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  1. Thought Wisdom was the weak link yesterday. Complete fish out of water at left sided centre half. Can't head; didn't block; kept giving the ball away. As soon as I saw that team sheet, I thought WTF? However, Sibley and Marriott equally culpable. Absolutely no closing down when we didn't have the ball. Shane hit the nail on the head in commentary; words to the effect that we were decent with the ball, but shocking without it. Not given up hope yet, but we need some kind of mental shake up. We need to leave Rooney out once Bielik is fit and somebody (don't know who) needs to be in charge of on-
  2. I originally filled in the form to say I'd take a 20% reduction on this season's ticket renewal. I didn't renew before the process was suspended. Since then, I decided I would not renew this season due to health issues. I contacted the ticket office to see if I could get a refund pro rata for last season. I got a reply that said the system had been set up for a reduction for this year and I was too late to change my mind. They did say that they would keep my seat renewal open for 2021-22, even if I did not renew this year. Fair enough I suppose. The only issue is, I don't think my health issue
  3. With this signing, I could see us setting up like Brighton did so effectively at the Toon. 3-4-3 (which can be easily adapted during games). I'd go with: Lawrence Wisdom Dutch Mike Clarke Byrne Rooney Bird Buchanan Ibe Waggers Jozwiak Add in (when fit) Bielik and Lawrence, and with Marriott, Shinnie, Sibley and Knight waiting in the wings, we could be a team to be feared. I can but dream...
  4. Love that first choice line up. I think it has potential. Byrne and Knight nailed on. Blossoming into a good partnership and I can see Shinnie and Jozwiak doing the same. Only change I'd make to that (dependent on fitness) is Marriott for Hector-Ingram.
  5. And he did an excellent job second half. His link up play with Byrne was a real positive from yesterday's game.
  6. Forgive me if it's already been said, but the top two topics on the transfer forum are surely linked? I am hoping that Ibe has already been agreed and that it is just waiting on players going out. Hence, the announcement from Cocu about the need for Zoon to find a new club. Notice in his statement that he said positive things about Zoon in general. He wants to attract potential suitors, so has not said 'He has been a flop here'. I still think the club are being cautious with incomings. They expect the appeal to be quashed, but are thinking (just in case), 'Lets operate a bit like we are still
  7. That DommRiley needs to be handed a suspension馃榿
  8. Bugger. Came up short (not for the first time!!)
  9. Wisdom is usually really fit. His circumstances are unique as to why he is not fully fit. We have other more pressing transfer priorities and limited wriggle room with which to work. Give Cocu time - Rome wasn't built in a day!
  10. I make it 41 with first name and surname (Kamil Jozwiak). Same as the number of goals/assists for us this season hopefully!
  11. Thanks for the info Ghost of God. Thanks also Ryan. Pre-ordered. One Christmas present sorted!
  12. Great work Ryan (who I will forever know as 'Hudders'. How can it be pre-ordered; how much will it cost, and where will it be available? I am dead keen to buy one for me and one for my son. Best of luck; it looks and sounds awesome.
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