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Now we've sold out our part, what music to listen to on the way down?

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Depends on the weather. I'll do my best to stop myself from being a nervous wreck.


If it's nice and warm, I'll be listening to reggae and drinking ice cold lager to keep me relaxed.


If it's miserable and wet, I'll listen to miserable northern indie and alternative bands and I'll drink ale. The melancholy will help sedate me.

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Londons calling was a good one to play, can you think of any of the other songs they play at the ground at the moment.


'Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation' is played before KO.


'Guns N Roses - Welcome To The Jungle' before the second half.


We also used to play 'Katy Perry - Dark Horse' quite a bit when we were still flying under everyone's radar. It wasn't really appropriate after we we were cemented in the play-offs so it disappeared, which is a shame because it's an absolute banger.

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