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  1. With the benefit of hindsight, what one decision would you have done differently since you bought the club?
  2. Where do you hope the club will be in 5 years? Where do you think it will be realistically?
  3. Crazy

    EFL appeal

    I'd rather we succeed whilst retaining integrity, but maybe we should agree to disagree. Though I definitely agree with the last statement.
  4. I think the person "once a ram, always a ram" most applies to is Steve McClaren. 4 times he's left, and 4 times he's not been able to stay away.
  5. Crazy

    EFL appeal

    I dunno. If Boro, or any other club, were having issues, it's not our job to get involved. We should leave it to the powers that be to sort it out correctly, and serve an appropriate punishment. Though that does rely on trusting the powers that be to serve an appropriate punishment, and not get bullied by a rival chairman with a personal agenda.
  6. I wonder if a contracts been agreed, but not signed while the ownership issues are up in the air. But I'm sure Waggy won't wait around for ever if it doesn't get settled. Just hope it doesn't drag on all summer (and beyond...)
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bright orange third kit next season. These things are decided about a year/18 months in advance, and I seem to recall everyone desperate for orange due to the Cocu connection.
  8. Not sure what is got to do with me 😂, but I don't entirely agree. We still had 10 minutes left once Rotherham had finished. We and Sheff Wednesday would have both approached them very differently if Rotherham had won.
  9. Pretty sure the game after the Leeds one was a cup final to get excited and nervous about 😂
  10. Don't think I've done any predictions this season. Might as well go big. Derby 6 sheff wed 1 Frgs Forsyth with the equaliser
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