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  1. Yep, loved the Queen's Gambit. One of, if not the best show of 2020 for my money. Also enjoyed Godless which surprised me to be honest as it wouldn't normally be my kind of thing.
  2. Me too. Lost me straight away but a good few seem to rate it so will probably give it a fair chance at some point.
  3. Not sure if we've any teachers on the forum, let alone this thread but thought this might appeal anyway. https://www.facebook.com/100006314344352/videos/2856022814618169 🤣
  4. Soz mate. I'll try to be better 😆
  5. No prizes for guessing who that is 😆
  6. Kieran Maguire is a gobshite bamford who knows the square root of duck all. Much like the Daily Fail, he's constantly sticking his oar in where Derby are concerned and always comes out of it looking like a tit. By his own admission, he emailed the EFL over our stadium sale, insisting that it contravened FFP regs and that action should be taken. Given this is a subject in which he claims to be an expert, that should tell you all you need to know.
  7. Yeah, cos we'll soon be spending £65 million on fullbacks won't we? 😆
  8. Funny innit how the need for some added quality in the squad was not so long ago being dismissed as an excuse, whereas now it's morphed into a mandatory requirement. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Need a sharp upturn in form. A standard 4-3-3 line up with players in their correct positions please. Evans in for Wisdom who is not a CB and never will be. Sibbo and Knight deployed in midfield with license to bomb forward. Bielik screening the back four but with license to attack when the opportunity presents itself. Upfront I'd like to see Waghorn on the right flank where he plays most of his best football. Jozzy and CKR to complete the attack. Not a great deal of choice there in any case. Only other change would be to bring Fozzy back in as given the form he was showing and the a
  10. 1. Leeds 2. Leeds 3. Leeds 4. Leeds 5. Leeds Absolute toilet of a club. Don't really hate any others.
  11. Our resident youth ITK has said as much. I've said apparently because I can't confirm it myself but she's been bang on the money about literally everything else. Pretty certain her lad's at the one of our Academy kids. Sucks huh! First Liam Delap, now Kaide 😕
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