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  1. BurtonRam7

    Should I Leave the Forum?

    So this is it boys and girls. This is it until June. It's been a brilliant last few months with the Rams absolutely ****housing the league. The away days have been fantastic and I'll miss making the drunken match reports. However, my future career has to come first. Hopefully by getting banned on here, I can fully knuckle down and focus on my revision, as I have very big plans for the future. Have to go out and smash it now. Thank you @coneheadjohn for being my forum father and for all the brilliant support you've given me, all the best for you and Joel in the future. Thank you @angieram for being my forum mother and the most professional away day poster on the forum. Thank you @Parsnip, @reveldevil, @Boycie and many more for making this place funny as ****. Thank you @Steve How Hard? for liking all of my posts. All that's left now is to say that @David is a bald **** who can **** off for setting up this fantastic forum. I think that deserves a ban taking effect from 10pm tonight until 20 June, don't you? Mark my words, when I'm back we'll be a Premier League club. Hopefully I'll be with you on that journey home and away. Up the ******* Rams.
  2. BurtonRam7

    Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    The "does what he wants" comment was obviously tongue in cheek. But I do do what I want with parental approval.
  3. BurtonRam7

    Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    So here it is boys and girls, my final drunken match report of the season. Third 3-0 away win of the season. What else can I say. Time and time again, I've told people we've got nerves and ******** this year. Be that because of Rpwett, Curtis, Hudds, Nuge or Jack n' ******* Nory, I just know there's something about us now. The stewards told me I'm not allowed to do the banker sign to the opposition fans. They can **** off. BurtonRam does what he wants. We turned up 10 minutes late and I forgot my ticket, so I missed the first goal and came in at 25 minutes. Who cares. I saw two-thirds of the goals and that's what matters. Lawrence is getting better with every game. Same with Huddlestone. Keogh = Zeuss. Davies = legend. Carson = best keeper in the ******* country. So, this will be my last night on the forum until June. Or should I say until we're a Premier League team. I'll make the arrangements with @David when I've sobered up. Trust me boys and girls, we're ******* going up. Up the ******* Rams.
  4. BurtonRam7


    He's far, far better on the right-hand side as well, as it means he doesn't have to think as much. That may be damning him with faint praise but he has had a good impact this season.
  5. BurtonRam7

    Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I'm a little bit ******.
  6. BurtonRam7

    Rams Managers ranked by points per game

    But...but...but...Wassall was the worst manager in the history of the club! Apparently.
  7. BurtonRam7

    Support @BurtonRam7!

    Someone could have tagged me lads, didn't realise this thread existed. Thanks very much @coneheadjohn, my forum dad as always. Exams went a lot better than I thought today, I felt quite positive coming out of them. Haven't got one until Monday now so I'm relaxing tonight and catching up on some much needed sleep. Hasn't quite sunk in that I've only got about 48 hours left on the forum, and that will be it for about 5 months. Shall miss it. Hopefully by the time I come back I'll have 3 Grade As and getting ready to study Law at the Uni of Manchester.
  8. BurtonRam7

    Scott Carson

    Football Ramble is brilliant.
  9. BurtonRam7


    @angieram braving the drunk lads and flying beer must deserve a mention!
  10. BurtonRam7

    Should I Leave the Forum?

    See my post in the Birmingham matchday thread: Very sad about it but probably for the best.
  11. BurtonRam7

    POLL: The McClaren era(s)

    Think the poll and subsequent post is slightly confusing. Are we talking about our thoughts at the time? Or looking back in retrospect? The poll suggests the former but the post the latter.
  12. BurtonRam7

    Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    After realising how ****** I am for my mock exams, I've made a decision. This will be my last drunken match report of the season. After Saturday, I'll request @David to ban me from the forum until the end of my exams. Let's hope it ends on a high. COYR.
  13. BurtonRam7

    Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Forgot to mention, it will all be worth it.
  14. BurtonRam7

    Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    From February: No Xbox. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram. Maximum of one night out per month. Three 06:30 get-ups per week. 8am get-ups on weekends. No forum (probably from March). Thats what I've sacrificed to be able to go to away games for the rest of the season.
  15. BurtonRam7

    Rowett Signs 3 and a Half Year Contract

    Never got the impression that the fans have truly loved Rowett since he's been here. People have starting acknowledging that he's done a fantastic job, but there have always been grumbles since Hughes and Ince were sold, and style of play is often questioned. I don't think he's helped himself with some of the digs he makes towards his critics in post match interviews either. However, I think that will change now. Since Stoke started sniffing, people have started to accept that we've got a brilliant young manager here who would be a massive loss. I even felt a little bit of man love when I saw his face on the new contract announcement. I think it will almost be like a fresh start now and he's going to receive a lot of adulation. Brum on Saturday should be phenomenal.

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