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Jody Morris first interview with RamsTV


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Confirmed as Derby County's new assistant manager, Jody Morris sat down with RamsTV for his first interview to discuss why everything about the opportunity to join Frank Lampard at Derby was a pull, his relationship with the new Rams manager, his career at Chelsea and why he is so excited for the beginning of pre-season.


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On 12/06/2018 at 19:42, ThePrisoner said:

Great interview that. I’m really excited to get this season going. For me Jody is a bigger coup than Lampard but the two of them together, I’m expecting some exciting things. 

Easily the most excited I’ve been for August in some years. 

I must admit, I am slightly moist

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Colin Gibson is possibly the worst interviewer ever. Obviously I get that he's a corporate mouthpiece that says whatever he's told to say, but rather than questions, he just says enough poo to fill some time, then the interviewee just says yes and pads it out.


More Kim Birtwistle, less Colin Gobson, please!

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