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Watching game in Cornwall


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I'm way down west so I'm over an hour away from Padstow. I haven't been there for a long time but I remember a couple of pubs on the harbour front. There's the Harbour Inn and the Shipwright, think the latter definitely used to have Sky. It probably still does.

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3 hours ago, Whitley ram said:

I'm on the Lizard. Can't find a pub south of Helston that has Sky. Any ideas Kernow?

Jeez, the Lizard. You're pushing it a bit. I haven't been to Lizard for a long, long time.

The best bet would probably be the clubhouse at the football club - Lizard Argyle - however I'm not sure if it would be open, especially on a Friday before the local season has started.

According to Google the only other place close-by is Sea Acres Holiday Park in Ruan Minor. About 4 miles away. Maybe worth ringing up first to check if they're showing it, or will put it on for you. 

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