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  1. 86 points

    England v Croatia

    I thought he did Ok personally. It was a pretty decent performance all-round, especially having given up a lead wildly against the run of play. I think you've every right to feel positive about the overall performance against a tricky side, the likes of which we've seen frustrate us many, many times. Onwards and upwards I reckon!
  2. 86 points

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    This season I've been pretty resentful of the unwelcome interruptions brought about by the international breaks. Somewhat less so today but still really looking forward to getting back to league business now. On that note, does anyone know what the latest is on Waghorn, Bryso and Mount?
  3. 86 points

    England v Croatia

    You must be new around here....
  4. 86 points

    A question for Derby fans...

    Ignore it Ronnie. It's all bolarks as you well know.
  5. 86 points

    A question for Derby fans...

    Look matey, you're just on here for a bit of passive / aggressive gloating as your lot are taking a turn at the top. Let's be honest, that's the sum of it. You're not really that interested what folk think about Nigel as if you were, you'd be wittering on at Burton fans not us. As for the numerous Derby fans advocating a return for Nigel post Rowett, there was not a single one on here, literally not one, so that excuse holds less water than a shopping basket. Now then, you must have fields to tend to or summat more pressing to do with your time than bore us lot to death, so how about you Farke off and come back and have a proper gloat if your lot actually achieve anything this season. Ta.
  6. 86 points

    A question for Derby fans...

    I've removed the bits of your post that were nonsense. You're welcome! 😉
  7. 86 points

    England v Croatia

    UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE - pointless competition really. Just more friendlies dressed up as meaningful match-ups. What a fab tournament. Top of our group and deffo back mixing it with the big boys now.
  8. That's just a warm-up fella. I switch to shots around 3.00am though as I'm a bit of lightweight too.
  9. Probably, but then I'd be out celebrating not blathering on another team's fan's forum. Just saying...
  10. 86 points


    Ah, that's alright then. As you were....
  11. 86 points

    David Warner

    Archetypal bully. He's a big unit and at the time I reckon Rooty was about 11 stone ringing wet. Hilarious to see him stomping off when he's given a bit of what he's been dishing out for years. No idea at all what CA were thinking when they handed him the Vice Captaincy. Man's a fully fledged see you next Tuesday.
  12. 86 points


    I think what you're implying (gently!) is that he is taking for granted your goodwill and his own financial future. If that's the case, then I think you're entirely right to nudge him in a different direction, not for your benefit as you point out, but for his own. We all love our kids and probably cosset them more than we should, but times could get tough for those who are not in any way prepared for the realities of mortgages, council tax, utilities and putting food on the table, all before living a life. Helping them appreciate what is required may be a thankless task initially, but there'll come a time (maybe when they have kids of their own) that they'll understand the kindness involved in having made some tough decisions on their behalf, where they may have been reticent to make them on their own. Parenting huh!
  13. 86 points


    Savings, savings and savings. Tough future for kids and parents alike after 8 years of austerity and 20 years of relative salary freezes. I've bought a flat for the lad so he's more fortunate than many but he'll still leave Uni with some fairly astronomical debts to clear down. He works two jobs currently to pay his way, which is pretty tough on top of a pharmacology degree course.
  14. Do you think MacDonald could too, maybe?
  15. 86 points

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    He looked seriously promising to me, from admittedly limited evidence. Whether he can displace any of the incumbents is open to debate, but he's an option with a deal of potential. As you've pointed out, he will be another barrier to George Thorne's return. It's really sad for George, a player for whom I've any amount of time, but I just can't see him getting a game at Derby right now, though I'd dearly love him to prove me wrong. A potentially stellar career, blighted by injury and bad luck 😥

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