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    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    A likely story. My lad's just finished his first year at UCL and his freshers week lasted for the full year and I'm struggling to understand the difference between the actual freshers week and the 9 months that followed it. Worse still, the little poo didn't even bother lying to me about working hard! 🤣
  2. 86 points

    Boxing Thread

    Fair enough mate. I don't pretend to be an expert in any case, I just know what I find entertaining and what I don't. Nobody else expressed the opinion post-fight so I assumed you were referring to my posts rather than something nobody had posted.
  3. 86 points

    Boxing Thread

    No it's not 'the same with everything' and I don't wear glasses. The assessment I made was not a blanket 'the past is better than the current' statement, just MY OPINION on a single current division. If you want to blithely dismiss other folks' views then at least try to do so with an valid argument rather than implying they are blinkered or stupid.
  4. 86 points

    Boycie’s Birthday Today

    Brutal. Funny tho
  5. 86 points

    Boycie’s Birthday Today

    21 again huh! Happy birthday Boycie.
  6. 86 points

    Kevin Nugent

    Think we've cloned Dave so we can keep the 'duds' out of the side...
  7. 86 points

    Boxing Thread

    I've not seen a decent HW title fight in a fair while tbh. AJ vs Klitschko was half decent I guess, but the list of names you've given for a division having 'everything' leaves me absolutely stone cold. You say you can't compare fighters across eras but everyone does, especially when there's a dearth of quality contenders. I'm not dissing AJ, I just can't see anyone in the div being able to deal with him or even coming close. Wilder might land a shot I guess and maybe he has the power to test AJ's mettle but can you really say that Fury vs AJ would be a fight you'd spend bombs to attend? I guess you don't agree but to my taste, heavyweights get a disproportionate amount of attention. I feel for AJ as I sense he really wants to be recognised as a true champion and over time he may well be, but it's hard to build a legacy in an uncompetitive division. Bar AJ, the rest are much of a muchness, to my way of thinking, irrespective of their shapes, styles and sizes.
  8. 86 points

    Boxing Thread

    WOn't be a popular opinion but that was pretty underwhelming for me. Povetkin giving away 11 years and at a massive reach disadvantage was always going to get tagged at some point. He looked like he was blowing as early as 5 rounds in and from then on it was only a matter of time. AJ carries massive power, that's indisputable, but I'm not sure what else at this point. Perhaps I'm being overly critical but I don't see any of the heavyweight division as having great technical skills and I'm not hugely excited about an AJ vs WIlder or Fury match up either. To give Joshua credit, he can only beat what's in front of him but big lads aren't offering much from a entertainment perspective right now, to my eye at least.
  9. 86 points

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Some pretty complimentary stuff from the Bees Forum…. ‘Derby quick strong accurate. Without doubt the best team we've come up against’ ‘Sounds like a bit of a reality check. We are definately second best so far. Need a quick goal to put some doubt into Derby's minds’ ‘Derby were excellent today.. Mount especially... Got beaten by a better team.. Fair play...’ ‘....yep....sometimes we do play teams who are quite simply just better than us’ ‘So many intercepted passes. Derby's close down play was excellent’ ‘Derby were very impressive throughout. Not sure they play like that every week. Quality in and out of possession which deserves credit’ Then a real ‘I don’t mean to be disrespectful’ soundbite from Dean Smith which made me laugh… "It was a really good start but the manner of the goals we conceded disappointed me. "But I don't want to take any credit away from Derby. In the second half I thought we controlled the ball. "The manner of the goals disappointed me. The second was a ball over the top and the third was a pathetic decision to give the free-kick." Bit lemon Deano, bit lemon!! 🤣
  10. 86 points

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    No way he only ways 10 and a half stone. Two years ago maybe but not this season.
  11. 86 points

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Quite telling that a good few are being touted on here for MOTM. Gotta be a good sign if multiple players are being put up as the best player on the park. My somewhat nostalgic two penn'orth would be that Bryso was the pick. He's taken a hammering at times on this forum but at the ripe old age of 31 he's now looking close to back to his best and his best is very, very good. I'll be trying hard not to get carried away but I said a few weeks back that I expected this side to 'dismantle' a few teams in the div once we found our feet. Today I think we pretty much dismantled Brentford and they're a pretty decent side. Whether we get promoted or not, the way we are trying to play is a breath of fresh air. Long may it last! COYR
  12. 86 points

    18/19 Match Thread

    In other news, another goal for the overrated, one-season wonder that is Mo Salah today 🤐
  13. 86 points

    David Nugent

    Spot on Burton - his own performances aside, he's also a fab mentor for the younger lads. Much is made of his workrate and rightly so but I think his value to the current set-up amounts to way more than just his willingness to press. Lamps and Jody must love him and if Jack and Wags have anything about them then they'll be looking closely at how Nuge goes about his work. Their time will most certainly come and in the interim, they just need to work hard, absorb the lessons and take their chances when they come.
  14. 86 points

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Why worry about Marriott when we've just beaten Brentford 3-1? I'd say Frank is getting it right at the moment and as and when young Jack is ready to step up, I'm sure Frank and Jody will give him his chance. Bit frustrating for Jack no doubt, but he has time on his side. Meanwhile, we're back in the play-off slots and starting to look like a proper team. COYR
  15. 86 points

    v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Brentford 1 FRGS Mount

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