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  1. Perhaps he should pay his staff more instead. Then they wouldn't dip below the minimum wage by having about £10 a week deducted from thier wages.
  2. Boro and our old friend Gibson have lost thier appeal for breaching minimum wages requirements. People in glass houses....
  3. Ideal scenario. Season declared null and void. Rams quietly accept FFP points penalty with no consequence. Slate is wiped clean for all clubs for previous seasons due to imposed hardship of c19. Leeds miss out on promotion, Forest on playoffs and Cocu's young guns, blooded in a season that never mattered, smash it next season!
  4. His end product isn't the best, but he always gives 100%, so I can accept that. If all of the outfield players put in the effort that he does, we'd be top six with ease. He's one of the good guys!
  5. Tried to get it going in the East stand but my lad just kept saying "stop it dad you're embarrassing".
  6. Song for the day, Bob marley's don't worry.. Derby don't worry 'bout a thing 'cos Mel the king's gonna make it alright!
  7. No disaster. Stops us buying a load of overpriced second rate nobodies in the transfer window, giving the young guns time to develop. In the meantime the lawyers make the efl and Gibson look clowns because it was all approved by the efl before it went through and next season we smash it!
  8. Sale was signed off by efl before it went through wasn't it so surely the legal eagles will pull it to bits
  9. I would expect players to be self motivating. They are professionals, not at the top level but not far from - many more leagues below than above - and shouldnt need motivators.
  10. What you also describe are their words. Words are cheap and easy. Actions take effort and commitment.
  11. The effort urgency and commitment they show as a rule. Don't take one or two games as an example. We should get 100% effort and commitment every game. That isdosn to the players no Cocu, anybody who has preceded him and anybody who may succeed him. Fringe players in the first team, from the U23's, earn topside of £120k a year, putting the in the top 1% of earners in the UK whilst still in their teens. For that they and those earning significantly larger sums, should give 100% every minute of every game.
  12. They are professionals paid handsomely for what they do. Players like Lawrence who put in minimal effort and amblecaround the pitch are the problem. Cocu's only failing here is that he keeps giving them chances. Keep Cocu. He shouldn't be blamed for the failings of players who can't be bothered. Player power should not exist. We as paying fans, the management team and the board are entitled to expect 100% from every player every game.
  13. Stick with Cocu. Nobody ever progressed by changing managers every 5 minutes. it's worked a treat at Chelsea they are flying aren't they - not. Lawrence out for two games, means we'll be back to 11 players, instead of 10 and a half. What we'll miss in sporadic quality we'll (hopefully) make up for in effort, which is what we lack.
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