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  1. BurtonRam7

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    That just suggests that you have very little knowledge of football outside of Derby (I’m not too dissimilar, though I know all of the above). Doesn’t mean everyone else is the same.
  2. BurtonRam7

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    Genuinely fed up of one particular poster getting a hard-on from being such a contrived contrarian and believing that all of the fans’ football knowledge revolves around him. duck off.
  3. BurtonRam7

    Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Never had mental health issues and I don’t have them now. But just found out some terrible family news that will change everything I’ve ever known. Going to be extremely difficult to adjust to. Posting on here as this forum has some great people.
  4. BurtonRam7

    The stupid things people say .

    “Everything happens for a reason”.
  5. BurtonRam7

    Tory party eats itself

    He’s my local MP. Always knew he was a smug bar steward but didn’t think it would go this deep. I find it hilarious to see his downfall but feel for the wife and kids. If you hear him speak, you couldn’t imagine him calling himself ‘daddy’.😂
  6. BurtonRam7

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    I remember feeling disappointed by Davies at the start of last season after some shakey performances in the first few games. He certainly improved.
  7. BurtonRam7

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    These people really are ducking idiots. How dare Butterfield say Rowett’s style of play didn’t suit him personally? Oh, it’s fashionable to call Rowett a snake, a dull manager and a greedy, money-grabbing see you next Tuesday, but Butterfield’s sins must never be forgiven. People also forget that he was our best player for a good couple of months under Clement. And that he is far more likely to suit Lampard’s style of play.
  8. BurtonRam7

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    What an absolute disgrace. I can only hope the cretins mocking Butterfield and Blackman aren’t regulars at away games. dheads.
  9. BurtonRam7

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    No, just a lack of interest from the ones I usually go with. First away game will be Oldham in the cup.
  10. BurtonRam7

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    Enjoy it today, I’m gutted I can’t make it😢Expecting a full report from @angieram.
  11. BurtonRam7

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Iceland failed miserably in Euro 2016 because they didn’t win then did they? Try and tell that to @ramit.
  12. BurtonRam7


    He scored 10 in 31 last season (from out wide I believe). Hardly ‘not making it’.
  13. BurtonRam7

    Reading (A) Tickets

    Won’t be making this one unfortunately, not how I wanted to start off the new season!
  14. BurtonRam7

    Post in here when you’re on the cherryade

    Here we go here we go here we go. Winnable World Cup Semi Final. Unbelievable. What a fantastic game between Russia and Croatia by the way. What a World Cup. On the piss tonight.
  15. BurtonRam7

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I’d say that’s complete balls. Dele is absolutely everywhere, being sponsored by Lynx, Adidas and Boohoo (clothing brand) to name a few. Lingard is a one-man brand (#JLingz), Sterling has a YouTube channel, Loftus-Cheek is a heart throb and Walker often goes viral with his tweets. If anything, I’d say it’s the most publicity-seeking team I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s allowing these multimillionaires to connect with the normal people, even if it does include dabbing and stupid poses.

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