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  1. Wonder what the odds were last week for Rooney to sign for Derby?
  2. I'm having some sort of Mandela effect moment over the fact the ram has an eye at all, up until recently thought the ram was like this.
  3. Might be out of our price range but I'd like Pope come to Derby he had a cracking season the other year and now seems to have been forgotten behind Heaton and for some unknown reason Hart at Burnley.
  4. My uncle painted that, I was told Lionel Pickering owned the original painting.
  5. From wikipedia on Derby managers, anything in this or somebody getting a bit ahead of themselves?
  6. One of the comment from this twitter post, buy the man a beer!
  7. apparently dutch media saying Cocu has signed a 4 year deal with us, but pinch of salt because you know the amount of poo we've had to hear from the "media" these past few months. https://the72.co.uk/137296/Derby-county-capture-manager-cocu-four-year-deal-signed/
  8. 40k per week for potentially years to come or 500k per week until Christmas, yeah I know which one i'd prefer.
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