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  1. Got to say folks, I very rarely post a topic on this board. Never thought there'd be so many replies. But to coin a Churchillian phrase, 'Never, in the field of computer forums, has so much been written by so many with so few being relevant to the OP'! Btw, I did not mean to be unkind to Mel. The guy really is a legend. Just thought you might find my plight amusing.
  2. Saturday morning, travelling down to Swansea, we stopped at Strensham Services on the M5. Just having a McDonald's breakfast. I spot Mel Morris. I pluck up the courage to walk over to him to say hello. With a cheery smile, he asks me how I am. I offer to shake his hand. He shows me that both his hands are full of ketchup capsules and says he'd willingly shake my hand, but does not want to get sauce all over me! My son is sniggering in the background. 'He's left you hanging Dad!' (Can't help thinking that Mel should fill his hands with something far less pleasant and then offer to shake the hands of Steve Gibson and the EFL!!). Fantastic day, however, and a fantastic win. Max Bird, what a hero. Mel Morris, what a guy!!
  3. Agree about the moaners, but the rest is just not true. South Standers DO sing.
  4. His English is certainly better than Bielsa's and Ramage, for that metter!)
  5. Disagree with plenty here (and I was also at the match). Hamer was fine. Bogle had a poor game. Clarke was very good, and the 'penalty' was a great tackle. Incompetent ref. Cocu was fuming. Lawrence barely deserved 4. Worst display in a Derby shirt. Can't see why he is being picked. The rest of the team clearly don't like him. There is so much more commitment from the rest when he is not in the side. Waggy put in a shift yesterday. Not great, but worth at least 6. Bloke next to me in the stand was on his back from the first whistle, and for the rest of the game; he'll have a heart attack at that rate. However, Waghorn is not a lone striker. We'd have been better with Martin if we were going to play that way. Good point, terrific finish by Holmes. (Actually, it is the ratings that I really disagreed with. Sorry Dcfcsr92; thought you had done them!!
  6. With Hamer for Roos and Sibley for Lawrence, that would be a winning team!
  7. Bit of an exaggeration. Constant shouts of 'Gerrit forward' when every forward player is still trying to get into position doesn't help. On what I have seen this season (I have been to nearly all games) he is a vast improvement on Roos.
  8. Agreed, he has fumbled the ball on a couple of occasions. You could argue that on at least one of those, the defenders weren't quick enough to react. On the second point, I think we are deliberately trying to transition to quicker counter attacks, so going more direct is perhaps a new strategy. I would sooner have that than the alternative. Passes sideways along the back four, then eventually back to the keeper and kicked into touch. He is definitely a bit more commanding in his area. I think he is worth hanging onto.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks Hamer is doing a reasonable job for us?
  10. No good if he's not the full shilling.
  11. Where have we been told he is not available to us? We might get them both.
  12. Derby telegraph reporting that we are set to be loaned him till the end of the season with a view to a permanent. (Half hour ago). Trouble is, you can't trust this rag.
  13. Happened just a bit in front of me and my son in the South Stand. No need for the fan to be kicked out. Happened just as has been described. Some billy big bolox of a steward got the arse on.
  14. Don't know if this has been posted yet. Sky Sports Transfer Centre: Derby EYE BENKOVIC DEAL Derby are interested in taking Leicester City defender Filip Benkovic on loan for the rest of the season. Sky Sports News understands talks between the two clubs have started.
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