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  1. How young is too young?

    First game was at 6 years old against Burton Albion in Billy Davies' first pre-season, we won 3-1. Giles Barnes scored a hat-trick with Gary Rowett getting the consolation goal for them. Got my first season ticket that year along with my first taste of promotion. It all went downhill after that.
  2. Sun Dreamteam DCFC Fans Mini-League

    No I'm not. I am doing the Championship one though.
  3. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Could be a very big season for Johnson. Rowett rates him as a goal-scoring midfielder who gets into the box, and we've seen glimpses of his quality in the role from the Wolves game last year, as well as this pre-season.
  4. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Huddleston is bloody class isn't he.
  5. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    It was a sarcastic comment aimed at Edworthy saying the ball fell onto his "favoured left-foot".
  6. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Didn't realise Chris Martin is left-footed?
  7. Shouldn't be telling you all this but Fozzy is an absolute steal at £2.4 million. Cheaper than Olsson and Lowe.
  8. Women's Football

    Absolute load of bigoted b******s.
  9. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Weimann looked very sharp, probably our best player and linked really well with Fozzy. I was slightly disappointed with Bennett as he was quieter than he seems to have been in the first two games. Martin had a 6/10 game, nothing inspired but played that lynchpin role fairly effectively, especially with Weimann (those two seem to link really well). I'm afraid to say Nuge was absolutely awful, the worst I've ever seen him play for us. I think that was probably a combination of being in the '10' role and having an off day, but I really don't think he's suited to playing behind the striker. Still love him though. In terms of the rest of the team, contrary to popular opinion, I thought Butterfield played very well in parts. He faded terribly in the second half but IMO he was one of our best players in the first half, stringing play together nicely. I also thought Johnson was better than people have said, a solid 6.5/10 performance. Hanson was very mixed, with his positioning and on-the ball skills being off but making up for it with some excellent crunching tackles. I don't think he has the natural ability to be a Championship footballer but I think he has a chance of staying in this league because of his heart and desire, as well as his versatility. Early shaky moments aside, Keogh and Pearce were fairly solid, whilst Mitchell was OK but his distribution was really poor, Finally, it was so great to see Fozzy back. He was reasonably solid in defence (not quite peak levels just yet, as expected) and provided a real outlet going forward. Weimann and him seem to have a promising partnership. All in all, an OK performance. We certainly tailed off in the second half but that's unsurprising as we build fitness. Really excited for the season to come, providing we sign a winger and someone to play behind the striker.
  10. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    This sounds strange I know, but are you a big bald bloke? Think I was a couple of rows behind you and your lads (I recognised Joel).
  11. Game of Thrones - Season 7

    I initially refused to watch the series before I read the books, but as Season Six was released without any hint of the sixth book being published, as well as the fact that the stories are now going in completely different directions, I decided to give in and start watching. I haven't regretted it.
  12. Spotify playlists: Have you created one?

    I think it looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings
  13. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    No drinking today as it's the Roadrider and I'm not going with anyone over 18, so I'll be very calm.
  14. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Seems like I'm the only one going to Doncaster.
  15. Jon Toral

    None of those would consider the 10 their natural position though. IMO we need someone who's played there for most of their career and can be creative on the ball in the final third. Vydra played their last season and although he scored a few, he didn't look to get on the ball and instead simply scored goals that he would score as a striker. I imagine Nugent would be the same, whilst Weimman doesn't have the technical ability to play there. The only ones I could potentially see playing the 10 properly are Butterfield and perhaps Martin (at a push). Edit: That's not to say that I wouldn't give Vydra a run there next season, it's just I think we need a natural 10 in there in case those options don't work out. Vydra looked promising in those few games last season but I wouldn't want to go into the season purely with round pegs in square holes.

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