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  1. A quick scroll through the United forums leaves no doubt that they think it is their fans doing the abusing. Moronic
  2. Would say it could have gone either way but the way the goals have been conceded has been disappointing. That said if our u23s lose to Man Utd I’m not surprised
  3. Standard cup tie vs lower league opposition. Kick and rush. Lots in the air etc. No different to Accrington last year. Bit more composure, get it on the floor and we’ll be fine.
  4. Thanks VDM. I don’t know what my son thought about the enforced long lunch but hey ho!
  5. Whitley Rams finally on train to Darlo. Shouldn’t have had that extra pint at the Centurion in Newcastle! 6th trip to the riverside and yet to see us win! #thisisouryear
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