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  1. Exactly this. The sad thing is we’ve become indifferent. I for one don’t care anymore, football isn’t the game it was and, as a result, I don’t really watch it, it’s sad to see Derby in a pathetic state but I’m not too fussed anymore.
  2. I went to that game. He was the best player on the pitch.
  3. Too late now. Even if it happens next week it won’t instantly fix this mess. A period in the old third division is becoming inevitable now.
  4. Question is, why did Rooney sign if we’re not making signings. Without new players we’re going down, we haven’t got enough quality in vital positions.
  5. Not sure he’s up to Patrik Folletti standards just yet.
  6. I started this thread in September, prematurely I now accept, but to me it was inevitable at that point that we would need to act. If you had told me we’d be in December before even a list had been compiled I’d have laughed, this club is at its lowest point I have ever known, a period which includes the 3 amigos. What’s so wretched about this period is the complete lack of action, even under the crooks we were spared death by attrition. It just feels like a club that no one, that can influence things, cares about. I don’t think the root cause is too hard to work out, an increasingly
  7. Dying of the light Silence of the lambs if not now, when? impossible bargain
  8. Is this a ‘threads you don’t want to see on your clubs forum’ thread?
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