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    Galaxy Fold

    Thanks David - I did see on the news last night that Trump is stepping up the trade war with China and the security concerns expressed by the US and the West in general, no matter how spurious, do give pause for thought. On the battery note, I have actually replaced the battery so the bulletproof comment slightly (if unintentionally) misleading. STrangely, I was still getting reasonable battery life but the issue was that the remaining usage indicator became rather hit and miss - the phone would show 15%+ remaining capacity and then suddenly die hence the replacement. I think all things considered, I may just bite the bullet and get a new iPhone XR. I'm an IT guy but I'm no expert on mobile tech so my thinking is that the XR seems close to the more expensive XS units in terms of feature sets, is bigger than the 5s without being tablet size and is considerably cheaper. Does this way of thinking make sense and is the XR a decent handset in your opinion? I get the feeling the XS Max will be too too big really as I'm lazy and don't want something I can't operate with one hand! Also, do any current iPhone run dual-SIM? I can't see anything in the tech specs that suggests they do but it'd be useful for me to distinguish between and ring-fence personal and business calls.
  2. The iPro? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  3. 86 points

    Galaxy Fold

    I'm a dyed in the wool iPhone user, have been forever really but had a play with a friend's Huawei P30 Pro and have to say it's an impressive bit of kit. That said, I'm still using an iPhone 5s which I bought back in 2013 and the thing is utterly bulletproof. I'm going to upgrade soon but only because my eyes are rubbish and I need a bigger handset. Not sure which way to go really, whether to stick with Apple or bite the bullet and save myself some cash with an Android handset. The gap has closed it seems to me and the iPhones are eye-wateringly expensive. Think it's down to the Huawei and the iPhone XR. Decisions, decisions...
  4. To you and anyone else considering this plan of action. Bravo chaps. Super, super classy IMO and just another reason to be proud of the club and my fellow Rams. EDIT - Sorry @Mucker1884 meant to quote you too fella 👍
  5. Bonkers how emotional I'm getting watching these videos even days after the game! Really can't remember ever feeling so elated over a Derby game, even beating West Brom in the play-off final doesn't compare despite the fact that win secured us a promotion. Really can't put my finger on why but this meant so much more to me. I'll be gutted now if we can't beat Villa despite my best attempts to keep my feet on the ground but whatever may be, this has been a season to savour and remember. I love the way too that so many neutrals have suddenly taken a more than passing interest in the club. It happened when Frank first came too but it's cranked up massively since the Leeds game. My FB feed has been full of it since the semi and none of them are DCFC fans. Crazy, beautiful and so bloody exciting. How I'm going to get through the next 6 days without spontaneously combusting I have no bloody idea! COYR
  6. True. She was insistent that THAT 3 and a half minutes included your post-coital fag too! 🤣
  7. The first yellow was silly but the second I've some sympathy for. It was a tired lunge not intentional, he just got skinned and the price the lad's paid for it is a steep one. Like all of ours, he'd run himself stupid by then. Hard to be too cross with him in the circumstances, especially when you see his genuine joy at winning the game despite knowing he'd miss out on the final. He's actually gone up in my estimation as a result but then I am a soppy Bamford.
  8. Think your sarcasm radar has severely malfunctioned my old mucker 🤣
  9. I'd love to see him sign if only to cheer up @Millenniumram... ...for about 3 and a half minutes 😛
  10. The inexorable rise and rise of young Jayden Bogle. All this talk of his value might will be moot come next Monday as when we beat Villa he'll be going nowhere.
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