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  1. Having been to every game so far this season, my view is that it is in the transition where the problem lies. Huddlestone is far too ponderous. Lawrence is a luxury player that we cannot carry. Dowell is just not up to scratch. If we are playing 4-3-3 after the international break, Bielik HAS to play the holding role, Knight for Dowell with Holmes. Up front, Waghorn, Marriott and Bennett. We are struggling, but it is not yet desperation stakes.
  2. I agree. Bielik and Knight, with perhaps Evans or Holmes.
  3. Been to every away game this season including Rangers away. Have a feeling we are set up to perform better away from home where other teams are attacking us.
  4. Rams 2 WBA 2 Marriott frgs
  5. Seems to me that after one good season in a lower league, Jones thinks he really is the big man. Seeing him so animated on the touchline yesterday made me think 'What a ******!'. His post-match comments were laughable. He'll be a one season wonder. Cocu, by contrast, was calm and astute. During the game, he was focusing on areas to develop. His half time changes were bold. His post-match comments were measured and superbly analytical. We even got a wave and applause at the end. Happy times!
  6. The team we had at the end last night would still be enough to beat that shower anyway. COYR
  7. Stoke 0 Derby 2 Lawrence frgs
  8. Me and my son will be there B4. Can't wait. Will be at Stoke on Saturday as well.
  9. Sick of hearing Ramage drone on about how things were different 'in his day'. Has no relevance to today's game. He is a relic. Really infuriates me when I am travelling back home. The so-called fans who text or phone in usually seem to be negative. There must be others that are more positive out there. There is no balance and they should have a clean sweep and get rid of the commentary and 'pundit' team. Garbage, the lot of them. Rant over!
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