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I was amazed to read Ben Davies comments in the DET that they use different balls in the FA Cup to the league play and that they take quite a bit of getting used to and yet only had a day to train with them. Anyone know do the Prem use the same as the Football League?

Davies was pleased with his own contribution – after adapting to the different balls used in the FA Cup.

“The ball is a lot lighter in the FA Cup,” said the 31-year-old midfielder. “They’re made by Umbro, while Mitre make the league balls.

“We trained with them on Friday and they were bouncing all over the place.

“So I took a bag of balls after training and spent 20 minutes with them.

“I know our keepers were a bit uncertain about them but you have to get to grips with it. If you catch them right, they can fly – and in the second half, I managed to whip a few balls in that led to goals.”

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Isn't there a standard weight?

I guess not, but even if they were, two different designs of the same weight could have completely different feels.

The balls in the FL tend to curl more but have a more predictable flight. The Nike balls in the Prem seem to be designed to move about randomly and give the keepers something to worry about.

I know it sounds like a poor excuse from footballers, but it does make a difference being comfortable with a certain type of ball. The 2010 WC was a disaster for most teams, and some sides over-achieved because their domestic leagues played with the Jubulani.

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