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Should clubs pay for matchday policing?


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No they shouldn't.

Policing is a public service paid for by council tax payers. Football clubs pay their taxes already and contribute to the overall state income.

Where would it stop? Car boot sales on a Sunday that attract lots of people and traffic; the village fete; sports day at a school? Before long the police would be charging any organisation that held an event at which large numbers of people gathered, just in case something happened or where they thought they could earn some additional income.

And where and when would the charging zone stop - 3 miles or 3 streets from PP? What if Rams and F****t fans started fighting 3 hours before kick off, or 3 hours after it finished, in Nottingham, is that the responsibility of the club too?

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I guess as long as Carnivals and Festivals pay for policing, and indeed other sporting events then football should.  I assume there is a rule that anything with x number of expected visitors needs y number of police and is paid for by the organisers.  Why should a club make money by attracting fans but the local police force foot the bill?

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