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  1. Rams 2 Boro 0 Martin frgs. Gibson takes off with 20 mins left in a huff.
  2. After reflecting on yesterday, there are some positives. Firstly, Bielik and Shinnie are forming a good partnership in central midfield. Bogle and Lowe look like the first choice at full back, and rightly so. I for one thought Clarke looked assured. Davies is a fans favourite and his leadership skills are without doubt. However, he is fairly uncertain with the ball at his feet. Yesterday, we badly missed Paterson - was he injured? Dowell should be nowhere near the first team; a poor player. Lawrence had a good game and looks to be finding the consistency and attitude we require. I'm not sure that we have found Duane Holmes's best position yet. Rooney will be a great addition. Play him in the number 10 role with Lawrence on the left and Paterson on the right, with Martin up front. I like Roos, but so many of the goals at set pieces are caused by his uncertainty with ball handling. Maybe it's time to give Hamer a go until January. A team of Hamer, Bogle, Davies, Clark, Lowe, Bielik, Shinnie, Paterson, Rooney, Lawrence, Martin might 'cut the mustard'. P.S. I like the look of Whittaker. Did well during his cameo yesterday. If we finish mid-table this season the club (and the fans) must stick with Cocu. He is taking us in the right direction. UTR!
  3. Or complain to the 4th official about players receiving Ramist abuse and invoke the UEFA protocol.
  4. Rams 3 Hatters 0 Martin frgs
  5. I remember just how amazing the feeling was at the end of that epic match at Elland Road last season and the incredible buzz of it all. Looking back, I realise that what set it apart wasn't so much the result, let alone the performance. It was the feeling of unity that came from the joyous celebrations at the final whistle. To be there was special. The entire club - players, coaches, management, owner, backroom staff and the fans - all together in that one moment. Like the poem says, 'We are Derby'. Right now, that unity has been shattered. I have never felt so down about my club. It will take a long time for us to reach the heights of that togetherness again. For some, players, it will be the end. They have tossed away their moment. However, this is OUR club - it's in your DNA - and together, everyone must rebuild it. Time for calm heads. The wisdom of Mel Morris, the professionalism of Philip Cocu, the resilience of the players, and the support of us loyal fans; all can and will turn this around. But it will be a long journey on a tough road. That journey starts today. COYR.
  6. Rams 2 Bluebirds 1 Marriott frgs
  7. Having been to every game so far this season, my view is that it is in the transition where the problem lies. Huddlestone is far too ponderous. Lawrence is a luxury player that we cannot carry. Dowell is just not up to scratch. If we are playing 4-3-3 after the international break, Bielik HAS to play the holding role, Knight for Dowell with Holmes. Up front, Waghorn, Marriott and Bennett. We are struggling, but it is not yet desperation stakes.
  8. I agree. Bielik and Knight, with perhaps Evans or Holmes.
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