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  1. A pint and four cans down already. All Dark Fruits. Dentist will be fuming.
  2. Just had the worst journey of my ducking life. Four ducking carriages from Tamworth are you ducking stupid. Felt like we were cattle on that train and I was dying for a piss. Anyway, in Euston now and ready to move onto Covent Garden.
  3. Prepare for the greatest and drunkest drunken match report in the history of drunken match reports if we win tomorrow.
  4. As long as we don’t have clappers. Don’t think I’ve ever been as pissed off as I was watching us surrender our first-leg lead at your place last season whilst your fans were clapping away😂
  5. Apologies, if that’s your view then fair enough.
  6. Look at Brentford away. We did all of those things. Harry Wilson is probably second only to Grealish in the ‘going down easily’ stakes.
  7. It doesn’t have to be life or death for it to be a big game that I’d absolutely hate to lose.
  8. Sorry to hear that @DcfcJB. If you ever need a place to let it all out, many find this thread useful:
  9. It isn’t black and white though, is it? Just because we won’t plunge into administration if we lose tomorrow doesn’t mean that there isn’t a hell of a lot riding on it. It will completely transform our situation if we win. I’ll remain nervous but I’ll enjoy the day prior to 3pm at the very least.
  10. I believe that, technically, Davies is still captain. He tends to remind us of that fact in his interviews. I bloody hope it’s Keogh lifting the trophy if we win though. It’s quite something that Keogh has managed to win round the vast majority of Derby fans in recent years.
  11. I’m absolutely certain that the vast majority will stay after the final whistle if we lose. I think it will be extremely emotional but something that we’ll all be very proud of.
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