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It's not just us who want to tighten the belt

The Scarlet Pimpernel

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to say nothing of some truly calamitous mixed metaphors....."squaring the rubicon"????????!!!!!

...or 'an amount of money which is not composite with what we've got'.

?? surely he means 'compost'

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Personally I like their chairman, seems like an alright bloke to me.

I think he comes across very well in that interview, seems to care about the club and doesn't have any agenda. People that want instant success won't like reading (pardon the pun) but that's the way football is going to have to be in the future. No more boom or bust. I love our sensible board.

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I gave up at that point. The man's clearly speaking his own form of weirdly bastardised English.

And hasn't he made his fortune in property speculation? 'nuff said.

i thought he made his fortune in selling second hand motors?

dont he own autotrader or summat like that?

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