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Thanks Mel and the Forum Representatives


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Just wanted to say thanks to Mel for inviting the lucky few yesterday, especially based on the current circumstances. The forum lads seemed to ask all the questions that we wanted to hear, so thanks to them for that, although I am still curious as to why Baird has mysteriously dropped out of contention for the captaincy and even a squad place.

After reading the write-ups, I can't help but feel a bit more assured that Mel has made the correct decision regarding PC, something which I didn't expect as my initial reaction was anger when I heard the news. It's a credit to Daveo that the forum is seen as being so important in Mel's eyes and I for one am proud that we have such a great place to debate about the mighty Rams.

Don't won't to come across as being a suck-up, this is genuinely how I feel, and who knows, if I get my posting count up then I might even be invited one day!:ph34r::D


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2 minutes ago, Boycie said:

All this talk of pork and pigs makes me think there ought to be a blanket ban on puns.

I remember the days when sausage was the swear filter... Before someone got handy with the ban hammer on our dear friend codezero 

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