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  1. Championship promotion “rivals” watch

    The Monk-bot? He couldn't fire up a can of petrol...
  2. Boro sack Monk/Hire Pulis

    It's what Cyrus does really well, the quick bursts forward. Some of our fans had paid attentions to his performances for you and knew this, yet weren't too alarmed as it's also the plan Monk had for him to be fair. However after first match or two whilst we gelled in our other early games this season either he or George/Fabio who tend to do the same would bomb forward (one or the other, not both at the same time) Also Clayton in centre-mid would automatically drop back slightly as they did and the other 3 defenders would move slightly so there was still a 4 man defence only with Clayts in it, prepared in case of the counter. That set up didn't work too badly really. Then we lost a game. Monk immediately threw the baby out with the bathwater (did he expect us not to lose another game in a 46 game season? Honestly?) ripped up that set up completely and came up with one plan, then another, then no plan at all except "All do what you're best at, sprint around up top and leave them 2 lads to mark and intercept passes from a counter-attacking 3 or 4." Despite supposedly recruiting players who were made for that first set up. The Monk-bot really does beggar belief. Our 2nd worst manager since I started following us in the early 80s, with only wee ginger Strachan out-$hitting him in this regard. Hang on, Monk is ginger too? Perhaps that's it... It's true that by contrast Schteve did rather well for us though. Perhaps the massive bald area behind his ginger tuft saved him from the curse?
  3. Boro sack Monk/Hire Pulis

