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  1. I noticed Igor, when asked where he came from, he answered England. I was thinking he was using his real name and was posting from an office buried deep inside the Kremlin.
  2. Forum posters who change their user name.
  3. England's performance is appalling, not even doing the basics right.
  4. Isn't one of Icke's beliefs, is that the royal family are lizard people, along with other world leaders. Or is that someone else's loony conspiracy theory.
  5. If we're assuming that it will be a 4-3-3, that everyone is fit and playing to their best form. Then my team would be Carson Bogle Keogh Davies Forsyth Holmes Thorne Shinnie Jozefzoon Marriott Lawrence Personally I'd like to see us play something like this, a solid midfield that allows our fullbacks to get forward, giving us width when we attack. Carson Bogle Keogh Davies Forsyth Thorne Evans Shinnie Lawrence Waghorn Marriott
  6. 1of4

    What car are you?

    How I'd describe Derby as a car. In good condition generally, Drives well but sometimes finds corners difficult to handle. As at times misfired and even stall for some unknown reason. Just had a new management control unit fitted, still needs some parts replacing that are faulty or were previously wrongly fitted and the engine requires a re-tune. Body work as been given a new coat of paint. Presently having a full yearly service.
  7. The only thing that McDonalds care about is their bottom line. Until their profits are affected by us not buying their products. McDonalds and other multinational companies like them will not face up to the responsibilities they have to society as a whole. Be it environmentally, economically or just plain and simply doing right to the rest of society
  8. Tell him it's what our U18 Champions will be wearing while conquering the best in Europe this season.
  9. Thought about trying to remove the Adidas logo before posting but couldn't be bothered. Did you buy the Nike shirt especially for your avatar or nip into a local jd sports outlet and take a photo before replacing the shirt back on the rail?
  10. With Lampard's departure and who his replacement is more and more rumoured to be. Would a hastily designed new orange third kit be more popular than a planned all blue away kit. I do like the colour orange.
  11. Making your own tea is bad enough. But you shouldn't be any where near the kitchen while the wife is washing the pots. She'll be putting a tea-towel in your hand and expecting you to do the drying.
  12. The need to negotiate on tariffs is not quite the question I was asking originally. So I answered your post like you answered mine. Giving an aswer that didn't answer the question.
  13. When we become an independent trading country, we can allow goods to enter with zero tariffs into our country if we so wish and all without any negotiations taking place. For our exports, if we do so under WTO rulings then 10% would be the minimum tariff we can face. As for negotiating any deals that will be as good or better for us than we already have with most countries. That will take a lot longer than we were lead to believe by senior brexit campaigners. We will be paying WTO tariffs for a long time, meaning our companies will be at a disadvantage when it comes to being competitive in the world market.
  14. We were second best in all areas of the game. When we got the lifeline of the penalty, we failed to take it. A poorly taken spot kick, a third penalty missed in this tournament. England were just not professional enough.
  15. Why do we need to negotiate on tariffs, when all the most successful countries in history traded in a free market?
  16. The wonderful world of free trade. We allow every country in the world to import anything and everything into our country tariff free. Great, cheap goods available in the shop. Shame it causes the closure of factories and the loss of jobs here because of the dumping of goods by other countries. We try to export to another country tariff free. That country won't let us because it would mean they'd have to allow everyone to import into their country tariff free and the dumping of goods that would have an impact on their own industries.
  17. No being highly intelligent, I just about grasp the theories put forward by Buchanan. The question I need answering is are these theories easier to implement in a multi-state system, like the EU or in a single state, like the UK. Or are we screwed ether way?
  18. As Hunt and Johnson both try to out do each other on the policies they will introduce as PM. The question being asked is where's the magic money tree to fund them all. If they keep on introducing new policies at the speed that they are doing. They won't need one magic tree they'll need a whole bloody forest of them by the time one of them takes office. Or maybe they are expecting the arrival of herds unicorns carrying saddlebags stuffed full of money, obtained from all that wonderful new trade, gained after leaving the EU
  19. Any company that are makes or supplies component parts for the aviation industry, requires a licence from the European Aviation Authority. Come the end of October will UK companies still come under the edict of the EAA? If not it could be a problem for a number of our local companies.
  20. Why once again have we allowed a multinational company to pay only £22.5M in taxes on nearly £400M profit. While technically Starbucks may have done nothing illegal, morally they are so wrong. Until we all stop frequenting Starbucks and using other multinational like them. Then these companies will never change their attitude to paying their taxes.
  21. 1of4

    What car are you?

    Rover 2000 P6. Didn't turn many heads but a bit of a goer in It's day. As got slower over the years but still able to provide a comfortable ride, according to its present keeper
  22. Anyone know how many tickets we have sold?
  23. Once Chelsea were given permission to talk to our manager. They should have concluded their negotiations as quick as possible. Thus giving us time to find a replacement before our players reported for training. How long goes it take for Chelsea's owner to ask Lampard if he wants the job and for him to say yes.
  24. The worrying thing is that Minford also said that it wouldn't just be our manufacturing industry that would be affected by brexit. He also claimed that our agricultural sector would be wiped out after brexit.
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