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.uk or .co.uk


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Some people get mardy when I change things around so I'm asking this time. .uk is the new extension for the UK, in time it will take over .co.uk (they hope). People who own .co.uk domains have five years to claim the .uk domain, I already have.

When I upgrade the forum I want to know if you want us to move to .uk then or leave it as it is. You decide.

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Maybe a .us or .us.com version could be considered. I understand the game is taking off Stateside with a lot of enthusiastic lifelong ex-pat Rams keen to keep abreast, and a few ex-Stoke fans too.

I can't give you a like for this because a good number on this forum will think that is a bit unfair, or that I am bumming up to you, but just between you and me that was a very funny post.

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