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  1. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Well done not losing it in the end- should have taken our chances first half, second half went abit silly and loose for awhile, from both teams, quite enjoyable, thought we looked reasonably solid until then and the more likely to take the lead. Then i thought rowett stopped it with some strangely staggered substitutions that killed the momentum and added abit of confusion, i think there was shady management today, probably just the pressure. We didnt lose. Looked like we needed a win before the game, but i think relief brings me to appreciate a draw like that.
  2. Derby County vs Leeds United

    kind of yeah. at this point of the season we need to get 3 points as many times as possible. clean shhets are nice but.... we're solid, but we've over achieved abit and teams have sussed us out at the minute. but we've a decent squad, seems a good spirit there. if they go 3 at the back, and we seem to always look ***** against that, then go man for man, see how that goes..... win yer battles... y've got yer vydras yer huddlestones, youve got yer ledleys, yer weimamnns.... im craig ramage and thanks for the fiver.
  3. Derby County vs Leeds United

    dunt look too shabby does it? maybe worth a look. I'm sure theres some that will be appalled at the suggestion. I wouldnt mind too much if we just turned up to be solid against leeds though. it is leeds after all. hate losing to leeds
  4. Derby County vs Leeds United

    if our current system has a break for the day..... or leeds go for 3 at the back. maybe....? hopefully the pressure is abit less for the lads now. Catch up might suit our group Carson Wisdom Keogh Davis huddlestone/thorne Anya Palmer Ledley Lawrence nugent Vydra
  5. What going wrong lately

    i think we should try abit of a 3 at the back occaisonally, especially as were having no luck against it with our current formation, and maybe there was something to learn about sticking to one system with our previous misfortunes. wisdom coming into rcb, igor...eogh sweeping, davis obviously the other side. one of our ball players infront of them and then two up front. probably nugent and vydra, with jerome coming on and vydra dropping deeper, and then whoever is showing enough to be playing in these wider rolls, get them given a run. maybe give lawrence or palmer a chance to get involved through the middle too. just a thought. it well needs freshening up regardless of what they do.
  6. Ledley or Thorne starting

    I reckon Thorne is really comfortable playing deep with passes to play forwards,pretty much alone, just him and the CBs flanking him, when were playing further up the pitch. one of the best in the league, no doubt, and huddlestone too, similar players who have similar strengths and weaknesses, mainly surrounding mobility and that. I think Thorne playing along side Ledley could possibly be as effective as HuddlestoneLedley has shown to be for the first 3rd of the season. Thorne hant needed anything other than minutes under his belt this season though really has he, as injury free as possible, get a contract sorted, and to get himself into preseason fit and ready. Our form, our injuries and his availability have sorted him some of that valuable pitch time. But he shouldnt be burdened with too much too soon, for our chances, for his psychological and physical recovery and that. Huddlestone and Ledley was clockwork for abit. we could do with getting that back. Not digging Thorne at all, glad he's back, and he's overcome a few horror seasons, but he'd look better with a good presser beside him.
  7. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    calm down folks. Norwich are a decent team and we're drawing. not t'end of t'world. lets not get beaten
  8. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Have to be pretty careful with Jerome and Nugent now. Hope we've got enough to stay in the top 2.
  9. Baiano or Vydra?

    really different players, despite playing in a similar area. Baiano was absolutely class though. magic. that turn he did with the outside of his foot. not pacey, not so strong, just great feet, good balance and with vision the likes of which we never managed to see again at pride park. yet. what a team player. legend. little pirate. i loved him. its unfair to try to compare vydra to baiano. vydra would win at running.
  10. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Its always going to be hard for some people. Because Winnall doesnt really look to be or have proper standout quality, unlike Martin sometimes, who's been sent jogging, he's going to be seen as abit of a downgrade to some folks. He may very well be much more effective in our system, but some will try to only compare the individual with the individual, rather than the team and the situation. I'm guilty of it abit, even on the subject of Martin and Winnall. was thinking to keep it all to myself though as he's scored a few and been pretty involved. won a penalty yesterday. with a really nice turn to get the ball out of his feet too.
  11. v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    3-0 kech jerome vydra
  12. Stronger or Weaker

    we'll have to see wont we. but we've only really lost fringe players and jonny russell. This Palmer lad looks like he's for cm. which needed something. shame there wasnt a winger there but then Anja's return might be sorting that situation out. looking forward to a run of games to see what these fellas are up to. looking pretty solid at the back. but teams are inevitably weary of our counters now. were missing abit of nous sometimes, when play's slowed down. hopefully Rowetts done abit of fine tuning. stronger
  13. When is Anya going to be let out of the cupboard?

    resort to banditry?
  14. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Rowett alluded to wanting a commited team in his interview earlier. Players with half an eye away from the objective arnt really what we need now though is how i read it.

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