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  1. A tasty little Carabao Cup tie at the Bridge would do nicely for now! P.S. Send us Tomori back where he truly belongs!
  2. Come on @David. We need that ticker tape thing across the top!
  3. Luxury -we had it tuff. You try tellin that to kids o today and they won't believe ya!
  4. When I were a lad, we often ran out o'milk in mornin'. Had to eat Weetabix dry wi' butter spread on it. Bloody orrible!
  5. This old bar steward is reading this thread in disbelief. I hope all of these 'Sack Frank' brigade will be able to look at themselves in the mirror if Frank stays. Unbelievable.
  6. Yay! 16th in Premier League in debut season - very happy! Thanks mozza. This has been really enjoyable to take part in and I appreciate the hours you must have spent on this. Bring on next season!
  7. So long as we don't all think 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for...'
  8. Me and my son will defo be there. Block 112 row 12
  9. Anyone know if it is just us or have Villa also been allocated extra?
  10. Villa 1 Derby 3 Marriott frgs Goal scored after 55 minutes
  11. My first season as a rookie. Clinging on to a Premiership spot. (Hope that's a good omen for the 27th... COYR!)
  12. Not so - why not sing it throughout as our way of warning them of their impending doom?
  13. We win when it counts, We win when it counts. We're Derby County, We win when it counts.
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