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Expectations From The Fans...


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Expectations from the fans...

[size=3]I can't remember the last time we had any positive news in terms of transfers since we signed Robbie Savage In January 2008.[/size]

[size=3]That's 3 years since we made an ambitious signing, yes, I understand about Barker etc. but when you actually look at it, he wasn't a big signing at the time and none of the other players we've signed have been.[/size]

[size=3]I believe that GSE have beaten the ambition out of us and we all do silly dances at the sign of a League 1 player signing. Imagine if we actually signed a Quality Championship player, we'd all be at Pride Park dancing on the pitch again like we'd won the Playoff final![/size]

[size=3]I for one have had enough of GSE's smoke and mirrors, the white lies, the proposed signings, the top 6 quotes without the financial clout to back it up, Toms smiley face appearing before every transfer window, Nigels grumpy face after defeat - cos he hasn't got the players and GSE's GLOBAL BRAND that Isn't working and NEVER WILL.[/size]


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In answer to the topic title - as a fan, I'd really like to see a higher league position finish than what we've had for the past 3 years.

I remain hopelessy hopefully optimistic for promotion one day but really can't see it happening until something drastic changes. Does wanting promotion make me delusional? Does hoping that Cloughie will one day make a breakthrough with the way he manages make me delusional too?

I don't think so - all I want for the team to play every match with purpose, go for the jugular, be ruthless and always be willing to push onwards and upwards.

Come on lads, do your stuff to the best you can and the fans will back you.

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Yeh, we need to sign some more big names like Roy Carroll and Danny Mills and while we are at it, why can't we look at the foreign Market for players like Sterjovski and Feilhaber.

Absolutely - I mean, we should make more killer signings like Jake Buxton, Conor Doyle and David Martin right?

My expectation is that we sign players who actually improve the side, but 3 three years in I expect only the usual loan dross and a nobody or two from below the Championship.

Still, I live in hope.

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This method worked out great for Forest though, look at the quality greening, reid and boateng have brought to the side! Lets face it, signing proven players is expensive and pointless, if you can set up a good scouting network then you don't need to go buy players who are proven!

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