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  1. Takeaway Meal - Item Missing

    I work at a Chinese that's independent, nothing to do with Just Eat or anything like that. If someone calls and says something was missing, they'll send someone from the kitchen to drive round with a replacement immediately, with apologies from me on the phone. It can be difficult though as some people do take the **** and try and blag free food when everything is in order.
  2. Manager Sacking Sweepstake

  3. Derby County V Reading

    That old ******* bag on Radio Derby who said we should play "4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 centre backs" (?????) because "that's what Cloughie would have done" can **** the **** off as well. The worst thing is, she wasn't even at the match but she "just knows". **** off.
  4. Derby County V Reading

    I hope those ******* stupid ****** who think Keogh holds us back feel very uncomfortable tonight.
  5. Retro Shirts

    Picked up the 1992 Auto Windscreens shirt the other week. Love it, despite the fact it was way before my time.
  6. U23’s v Wolfsburg

    has @David has been giving me lessons. Spot the difference with this one though.
  7. U23’s v Wolfsburg

  8. Any updates lads? It's been a while!
  9. Leeds United V Derby County

    Two things I've noticed in this thread tonight: Huddlestone getting criticised and Weimman barely getting a mention. I've never been enamoured by Huddlestone's signing and he hasn't really performed since arriving, but his passing in the second half was key to unlocking the spaces that were beginning to open up. Case in point, our first goal, where he played a fantastic ball through to Fozzy to cross for Winnall. I groaned when Weimann came on but he stretched the play and made some great runs in behind, as well as contributing in the build up to the penalty. I don't think we would have won without him. Both worked together superbly in the second half; Weimann creating the space and Huddlestone exploiting it.
  10. Leeds United V Derby County

    Well what a ******* night, my best ever experience as a Derby fan. Thought we were ****** at half-time, never getting back into it. Then up steps Fozzy, the man who has been poor this season, with a peach of a cross for Super Sammy. Would have happily taken a point at that point but Tommy Lawrence does well to win the pen, up steps Super Sammy once again. Clapping the lads off at the end of the game felt brilliant, and the chants of "ey ay ey ay ey ay oh, up the football league we go" made me dare to ******* dream of promotion once again. Not rated Hudds this season but his passing second half was phenomenal, Weimman made a difference and Keogh class once again. But of course it's all about Super Sammy ******* Winnall. And yes I'm p****d. Naaa na na na naaa na na na naaa na na na na na, Sammy Winnaaaaalll. I love Sammy and I ******* love Derby County and this forum. Up the ******* Rams to the Premier League.
  11. I ♡ The Fab Four

    Slightly dodgy? How very dare you!
  12. I ♡ The Fab Four

    Brilliant original post. I personally would start Martin behind Nuge, as Vydra doesn't seem to have as much of an impact away from home. And I love Chris Martin. Very much.
  13. Live games 2017/18

    All three supremely talented players, you don't need to play like Xavi to be an outstanding footballer. Kane and Alli do rely more on physical attributes but have a great blend of technical skill, otherwise they wouldn't have reached the heights in the Premier League that they have. Just need to do it on a competitive international stage now. As for Wilshere, he's got so much ability and I just hope he can replicate his form of a few years ago. He certainly seems to be picking up some momentum, which is great to see. I'll always remember his performances against Brasil and Barcelona, which showed he can do it on the big stage. Would love to see him as the first name on the teamsheet for England if he can properly get over his injury problems.
  14. Norwich City V Derby County

    Sounds like Martin is coming on as a 10. Very excited for this.
  15. Favorite Non-Derby Goal

    "There is bear cum! There is bear cum! There is bear cum!"

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