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Who managed to get forest tickets then?


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As disgusting as I think our membership scheme is, I pay it each year, purely because I work in an office where getting on the phone and hanging up every time I hear 'sorry - all the lines are busy' for half an hour isn't really the done thing.

I also live in London so can't get to the ground.

But anyway - I got my ticket.

For all those who can't make it, I'll be passing on my own messages of support to Lee Camp. Please let me know if you'd like any kind words said on your behalf.

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I know one fella who went to the ticket office n picked 27 up!!

I also think it's wrong that they sell them online or over the phone when people get up early to make the effort to queue up to get tickets In the cold wet morning yet Joe bloggs rings up in front of his nice fire n gets one!! I understand lots of fans can't make it to the ground, but it should be face to face sales first!

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