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  1. So that just leaves rocks and vegetables...
  2. Well you can fish yourself out a couple when the doors open then, can't ya.
  3. They're the only ones you got mate - two tiny peas in a floppy old pod. Can lend you a decent size helmet too as apart from your Worf noggin, you've no size or girth either.
  4. Thanks guys. Forgot about the manager leaving - poor old George. Hope he gets some proper gametime wherever he ends up next season.
  5. Has he played for them at all yet? Disappointing if not 😐
  6. Mockney knobbers. Oi, oi saveloy. ***t
  7. Pointless post then. Guy was really ill yet tried at length to disseminate info from various sets of accounts on our behalf and got little more than snide BS and the same questions over and over again back for his time and troubles. Small wonder he lost the plot.
  8. Might as well stick this on your clipboard bud - then just copy paste as required 🤣
  9. Didn't read the previous comment. Thanks for pointing out the error 👍
  10. I'd think there'd be other fish in the sea. Mount, Wilson and Tomori have all had their moments but there'll be plenty of youth players at big clubs needing a home next season. We've also seem to have the most promising crop of youth coming through the academy that I can recall so I figure we'll be ok. Besides, season's not over yet.
  11. How so bud? Got the impression he's well and truly fallen out of love with it all, but I'm just guessing at his reasoning tbh.
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