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It cant be true..


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10 minutes ago, HantsRam said:

its true enough. Was put up on Sky and copied in another thread. I'll try and remember but its something like...

Mar 17     rowett v brazil

Nov 16      mcClaren v montanier

Feb 16      wassall v williams

Nov 15     clement v freedman

Jan 15     mcclaren v pearce

Rowett v Warburton.....

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13 minutes ago, minesahartington said:

That`s right up there with name 3 England players of the last 40 years with o`s in their surname..

sorry thats 3 o`s

Osgood, Woodcock, Storey-Moore.

Better make it last 50 years. Storey-Moore's one cap was in 1970.

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4 minutes ago, minesahartington said:

it used to be 30 years...blimey

It used to be 10 when I was running the Derby county supporters Club quiz.

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