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  1. Why let facts get in the way of a good agenda
  2. That sounds right, but I imagine any signing club would prefer to get it done today while they still have other options, in case he ups his wage demands tomorrow, or he decides to go somewhere else.
  3. I can confirm I would be available on a free transfer, can play up front, though it's perhaps slightly optimistic to suggest I'd become one of the club's all time best. But, if you're reading this Wayne and are interested, send me a DM.
  4. We have conceded when winning (as our multiple 1-1 draws evidence), though I know what you were meaning. I'd phrase it differently - we've not won any game in which we've conceded - which sounds a little less positive. Though I'd be quite happy for that to continue if we keep another 20 clean sheets.
  5. We're going to get to the playoffs. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  6. Well it's a bit shady and always following me round.
  7. So what you're saying is that this forum has never seen us play in the Premier League. Maybe one day.
  8. I think this 100%. I think he was one of our best performers in the first half of the 19/20 season. Since Sinnott's death in January 2020 his performances have not been great, I could easily believe it was related. He also seemed close to Hudds (see his Twitter profile pic) who's no longer at the club, which may also have impacted his desire to stay here. He seemed like a good bloke off the pitch, trying to use his profile for good. All the best Duane.
  9. He was at the QPR match, so I assume he traveled with the squad and was back up for them bench in case anyone got injured in warm up.
  10. So given that Boro played Sheff Wed a few days before we did, and both of them have had positive tests, do we assume this was all a plot by Steve Gibson to sabotage us?
  11. Whether or not they get to 11 points, this is a bigger failure by them. Last season they finished in the top half of the Premier League, with European qualification on the cards until late on. They've spent over £100m since they got promoted.
  12. When the January 2015 transfer window closed, we'd signed Bent, Ince, Lingard, Albentosa and Warnock giving us strength and depth in every position. We were top of the table (or maybe 2nd). Not only was I sure we were going to get promoted, but I was pretty sure we'd win the league with several games to spare.
  13. The most frustrating thing for me is that we'd fought to get a lead, and knew we'd be under the cosh for the last 10 minutes. Yet when that ball dropped to Hamer at the edge of the area, did anyone sprint to close him down? No, just some half hearted jogging and a vague swing of the leg. And Rooney says "the players gave everything".
  14. Couldn't see him starting after ckr's performance on Saturday. Given how our bench was used today, he probably wouldn't have got on. So wouldn't have made a difference.
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