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  1. Get off your high horse. Have you never made an inappropriate, non-PC joke that you've come to regret at any point in your life, let alone at 16?
  2. Pleased with this. He's a gorgeous footballer to watch and has only recently been displaced by his 'son' (Holmes) in my affections in that regard.
  3. I hope that's not match worn. My brother won Keogh's match-worn shirt in an auction and it absolutely reeked. I hope he doesn't smell like that after a shower.
  4. Can you tell I’m single?
  5. Sniffing lines and shagging 9s I’ll have you know. Disclaimer: Neither of those are accurate. I pull 10s.
  6. Lambchop would have had a field day with this one.
  7. We've got one. Play Duane Holmes in the middle every week.
  8. Or any other team in the world. I regularly hear Nigel Doughty songs on away days, and I’m sure Forest fans hear Philpott ones. Anyway, I’m sure Mr ‘Victim’-Hater understands that an idiotic minority doesn’t represent a whole fanbase.
  9. An underrated combination with a chippy tea. The fish/battered sausage and chips need drowning in both.
  10. Milk is an abomination and whoever decided to pair it with cereal is an idiot. Dry cereal all the way.
  11. Our long-distance scouting methods at youth level should be a model to all Championship clubs. We've turned 5-figure fees into multi-million pound assets. Credit to MM for giving DW the budget.
  12. Agree with almost all of those., including Mount. That may be due to my expectations of him being too high, however. I would perhaps disagree with your assessment of Wisdom's signing being 'awful'. Not worth the money though. When fit, I would argue Marriott has massively overperformed. If he gets a good pre-season, I can see him bagging 20 next season. I would also suggest that Curtis Davies surpassed all of our expectations last season and was our best player. I'd probably put Roos as slightly overperforming based on this season.
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