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On 07/01/2017 at 12:44, ketteringram said:

Is there another series of Deutschland 83?!?

Yeah supposed to be a Deutschland 86 in the pipeline. Not sure if it will be the same characters, but I hope so.

Has anyone else watched The Americans? Just finished season one and it was in a similar vein to Deutschland 83, albeit much more US TV network-styled than D83. Based on the story of KGB operatives in the 1980s working in the US and living undercover as "normal" US families

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I am watching a right drama, bio below..

its about a love struck footballer called Chris Martinez who ply's his trade in leafy Fulham, he feels torn between the bright lights of London and a Football Manager in the East Midlands called Steve McQueen, he has great admiration for McQueen and when McQueen brought his band of hipster bearded weirdos down to Fulham he winked and felt great pleasure and expelled a little wee at the delight of being acknowledged by the great master McQueen.

The Problem arose when Martinez refused to come and play for the East Midlands club because he couldn't grow a hipster beard and knew that the new arrival from across the A52 also had a splendid beard and a twinkle in his eye (only his left eye), he is now lonely watching football from the side lines and with only a chihuahua cross great dane called Incey to keep him warm at night, we shall see how the story ends, we hope for the good but expect the worst.

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This Is Us - Channel 4 Tiuesday 11:05 and well worth a watch on Channel 4 App All 4. Brilliant stuff.

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