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Kappa, it is...


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A friend and member of club staff had a meeting with Tom Glick (group meeting) and apparently it was announced next season all kit would be made by Kappa... also feared (not confirmed) that the crappy cartoon head of the ram could be the logo on the shirt, but that is just mumblings rather than anything substantial.

Kappa, are certainly hit and miss... anything in the style of Valencia or Roma and I would be happy though.

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Of course he is a crap player - the poor guy is well into his sixties and has a gammy leg. However, in his day he was a superb player, the ball stuck to him like a 'street walker to a punter'. Just what we could do with now (John O'Hare not the street walker).

Ha, yeah, I know how good he was. I was being sarcastic, but looking back I really messed it up, haha. I was relating the badge that people are calling crap to a player who wore that badge during the glory days. Just saying I don't get how people wouldn't be happy with a badge that has already bin done before, during the greatest years of our history.

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