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  1. Drove down from Whitley Bay today. Rams flag getting some attention on the way. Getting a lift down Monday. If we win don’t know when I’m coming back!
  2. Tickets arrived in the North East. Journey starts Saturday, staying in Derby and driving down with mates on Monday. Me and little Whitley in block 519. Look out for the Cullercoats Rams flag. COYR
  3. Strangely confident. They have lost their early season intensity. Go with Bennett from the start and get early goal we can do this!
  4. Just got back to the North East. First match after my dad passed away in March. Mum and I got quite emotional during Jamie Ts warm up. Huge pride in my city. Can’t praise fans and players enough today - top class. Sunny drive back up with loads of thumbs up from other fans at our car flag. Strangely not in Boro though!
  5. From you reaction I would say you are the one lacking resilience and giving up ie ‘bottling it’. If you can’t get positive by Sunday then please do the gardening instead.
  6. Baggies fan at work says they have been resting / rotating Rodrigues, Gayle and Phillips. They are worried about any of those three getting a knock. Play offs are a lottery so there is little to gain in pushing for 3rd vs risk of losing a key player ( remember George Thorne vs Ipswich?).
  7. 1986. First match with my mates rather my dad vs Ipswich. Normanton lower. Bobby scores the winner in the dying seconds in front of us; queue pandemonium. My first love was born
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