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  1. True story Rev but you're not helping mate! 😆
  2. I think you need to just calm down mate and give the 'I told you so' BS a rest. We've not been relegated yet. If and when we are by all means come back and tell everyone how right you were all along if it makes you feel better.
  3. Grim day to be an English Derby fan. Poohoused by Stoke for the umpteenth time, smashed in a series defining loss in the cricket and now being handed our asses by Ireland in the rugby. Time for a long walk I reckon 😌
  4. Not only that but I'm pretty sure weren't winless or bottom by 8 points either 🤷‍♂️ He's been saying we're certain to go down all year anyway so I guess we just have to wait and see. He must have known Bielik was going to snap his knee again, unlike the rest of us.
  5. Yeah, lovely to see you back and gloating at everyone now we're in trouble again. We all thought you'd had a horrible accident when as predicted, the team improved so much with Bielik back. You were nowhere to be seen. It's almost as if you only ever show up to slag off the team and your fellow fans.
  6. Yeah, woken up to realise that when you claimed it was all down to Cocu you were talking utter garbage. Again...
  7. So would I if was on £10k+++ a week to play this garbage 😑
  8. Should be 2-0 down. Wisdom asleep yet again. WTF is he even playing? Not so much a case of always got a mistake in him but always has 4 or 5 🤦‍♂️
  9. I have literally no idea what our current strategy is. We've no shape, discernible style or game plan. We're basically playing as if we're so terrified of losing that we don't give ourselves a chance to win. I've seen worse Derby sides over the years, but none that looked less motivated.
  10. After a drab first half I think Wazza is hoping for a little more penetration.
  11. Ah I did wonder. Mind you, of I ever meet the EFL's 'expert witness', I'll buy him a drink or 6 😆
  12. Agree with all of that but I'd have Wisdom off not Mengi. In fact, I'd wouldn't have had Wisdom on in the first place.
  13. Brentford with two huge chances to win the game and miss both. Forest hanging on a bit now.
  14. LOL - Forrest foul, ref ignores it, they promptly equalise while the Brentford players argue the toss. Brentford in danger of blowing their promotion push yet again here. In fairness to Forest, they've been much better in this half.
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