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  1. BurtonRam7

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    I don’t do them for home games as I’m usually fairly sober, unless I’m chundering outside the Volkswagen dealership. I don’t do them for every away game so that the ones I do have maximum impact. Just wait for when we finally get promoted.
  2. BurtonRam7

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    I thought Reading were trying to do the right things today, they just kept making silly mistakes. Reminds me of the last time we beat them at home; they played some nice stuff but they were always going to struggle with Paul McShane bringing it out from the back. I reckon they’ll be alright this season and could be one to watch next year.
  3. BurtonRam7

    DCFC App Prediction Leagues

    It’s 25% now, 10 minutes later. @David, have a word with your mates.
  4. BurtonRam7

    DCFC App Prediction Leagues

    What’s happened here then. @angieram is currently sitting pretty at the top.
  5. BurtonRam7

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Great info mate, thanks. I've had to cancel my train from Manchester, so I'm looking for alternative travel arrangements. The only thing is, the website is terrible and the only option I can see is to get a ridiculously expensive 5-day pass. Do you know if I can just get a day return or something?
  6. BurtonRam7

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Got mine, although I still think they should scrap away memberships and allocate purely on a points-based system. @David, where has the thread gone that was started by Accrington's SLO?
  7. BurtonRam7

    Kelle Roos

    It was great to see him in the midst of the celebrations at the end against Southampton. For someone who's well into his twenties, I doubt he's had many great moments like that. Hopefully there'll be more to come.
  8. BurtonRam7

    Pro Leads Untidy...

    What a lovely thing to say.
  9. BurtonRam7

    What are you eating tonight

    No, but I've seen Mr Bean's Holiday.
  10. BurtonRam7

    What are you eating tonight

    A genuine question from a complete seafood amateur: how do you actually go about eating that?
  11. BurtonRam7


  12. BurtonRam7

    Ashley Cole

    I like hearing about Lowe’s progress from @Inverurie Ram. An added bonus is that it distracts him from posting ridiculous song ideas and a music video for every situation😂
  13. I like Tomori but playing Davies alongside Keogh is far more beneficial for Keogh's game, or at least it was under Rowett's tactics. Davies was immense last season and he brought out the best in Keogh.
  14. BurtonRam7

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    It does. But it shouldn't.

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