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  1. "I want the Liverpool kit" "We have the Liverpool kit at home" Liverpool kit at home:
  2. No way, Sean Lock was easily my favourite comedian. Genuinely spend a lot of time watching him on YouTube.
  3. On a serious note, new shirt is the best they've done for a while tbh. Do they still do baby sized shirts as well? Level 0 n00b expected in January and want to instil a life of misery and suffering in it.
  4. Hope he comes back to Derby with his personal effects in a bin bag. Absolute legend.
  5. GET YOUR SEASON TICKETS OUT FOR THE LADS! That's how it goes, right?
  6. Didn't Bolton have issues fielding a team after they were relegated in to League 1?
  7. How's everyone fairing? Over the past two months I've lost half of the value of all my coins. Still banking on ADA to let me retire early though.
  8. Accept whatever EFL throws at us. We've clearly tried to be clever and it has been a never-ending cycle of the EFL trying to have our pants down. Football is played in the back rooms now, not on the pitch. Appeals galore in the Championship, all because of the allure of the Premier League. I'd much rather go to my local semi-pro team and support them than Derby at the moment.
  9. Can we just admit defeat. Mel was trying be a clever baalocks with all the amortisation policy, it hasn't worked, he wants gone. Let him go, let us hold our hands up and say we were wrong and just move forward. It's getting boring now.
  10. You've also got to take in to account that around 20% of all BTC have been lost of the years as well so the theoretical cap for BTC really would be around 16m that would circulate making the currency even more rarer.
  11. I would go as far as to agree with your statement that it is a "sophisticated form of betting". You could probably say that about anything where money is speculated in a way to accumulate though. No one knows what will happen in the lottery, sports betting, stocks or Crypto.
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