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please give it a rest

we've had......

the board

the manager

the assistant manager

robbie savage

stephen pearson

theo robinson

nathan tyson

kevin kilbane

the players we've signed

the players we haven't signed

the lack of investment

excessive spending

lower league players

older players

young players

loan players

leicester players

crewe players

scottish players

too small a squad

too big a squad

the number of subs

the use of subs

the lack of goals

the formation

the football

gary teale

kris commons

chris porter

paul green

jake buxton

jay mceverley

tyrone mears

billy davies

claude davis

steve davies

ben davies

roger davies

saul deeney

steve howard

kenny miller

robert earnshaw

craig fagan

andy todd

mo camara

eddie lewis

a desire to name the worst 11 players ever

the injuries

the coaching

the finances

the food

kinell.........its beginning to get unbearable

and its only august

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i tempted to moan about you moaning about me moaning about the moaning

Well there you go, and I'm now going to moan about you moaning about my moaning about the people who moan about the moaning.

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Can't have this......

You've forgotten:-

the promised big screens

the beer

jeff mallett

colin bloomfield

our first half performances

our second half performances


the queues for a beer

the post match, errrrrrrr........., interviews

addison out on loan

howard in on loan

financial stability

revolving loans

the west stand

the north stand

the music

the songs

....if you're going to have a list it must be comprehensive old chap!

for what it's worth....6/6 points 'kin brill!

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