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Calero and Mascarell


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We would have beat Cardiff if Mascarell had started yesterday instead of Eustace.

Don't understand Steve McClaren with this Eustace thing.

Eustace is very solid and his presence in front of the back 4 allows Bryson and Hughes to press further up the pitch. 


Also, Eustace wasn't the reason we conceded twice, just poor defending so McClaren was right to start Eustace in my eyes.

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Calero will be in our starting line up come the end of the season, and I will care to wager good money that he will establish himself as one of the best in the championship if not this season then next should we not go up. Every time I've seen him he looks fantastic, like Dawkins with more tricks and an end product . Macs being clever and not rushing him in, I expect him to play on Tuesday.

Mac has obviously seen something in Mascarell that makes him think he isn't ready yet, is still adapting etc. Let's face it every time he has come on so far, he's given the ball away in dangerous positions. Looks like he can be a very good player though once adapted to the pace of the championship.

I agree with the Eustace comments though. Madness playing a 36 year old in this many games in succession, he looked knackerd after half time at Blackburn and looked fooked after 20 minutes yesterday, offers little to nothing and can't pass forward!

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Hmm, and in Eustace's case it's no running and kicking opposition players.

ha ha. i think we've been spoilt seeing what we are missing with thorne. 3 games in a week is hard on a 42 year old but Mascarell is going to up his defensive game. bryson and hughes can do the tricky balls

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As SM showed with George Thorne,when they are considered "ready",they will get their chance

Thorne waited for his chance,and as we all know,produced class displays

SM watches these guys every day,so I'm willing to back his judgement

But that's assuming that a manager always gets it right .

All managers watch their players every day.

Was it right to not play Bryson in the play off final ?

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