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  1. DenbyRam

    Fulham (A) Play Off Tickets (Sold Out)

    I’d like someone to explain why a Supporters Club member seems to have priority ahead of someone who’s not a Supporter’s club member who’s been to 11 away games?
  2. DenbyRam

    Fulham away trains

    Heads up about the trains. If you book via Megabus the 14.21 train from Derby is only £16. For the return journey the 22.25 from St Pancras is £16.50 if you book via National Rail or East Midlands Trains website. That’s a tight ask to be fair, especially if we go to extra time, so the 23.15 is £20 currently. That train takes 3 hours to get home by the way... A simple off peak return will set you back £66.50.
  3. DenbyRam

    Preston North End V Derby County

    Word of warning for those travelling by train via Crewe tomorrow. It’s Crewe v Port Vale at 3.00pm and Vale have sold 2,200 tickets. A good number of Vale may well go via train so Crewe could be a bit busy with a big Police presence. Train back to Derby could be lively. We were planning on staying in Preston a while and getting the 17.17 back that arrived in Crewe at 18:00. Hopefully, Crewe will be a little quieter by then. Might be best to avoid the 16:17 Preston to Crewe otherwise you’re going to arrive in Crewe in the middle of the madness. For train tickets don’t buy a return from Derby to Preston. Save yourself £15 or so by buying a Derby to Crewe return, and a separate Crewe to Preston return.
  4. DenbyRam

    v Sheff Wed (A) Tickets

    Maybe, but you keep moving and avoid all the city centre traffic. Easy to get away after the game too.
  5. DenbyRam

    v Sheff Wed (A) Tickets

    Take the M1 to J35. Drive through Chapeltown, and pick up the A61 into Sheffield from the north. As you drop down into Sheffield you can see the floodlights of Hillsborough. Just before you go under the the railway bridge there’s lots of street parking on your right. There’s a couple of ok pubs just past the railway bridge.

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