's true of most clubs save for two or three whose entire fanbase are *****! For what it's worth, a few of my Fulham mates were none too impressed to put it mildly.
  14. 86 points

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    Pearson was a road crash though fella, Rowett is far from it. ANd don't assume that because folk are prepared to give Rowett a chance that they are in favour of zero possession football. That's a rather simplistic line to take IMO. As for being mardy, I'm not - it was a genuine question. I thought you'd posted something pretty positive about the way we were progressing recently. Since you've levelled that accusation though, on the mardy scale, I'd say you've smashed me out the park this season, wouldn't you? Pretty sure you stated as much yourself not long ago or did I imagine that too?
  15. 86 points


    As a fully signed-up member of the syntax police, might I ask that you refrain from using the word 'ape' adjacent to the word 'male' please? 🤣

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