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so is nigels own team good enough


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When/if they are all fit then yes, should be strong enough for a top half finish. Problem is, our lot are made of glass.

On a side note, I would welcome one or two big ugly bruisers in the squad, seems far too lightweight at times with an average

midfield and attacking height of about 5'7..

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It depends what you mean by good enough? I think Nigel could get this team to mid table, higher than we have been. I don't see a promotion push like we were promised though. I'm as delighted as every Rams fan about our start to this season but I can't help thinking it's got the board off the hook for more broken promises.

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How long his the fat physio been here?

I believe he came in last season. The problem with some of these players and past were inherited, For example Porter, Commons, Steve Davies.

In respect of the injuries at present these can not be put on his doorstep as they are not little niggles that a physio can sort out in a week or two.

Green tore ligament in game

Barker specialist said could carry on playing only when he went into the knee did he see the damage. Physion would have kept him playing.

Bailey ankle injury to ligaments in training

Brayford thigh injury scan shows tear

Steve Davies Fractured skull

Tyson groin injury requiring surgery

then lets see the otherside.

O'brien, Roberts, Shackell (who was injured during preseason), Bryson (injured in preseason), Ward, Hendrick all reported to be carrying knocks how many games have they missed.

Further look at Commons last yr when he came in how many games in a row did he play. Steve Davies came back from knee injury in 6 months injury nothing to do with this. Green was reportedly out for 12months with his injury getting close to resuming full training after 6 months. Barkers injury was far worse then expected will be back soon. Now all of this relies on the physio getting it right.

Look at the players out at the moment is this team good enough then the players injured are all first team squad players who would improve the team/match day squad. (Barker, Bailey, Brayford, Green, Tyson. Steve Davies). This team is battling in top 6 with 3 academy players not one let us down, gaining massive experience. Yes we may be at this moment in time mid table team but the same could be said with nearly everyone one in this league. If you ask the question who will be in the top 6 not many would say the same teams, ask the question who will go down this yr the same again.

The time to ask this question is at the end of the season not at the end of October when we still in top 6.

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We will see in next 3 and half years

That's not the $1mill question..

The $1mill question is.. Is NCs team with a net spend of about $0.27p or the equivalent of a cheap bag of crisps currently better than Svens team with a net spend of about $20mill..

Either NC is doing a good job, or Sven is doing a poor job.. Which is it?

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