    I'm cautiously optimistic about his appointment. The thing about Monk's sacking that a lot find strange is the timing; after the win against the owls. The reality is that he'd have been sacked whatever the result. To the earlier poster who suggested Monk would have got us into the playoffs - I don't think he would. IMO he's a fraud. He caused a stink at Swansea apparently to get the top job. Leeds did well with him, till he fell out with Pep Clotet and suddenly they bombed; reading between the lines it was Clotet's coaching and a bit of luck that had them doing a lot better last season. Then he came to us, was given the spine of a side that finished in the autos with a few others including the 2015 championship player of the year added to it and given 50 million to spend in his first window with the whole preseason to bed them in. For us to be bobbing between 9th and 10th for a lot of his tenure is absolutely disgraceful, for the Prem equivalent if a new manager at Man City was appointed next season and given 250 million yet had them bobbing around 9th towards the end of December then I think it's inevitable that the executioner's axe would fall... With 50 mill to spend you would expect at least some signings to be mustard and that's fair. His signings were hit and miss. Randolph and Assombalonga have been quality. Howson is looking decent after a crap start. Shotton and Christie aren't actually too bad if used correctly. The jury is still out on Braithwaite as he was missing for a while with an injury and his performances have varied. However along with that there's Marvin Johnson who offers sweet Fa. And Fletcher for 7million, what a crock of $hit he's been. Also he didn't really bring in any creative midfielder whatsoever when we've been crying out for one ever since Ramirez began to sulk. There also didn't seem to be any gameplan or system whatsoever and our defence whilst it should be solid given the personel we have became crap. Mainly because both our fullbacks were larking around up the pitch together, leaving a 2 man defence to cope with anything. Square pegs were also jammed in round holes on a regular basis. It also didn't help that he didn't really interact with the fans and just churned out the same old robotic cliches that meant feck all in press conferences and social media. Someone even made the connection that he was using soundbites that he'd made after Leeds defeats last year and just copy and pasting them onto his twitter feed after our defeats. The Monk-bot simply had to go. Pulis should toughen us up at the very least and as well as his known ability to make teams solid defensively with which he has the personel to do that. He also has last season's championship top scorer, a 9million danish international who ripped it up abroad, the former championship player of the year and a guy who scored bags in ghe championship before and is tailor-made for his long ball, launch it to the big lad gameplan often used. Plus whatever he can add in January. Realistically the playoffs are the probable best we can hope for this year thanks to the meddling of the Fu(k up that is Garry Monk, but these do offer a 1 in 4 chance, so you never know. If, as is more likely right now, we're in this league next year he should start with a strong squad and be given another huge pot of cash for this league to spend as in realistic terms we're only down about 10 mill despite spending 50 this term due to our outgoings in the summer. Plus we only spent about 25 mill in the Prem season (which was a mistake) so by that reckoning we've still got well over 100 mill of the Prem money knocking about. So his chances of promotion next term are a lot greater than this, given his knowhow and without the handicap of the Monk-bot to limit our start. Whoop!Whoop! That's the sound of the Pulis!
  4. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    Friend's form is indeed an enigma. Some would argue that it's the new instructions he's given by Monk, the fact he's a little older or the fact he's in and out of the side with no consistent back 4 like we had last time, every player in that brick wall defence of 14-16 knew each others strengths and weaknesses off by heart and could compliment them. It's most likely a combination of the three, with a few dashes of bad luck thrown in for good measure.
  5. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    Nah mate. Whilst it's possible I think it unlikely that those two scenarios will happen, though I can understand you getting that impression from saturday's game as we were dire in the 2nd half. You could finish 2nd at a push, but I think 3rd or 4th is the most probable outcome. As for Boro, on paper at least we have a squad to rival Wolves or Villa, especially in depth. The problem is the prize meff responsible for managing, coaching and picking the team. IF Monk didn't improve or somehow stumble upon a formula for actually getting the squad to play to it's potential AND he was given to the season end then I'd agree we may finsh outside the top ten. But it's either likely he will somehow do this at some point or if we're somehow below 10th come the end of Feb when Gibbo has in all likeliness chucked another 15-20 mill at this imbecile to improve us, taking our season's spending up to the 70 mill mark, even our chairman's famous patience will run out and he will boot the gonad from the manager's seat. Most other half decent manager's would then see that squad and know they will receive a hero's status just for doing better than the Monk which wouldn't be too hard. And once the clueless clot has gone and with the pressure off we'd rapidly rise up the table. Whilst promotion by any means may be beyond us by that point it's therefore very unlikely we'd finish 11th or lower. More importantly we'd also carry our excellent end of season form through to the start of next season thankfully, with a very good squad to start from, money still to spend and no prize pillock at the helm to carry. Hopefully our worst manager in the last 30 years except Strachan would be little more than a brief $hitty footnote in our history.
  6. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    My honest assessment of the game as a Boro fan; Yes, you were lucky during the first half and we should have gone in ahead if it reflected the game so far. We played some pretty decent stuff and the majority of our fans thought this. But you make your own luck often and this was proven after the restart. You came out with plenty of attacking intent, rather than content to preserve your lead which many a team visiting the Riverside and holding a 1 goal lead could be forgiven for doing. Whereas despite a doubtless half-time pep talk we came out and played like complete puddings, none moreso than Mr Ayala. He virtually handed the game to you on a plate single-handed, whereas by contrast you played a pretty decent, easy on the eye game and were justly rewarded. Despite our general good form against you guys prior to saturday's game, I wasn't overly surprised at the result (though perhaps the score) in an about turn to Boro under AK we seem to be able to brush the lesser sides in this division aside quite easily, but come unstuck against the better teams. Whereas you're actually on a pretty good run of form right now. While it's possible, I don't think you'll finish in the autos, though I think the upper reaches of the Playoffs is most likely, and therefore home advantage in the 2nd leg of the semis. Where we'll finish I honestly don't know. Unlike a previous poster on here hinted at, most of our fans aren't baying for Gibson's blood, he has done a lot for our club and his good reputation as a chairman is not founded on nothing. His comments of smashing the league are often taken out of context He actually said "We WANT to smash the league" as opposed to "We're GOING to smash the league" and to be fair he's certainly pit his money where his mouth is. Only a few imbeciles are actively holding Sir Steve up as the major reason we're not tearing up any trees. The Monk however is a different matter entirely. Bearing in mind that he inherited the spine of the team (Dimi, Gibson, Ayala, Friend, Leadboots, Clayton, Downing) of the side that got us promoted last time out (granted they're about a year and a half older at this point in time) with the championship's player of 15/16 (Bamford) in the squad too AND was thrown 50 odd million to spend, he is hugely underachieving as a manager and coach. His signings have been hit and miss with Randolph, Britt, Christie and Braithwaite (once back from injury) doing largely well and Fletcher, Baker, Howson, Shotton, Johnson and Roberts being largely turds. Worse than this, he persists in benching (or even leaving out of the squad altogether) the likes of Bamford and Traore in favour of 2 or 3 good games Johnson and a largely useless Fletcher (HIS signings) and seems to have no settled gameplan whatsoever. 'The sooner we get this loser out of our club the better' is a school of thought amongst some Boro fans. And it's gathering numbers each month. Practically nome of our fans EXPECTED to smash the league this season. We know it's a bloody hard slog to get out of due to our 7 years in it before we got promoted last time. But we did at least, given the experience in the squad AND money invested expect to be somewhere within touching distance of the top 2 at this point. And the reason we're not in most eyes is because of the gormless clown in the hotseat.
  7. World Cup Draw

    Poland, Egypt and the Saudis would do me, ta.

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