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Local Club League Table


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Sky have calculated the distance each player from the top 4 leagues has travelled from their place of birth to join their current clubs.

Surprise surprise, Manchester City are the least local team in England. Most Local? AFC Wimbledon. Where do Derby stand I hear you ask....19th, didnt think that was too bad.

Now thinking about this, you would expect that the bottom section of the table would be all Premiership teams wouldnt you what with the lack of English talent and the desire to sign better players from the continent or even further afield. Surprisingly Boro are 88th out of the 92 clubs :blink:

Forest are 44th btw.


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5 minutes ago, davenportram said:

its a skewed table anyway. A team could play 20 players with an average distance of 150miles. Then add in one player born 4000 miles away the average more than doubles to 333miles. Are they really that much less local because of 1 player.

Or 21 players born in Derby, one player born in Sydney who moved to Derby at the age of 2 and lived there ever since and you'd be down to 40th on the table. I doubt Man City fans are kicking off because they're the 'least local'.

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