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stay focussed


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'Now then, there's probably no need to do this at all, but I don't want people to think I've buggered off cos Nige isn't manager anymore.


I'm really struggling to STOP coming on here for hours every day, it got into such a habit that now it's taking sometimes 3 or 4 hours out or my working day EVERY day.


I'm running my own business and unless I stop doing it, it's going to close me.


So I've installed some software called stay focussed, I've limited the time I can read this site (and all other football forums) to ten minutes per day.


I'll miss a few of you and to those I'll be over for a couple of games early in the new year, at some point I'll PM you with a message inviting you for a beer. it's been quality getting to know some of you a bit better. I'll be back on with a donation and a plug for the book in a couple of months.


Unitl then I'm off for a while, enjoying the games without the stress of being too closely involved.


I honestly think that by the time I'm back Derby will be in the play offs with a big enough gap to relax.


Wishing you all a happy second half of the season!!


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Take care ronnie! I had days when I'd check my phone in between troweling up and I'd be too long on it and have to fight like fook to get the plaster back.

I don't do facebook or twitter though. This is my only vice.

All the best fella. You'll come around to The Mac.

I know the football romance story of Clough ending prematurely kind of killed it for you but the bug will come back.

I stopped going to games for a bit a few years back too because I lost the bug.

When you're back you'll eat, drink and sleep the game again. Whether you want to or not.

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only 10 minutes of allowed on that program ,, thats like going to watch the star wars trilogy and leaving when the coming attractions have finished




Coming attractions?



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