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  1. BurtonRam7

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    Apologies, it was a bit blunt. Yes I do check my phone occasionally but I’ve never understood the repeated calls for WiFi installation. Your bets won’t change if you don’t check on them, and if you’re constantly thinking about cashing out, you’ve wasted your ticket money. Fair enough, each to their own, but I don’t get it really. Unless there’s no signal near away grounds for my drunken match report - then I’m on your side!
  2. BurtonRam7

    Dear Moon

    Your comparisons get more ridiculous by the day, but they continue to make perfect sense.
  3. BurtonRam7

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    You’re there to watch the game.
  4. BurtonRam7

    18/19 Match Thread

    If I could like this 1000 times I would.
  5. BurtonRam7

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Getting a train back to uni and watching the AJ fight in the bar before going out for the 7th night in a row to truly round off Freshers week.
  6. BurtonRam7

    David Nugent

    A couple of months ago I thought he was finished as a Championship striker. His legs looked to have gone and his goalscoring ability had seemingly deserted him. Yet he was absolutely immense today, particularly in the first half. He never stopped running, he bagged a lovely goal and his hold-up and link-up play was reminiscent of 13/14 Chris Martin. His movement and work rate allow the likes of Mount and Wilson to break into those dangerous areas, thus creating the chances that allow us to win games. Whilst I’d love to see Marriot get a run of games, he cannot complain at not being able to get in the team at the moment. Keep it up Nuge.
  7. BurtonRam7

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Bryson played well (especially that assist) but he didn’t deserve MOTM today. The amount of ground that Mount covered in that first half was absolutely insane, and he supplemented it with real quality. Thought Wilson and Nuge were excellent as well.
  8. BurtonRam7

    Dear Moon

    Really interesting, thought-provoking arguments on morality being made. @Carl Sagan's comment on how the future generations are just as real as you and I was particularly intriguing. Lambchop, the question I would ask you is what about population growth? Surely we will reach a point where we will eventually over-populate the Earth, unless severe policies (e.g. China's one-child rule) were to be adopted. I appreciate that it's a very basic question - I'm an amateur on these matters!
  9. BurtonRam7

    Jayden Bogle

    Got a great partnership with Luke Thomas I’ve heard👀
  10. BurtonRam7

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    How's Mount doing?
  11. BurtonRam7

    Away Days

    The one time I went too far with my drinking at an away day was at Bristol City under Rowett. We arrived late at the game because we spent too long at the pub and I rushed straight to the loo to throw up, missing a Vydra goal in the process. I then half-saw us concede 4 goals in a 4-1 defeat whilst feeling absolutely horrific. Learnt my lesson there.
  12. BurtonRam7

    Away Days

    I'm not aggressive at all and I wouldn't go anywhere near a fight. Probably because I would get absolutely battered.
  13. BurtonRam7

    Away Days

    Away days are my favourite pastime. I absolutely love the routine of going down to the pub in the morning and having a few cans on the minibus with all the away day regulars. I've been doing this for the last few seasons (since I was about 16) and haven't noticed things getting any worse in that time. I always go in my Derby shirt and have never been so much as questioned for it - the vast majority of fans aren't crazy enough to dislike you for simply supporting a different club. I wasn't able to make Rotherham on Saturday but obviously both the chair-throwing incident and what happened to @coneheadjohn were completely unacceptable, and both the chair thrower and the steward should be dealt with accordingly. However, these things aren't exactly regular occurrences and I really don't believe they characterise the behaviour of most stewards or fans - sober or not. I'm personally guilty of feeling like I have to be drunk to enjoy myself (I'm currently drinking my way through Freshers week), and despite Derby being an obsession for me, this need to drink applies to away games too. Not having a drink on the bus, at the pub or in the ground would just feel wrong to me, and I know that's an unhealthy mindset. I don't have an aggressive bone in my body, yet I absolutely love giving it to the away fans (as long as there are barriers between us!) - be it gesturing, swearing or leering in a way that I know @angieram (who is someone I hugely respect on this forum) would categorically disapprove of. I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I feel like the actions I've just described are still within the vicinity of what could be described as 'banter' between fans. That would probably change if there was nothing to separate us, but, apart from when there are coin-throwing Forest fans above you, there's no real danger of it breaking out into violence. Obviously I wasn't around to see it, but the hooligan era of the 1980s sounds far worse than a few drunk lads calling opposition players a 'See You Next Tuesday'. Perhaps there should be designated zones for those who feel uncomfortable around these people, as I completely respect the fact that it can come across as intimidating (though I've never understood why people are offended by swearing), but I can't help but feel that complaints about away days are slightly overblown. I guess I've just rambled without really coming to a conclusion, but I thought I would give my two cents on a hobby that I'm extremely passionate about.
  14. BurtonRam7

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    @ronnieronalde, I'm just catching up on this thread today. Are there some potentially serious money issues then? Where are they coming from? I know they get next to nothing in gate revenue, but I can't imagine that they're paying particularly high wages, plus they've obviously boosted income somewhat by playing in the Championship for two years. I always thought that Robinson was being a bit of a tight bar steward with the Irvine money, but you seem to be suggesting that his hands are tied? Would be interested to know what's going on.

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