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How many points


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Forest 0 - Derby 2 (Shackell and Tyson - Camp looking shakey)

Derby 2 - Millwall 1 (Ward and Robinson, they have no Morrison)

Derby 1 - Barnsley 2 (only because I know the Barnsley fans who I know will be able to take mich out of me and we never play well against them)

Leicest 2 - 2 Derby (I can't see this group of players giving up on a Derby game)

Therefore 9 pts.

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why not go further after all we're guessing....








west ham


not too many 'easy' games, and sorry, depending on who comes in on loan, i dont see too many points, and i believe on todays squad we'll be bottom half by december.

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We have 4 games to the next international break, how many points?

Forest away 1 pt

Millwall home 1 pt

Barnsley home 3 pts

Leicester away 0 pts

Which would give us 17pts from 10 games.

In light of yesterdays result a reassesmebt us in order.

Forest away 3 pts

Millwall home 3 pts

Barnsley home 3 pts

Leicester away 1 pt

10 points out of the 4 games, by 1st October 22 points from a possible 30.

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