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  1. We set up with over half the squad concentrating on defence. If I were cocu id go for it now, he’s nothing to lose anymore. Problem is, his version of going for it involves a lone striker, max.
  2. This is his fundamental problem. He’s shown it’s his way all the way, fine if you’re seriously good and can coach players to new levels; Phil can’t, therefore, seriously bad idea that will only result in failure. I’m shocked he seemingly cannot adjust, you’d think during his career he’d have been exposed to enough methods to have something of a repertoire.
  3. Maybe we should start predicting the amount of shots. Goals is too easy 😂
  4. I’d drive Paul Cook here now. After him, Wassal or Simpson.
  5. Phil has worked out that not scoring means losing and we were brilliant in the first half. He needs to come off the spice.
  6. Im willing to bet you he’ll do better than the clown. He’s not suited to this league, he doesn’t work with what he has and sticks to a completely ineffective style.
  7. This is the thing. It was a get generally solid performance but it was his turgid style still. He’s limited and trades off a stellar playing career.
  8. Not a bad shout tbh. Played decent football last time, could possibly have a few shots each game and score a goal 😂
  9. Never like to see us lose but if it get him on his way then I’ll suck it up.
  10. I’ll be back Friday. Bloke’s a joke of a manager.
  11. Fear not, the clown will be gone Saturday.
  12. Just typical Derby, wait until all the decent unemployed managers have gone and then pull the trigger. We are going nowhere under this pillock, change Now and at least avoid the indignity of the old third division.
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