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South stand car park on match days.


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Hey everybody.

Iam just trying to get an idea of the price people are paying when they park on the south stand car park for a home match.

But let me tell you the reason behind this.

For four games in a row i parked in the south stand car park with my dad being the only other person in the car with me. Every time i parked there it was £4 and a ticket was issued to put in the window.

Now i feel that £4 is a great value to be so close to the ground and to have security walking round looking after things.

But come the west Ham game i go to park and is informed that it was now £7 under shock i paid the bloke, he gave me my change and put the money in his pocket.

As i got out the car i remembered he didnt give me my ticket for the window so went back to see him.

I asked for the ticket and was told they had ran out yet the bloke next to him was giving out tickets and had a pocket full.

starting to smell a rat so to speak i asked about why the price had gone up so much so fast.

ANSWER and you will love this.

Friendly faces = friendly price when we get to know you we charge you less. !!!!!

With this he said i will give you the £3 back out my own pocket as good will. With this he pulled a large amount of money from his pocket.

Not letting this go i spoke to a steward who told me the Derby policy is the more you have in the car the less you pay to park.

1-3 £7

4+ £4

Now my feelings are that this bloke was on the take not that i can prove this. I have put this and other points in a letter to Derby county on 7/1/11 hand delivered but no answers yet.

Trying to find out how other fans get on when using this car park

please include price charged, date and if you were given a ticket.

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We park in there, on Satdeh it cost us £4 and there was only 3 of us. We have been charged 7 though before, I'm sure we have.

Not sure what the friendly face thing is all about, I'd have thought the same price rule for all would apply.

I hope nobody's on the rob 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

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you're right regarding the official prices - cheaper if you have 4 or more in the car, so you should have been paying £7 at each game - it does sound dodgy that the stewards are applying their own rates (and potentially pocketing some of the take, which ultimately costs us all more money).

Unless things have changed this season, Nigel Wood is in charge of match day operations - suggest you give the club a ring and have a chat with him - I'm sure he'll be very interested.....

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I will be getting a season pass next year but its strange that there is no price sign as you enter and the people that have been charged £7 what did your ticket say as they all seem to be printed as £4. ??

As we travel about 20 miles to a game and live in Leicestershire are we to pick up starangers to get a cheaper rate.??

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Its £130 for a season ticket in the South Car Park. I'll be a bit peed off if it is £4 (or people are being charged £4) because that works out at about £92 for 23 home games! There are two people in my car when we go, so if it is supposed to be £7 then at least I'd be making a saving!!

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had nigel wood ring me from Derby today.

The points he made were

RULES ARE !!!!!!

5 or more in the car is £4

4 or less should be £7

However it seams most are charged £4 by the nice man on the gate.

security staff should not take money only DCFC stewards and he will be looking into this.

I live in Leicestershire so not much chance of car pulling !!

just got to wait until next season and get a year pass.

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I park on my drive, walk 10mins to the Black Swan, pay £5 for a mini bus and get dropped off outside PP.

Is this any help?

Sounds good, which Black Swan is that mate? I used the one in Ashover on google maps, it came up at 105 miles and would take approximately 1 Day 10 Hours to walk. Does the bus leave promptly?
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