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Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

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Wednesday 16th January,


St Mary's, live on BBC

Well, the best thing about last night is we've got a midweek game to help us move on from that ordeal.

Tips, tactics, team selection, predictions...

Personally, I think we should field the team that ended the first match, but I think we'll see a team similar to the one that started the Cup match.

This is the start of the crunch time for Lampard and the team, a spirited reaction is the least that can be expected.


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bogle Keogh tomori malone 


   Mount.      Bryson 

wilson   Marriott Lawrence 

holmes on at some point depending on Wilson’s fitness in whatever position 

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I'd go:

 S. Carson

A. Wisdom    R. Keogh    F. Tomori    S. Malone

G. Evans    B. Johnson

M. Mount

D. Holmes    M. Waghorn    T. Lawrence

At the end of the day Waggy was brought here to play as a striker and has proved he can play there so we should give him a chance up top - particularly as we are lacking physicality up top (as much as I love Marriott). I also think two defensive midfielders will serve us better going forward as Bryson and Mount in midfield makes our midfield too lightweight. In my opinion a midfielder needs to be top of the list for the transfer window - we need one desperately. We need an absolute thug in the middle - maybe Louie Sibley? Heard he's quite the bulldog.

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I just can’t be bothered to get up for this game after last nights poor showing. Few changes for me - Roos in goal, both full backs changed for Bogle and Malone, Waghorn on the right and Holmes moved central with Bryson dropping out. Marriott May need to rest but we just don’t offer the same threat with Nuge on his own up front

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Bogle     Keogh     Wisdom     Malone


Holmes       Mount

Josefzoon     Waghorn     Lawrence

Bench:   Mitchell Lowe Evans Bird Sibley Marriott Wilson

Try Tomori in the CDM role. No point in making Carson sit on the bench all night so give him the evening off. Same for Hudds.

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whatever      Whoever      Wotsit     Doo Dah

                           Some bugger

       Some bugger else       Thingummy

Could not              Really           Care less


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We must use this as a free hit to try and recreate our earlier season creativity, fluidity and excitement. Win or lose it doesn’t really matter, no pressure and go for it


Bogle.           Keogh.     Tomori.     Malone


                     Mount.      Wilson 

waghorn.                                           Holmes


if malone not fit - Wisdom)

( if Wilson not fit - Lawrence) 

We can’t defend well, so must attack better, we have tried all our options at the back but alas none look stable, it’s so frustrating how players can put in great performances ala Wisdom against Norwich and Boro, then follows it up with the worst 45 mins in memory against Leeds. 

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     Wisdom    keogh     tomori      malone

               Johnson        evans


        (wilson if fit if not lawrence as a free roll) 

                   Waggy  marriott

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