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  1. I honestly think anyone who wants a ticket will get one. It will sell out, but there are a number of fans, particularly older ST holders who won't be able or want to go, or people who have holidays booked as it's Whit week. There'll be at least 12-15,000 tickets on general sale tomorrow. As long as you have a customer ID you'll be fine.
  2. https://www.nationalexpress.com/en/events/championship-play-off-final
  3. Don't bother using Parson Street station. It's the wrong side of the ground, you'll have to wait for a train, and it's nearly as far as walking back to the city centre. The best pubs for after the game are Ashton Gate side of the city on the way back to Temple Meads anyway.
  4. Any tips for Lewes as that's where we're heading?
  5. That's because you didn't read the message properly. It's direct-debits@dcfc.co.uk
  6. There wasn't 1300 at Boro. It was around 800 if I remember rightly.
  7. It's £16 return for two people. I presume you pay the driver. Website is cak, I agree.
  8. There's a coach that goes from near Manchester Piccadilly direct to Accrington and back. The X41. It's similar to the Red Arrow that runs Derby to Nottm. Every 30 mins in the morning. Takes about 1 hour 20. You can get to Manchester via Stoke or Sheffield quite easily.
  9. Compared to most grounds our atmosphere is pretty good. There's not many grounds where you get a whole 3.5k singing section all together in one place game in game out. We just need to keep it up for as much of the match as possible.
  10. Are you watching the same game? He's barely been seen.
  11. Non existent again first 30 mins. Needs to get involved.
  12. Looks like a raffle winner to me. Just not good enough. Nothing but another Abdul Camera. Could have spent the monies we paid for him elsewhere I suspect.
  13. I was referring to the Peterborough to Norwich and back bit. £102 Newcastle to Peterborough return. Ouch. Or two advance singles £86. Ouch again. Might be better to have a look at a split ticketing site.
  14. Yes, trains running. Straight from Peterborough to Norwich for you I guess? £22.10 return.
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