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  1. When? I've been hyperventilating into a brown paper bag for 30 years already now. After all, who needs perspective when you can have melodrama? What is odd though, is that I'm sure I can recall darker times at the club and yet by some massively strange quirk of fate, the world has just carried on spinning. Go figure... 🤷‍♂️
  2. Bonkers. When you can drop Locatelli and bring in a player like Verrati, it's not too shabby is it! The only downgrade for me was Belotti for Immobile. Immobile would have buried a couple of the chances Belotti squandered, in fact I've no idea how the Italians only managed a single goal tonight. It could easily have been 3 or 4. They're quite frightening to be honest and have impressed me more than any other side thus far and by some way too.
  3. Had to turn the commentary off. John Hartson absolutely doing my nut in with his one-eyed gushing. This is faaabulous, and that's faaabulous. Anyone would think Wales were 3 up. Meanwhile, Italy look certainly looking like the real deal. Even with 8 changes, they really do look like a side who could win this thing.
  4. Absolutely spot on I reckon. I wonder who wrote it for him? 🤔
  5. And then they compound the error by failing to give Lewis the chance to undercut on the 2nd stop, instead leaving him to do nearly 35 laps on a single set on a single set of hard tyres. Even the typically unflappable Bottas turning the air blue at their inept and indecisive strategists who are in danger of handing the WDC and constructors title to Red Bull. In a season where they clearly do not have the fastest car, they simply can't afford to keep making errors at this rate.
  6. Mercedes strategists are completely clueless sometimes. How many times have they managed to allow Hamilton to be undercut from a leading position already this year. Beggars belief that they thought they could get Bottas out in front of Verstappen. Just pit the lead car lads, like everyone else and stop trying to be too clever!!!
  7. Agreed mate. I think all the younger players will to be honest.
  8. A fantastic new addition to the editorial team.
  9. I've read some right nonsense about this lad on here and on Twatter and the like. IMO, he's a talented young lad and we're lucky to have him. Hopefully he can really kick on this season as it must have been a proper baptism of fire last year. It's often the case that young players coming from abroad take a season to settle in and I think with Bielik's injury, being stuck away from home under lockdown, playing in a side so short of confidence, not to mention reading some of the garbage spewed about him in the dark recesses of social media, it really can't have been easy. If we actually pla
  10. Think most on here thought Will Hughes and Jeff Hendrick were good enough to play in the Premiership and as such were proved 100% correct. As for the current crop, Knight, Sibley, Bird and Buchanan all being monitored by Premiership teams, with the first of those already securing a slot in the Ireland senior team. Assuming they stay, let's see how they get on with the benefit of what was a tough season under their belts. We also have other young'uns like Festy Ebosele and Louis Watson already playing in international youth teams too, to name just a couple. Might be a tad premature to
  11. I'll express my expectations through the medium of gif files... BIELIK FIT AND ROONEY GONE ROONEY STIIL HERE AND BIELIK CROCKED ALL SEASON
  12. One episode in... It's Scandawegian noir which begins with a fit, naked lady walking out of an erupting volcano with only a bit of volcanic ash to preserve her modesty. No idea at all what might have sparked @Eddie's interest 😆
  13. I've taken this to be a good thing and will give it a whirl.
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