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  1. Hahaha well the funny thing is, this donkey didn't had Hendrick or Thorne, and only had an out of form Bryson, Hughes and Johnny behind him. I'm talking about Darren Bent. Nice try.
  2. Would a donkey, a hedgehog or a camel have scored 13 goals for us this season?
  3. No no no, you've got it all wrong! Fulham were going to take up their option of signing him, without consulting him and going against his will if necessary, before flogging him on for £10 million to another team who don't want him. #toddyfacts
  4. The vitriol that Blackman is subject to is disgraceful. Once again, the worst side of Derby fans is shown when they label him the worst footballer in existence when he's barely played in either of his best positions (on the right or through the middle). That's not even including the flashes we've seen of his first touch and long-range shooting ability, as well as the constant reminder that he's the best trainer in the squad. I have no problem with Rowett getting rid to trim the wage bill, but part of me would be disappointed if he isn't given the chance to prove those narrow-minded doubters wrong.
  5. Completely forgot about Hughton. He's done an unbelievable job in the last two years, seems a top bloke too.
  6. I usually completely disagree with your political opinions, but I think is bang on. Wonder what @StivePesley thinks? One small step in Internet moderation by the government may lead to another and, before you know it, you're at risk of a 1984 situation happening.
  7. Should win: Jaap Stam (although Clough runs him close, with honourable mentions going to Wagner and Monk). What he's done with a previously average Reading side is phenomenal. Will win: Wagner. I think he'll get the hipster vote.
  8. Stop chatting out of your arse.
  9. Love the fact that Labour are slowly closing in on the above poll...
  10. Would "revelling in what they do" not be similar to Millwall's "we're all ***** but we know it and don't care" attitude?
  11. And you like Millwall?
  12. I am not yet old enough to vote, but when I am, I will vote Labour because I have a social conscience.
  13. Sounds like @Boycie's banning order