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  1. BurtonRam7

    Beer Thread

    Don’t drink ale. I bleed Dark Fruits.
  2. BurtonRam7

    Christmas Dinner

    One thing on my list:
  3. BurtonRam7

    What are you reading?

    831 pages through 'It' by Stephen King. Still enjoying it and there's plenty more to go. Also making my way through 'Justice: What's the right thing to do?' by Michael J. Sandel. It's alright but I'm less invested in it at the minute, as it's something that I reschedule if something more important comes up. Finally, I'm learning French so I'm going to read the Harry Potter series (which I've read in English at least ten times) in French. Currently making my way through the physical copy and audiobook of 'Harry Potter et l'ecole des sorciers' at the same time. It's going to take bloody ages! Up next (after I finish 'It') is either 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill, or 'The 4-Hour Work Week' by Time Ferris. Any recommendations appreciated.
  4. BurtonRam7

    Christmas Dinner

    Yeeeeessss. Was wondering when the first Christmas thread would come up. Lovely turkey with all the trimmings. Plenty of wine for the occasion (I'm not a one-drink wonder @David). Yule log for pudding. Already watched It's a Wonderful Life. Can't bloody wait.
  5. BurtonRam7

    Roll eyes emoji is pathetic

    I knew straight away when I saw this thread title on the forum homepage that it was going to be Curtains😂
  6. BurtonRam7

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    I usually save the tinnies for away games, might need to start introducing them for the train to home games as well.
  7. BurtonRam7

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Currently waiting at Stoke train station with a load of Stokies on their way to the City Ground. What a poo situation.
  8. BurtonRam7

    Christmas Present

    I’m guessing that Silvery Moon was a song from a few years back?
  9. BurtonRam7

    Jack Marriott

    He’s still bloody trolling!
  10. BurtonRam7

    Steel City Derby

    I'd be up for that. The plan was to meet my usual lot when they get there but I could definitely make an exception to meet my dad!😂
  11. BurtonRam7

    Steel City Derby

    Yeah I am. Can't wait. And I live in Fallowfield, where stuff like that happens on a daily basis!
  12. BurtonRam7

    Steel City Derby

    My mate's uni accommodation is about 50 metres from Bramall Lane (he actually lives on Bramall Lane). Went there and had a good night out a few weeks ago and I'm going back for Round 2 when we play Wednesday.
  13. BurtonRam7

    Post in here when you’re on the cherryade

    Strange night. Went to the student bar for a few cheeky £1.75 pints of Strongbow Cloudy Apple. Ended up going out. Ended up going back with a female. Ended up performing like Conor Sammon on a bad day. Shocker.
  14. BurtonRam7

    Away game advice please

    Sacrilege! @jono, enjoy the festivities with your nephew. The best away days last year were the ones when we were soaring up the league, or otherwise top of the league, at Christmas time and we were belting out ‘White Christmas’. Hopefully it will be a similar situation this year. It’s a shame you’re driving. Otherwise, I’d recommend getting on the Dark Fruits and having a proper piss-up. Nothing better than belting out songs in the away end whilst slightly intoxicated (without, as @angieram would attest, being an inconsiderate see you next Tuesday). Not finer way to spend a day than an away day in my eyes. I know some will disagree, but travelling to another club’s home turf with a smallish band of loyal supporters, hoping to come home with 3 points is what it’s all about. Oh and, outside of the East Stand, we don’t approve of prawn sandwiches. COYR!
  15. BurtonRam7

    When is your birthday?

    1st October.

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