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Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

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4 hours ago, admira said:

And Bennett? Don’t forget we used 4 subs

Bloody hell I forgot about Bennett some how he was very very good his tackling was brilliant fights for everything he’s really come on under Frank 

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1 hour ago, Spanish said:

nobody seems to know, here are the current year's rules regarding FA Cup, rules=clear as mud

Video Assisted Referees
“VARs” means Video Assisted Referees as defined under the protocol of the International Football Association Board (“IFAB”).
The Association reserves the right to select any match in the Competition Proper, at its absolute discretion, in which VARs will be used. This means that the Referee in such matches can make decisions based on information provided by the VARs in accordance with the relevant protocol of the IFAB.
Guidance regarding the use of VARs will be provided by The Association to the relevant Clubs at the appropriate time.

But he didn't "make a decision based on information provided by the VARs"... It appeared he had those decisions made for him!

How the feck can a ref make a decision without seeing the replay(s) on a screen, for himself?  This is a crap way of doing things, imo.  I just presumed it was gonna be the same as in the WC, when the ref tootles off to take a look himself.

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1 hour ago, David said:


That's what I was watching.......whilst listening to the stream of anglo-saxon invective coming from a gentleman about 2 rows behind me 😄

tbf he didn't seem to have any friends amongst the Saints fans.....

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25 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

4.6m watched the penalty shootout. Thats pretty neat.

It would be (neat) if only it were true!

You and I both know that 4.55m were actually in the kitchen, making their cocoa, seeing as the news was delayed!


...Still... feck 'em, eh!  They made the stats look good!  happy0009.gif

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