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  1. With the new drop ball rule that came at the start of this season (wow that seems a long time ago), if the game is stopped and the ball is in the penalty area it is always given to the keeper, whichever team had possession.
  2. Who's this Roney feller? Another one from the academy
  3. He was a great prospect, but he's really been struggling for form and confidence. Unfortunately, I'm not convinced Derby is the place for him to rebuild those - one mistake and the crowd (assuming there is one) will be moaning and sarcastically cheering.
  4. Villa beat us twice last season before the final. So maybe it does mean something
  5. If you say "Class of 92", people will instantly know the players you're referring to. Going back further, there are the "Busby Babes". This generation of Rams youngsters could be just as special for us. Bogle, Lowe, Bird, Knight, Sibley all started on Wednesday, and others may break into the first team in the next year or so. But what should we call them? Cocu's kids? Wassall's wonders? Roo's Crew? Mel's minions? The DNA youths? Or my personal favourite: Morris' minors
  6. I can't speak for everyone, but I think most of my points came by predicting defeats earlier in the season! It makes it win/win - either I get the points, or Derby do!
  7. One of those is not like the others. Why Charlton v Millwall?
  8. I'm sorry, I disagree. The performances at the start of the season might have been poor, but I don't think the criticism was justified. Perhaps he wasn't focusing on immediate results, but building a long-term project. And even if the results hadn't come good during the second half of the season, if there were signs of progress, young players being developed, the building of a new system, then criticism would still not be justified. He came in on a 4-year project, and patience is what he deserves. Whatever happens over the next month, if we get off to a poor start next season, I'm sure t
  9. No way. At the start of the day Bristol were in 12th place, 6 points off the playoffs with 7 to play. Given people were saying we had no chance when we were 5 off with 9 to play, they really must have no chance. We should be looking up, not behind us. Come on Bristol!
  10. I agree with you - if we have a chance of promotion, we should go for it. If we're not ready, then as long as we've learned the lessons from 2007 and not completely fill the squad with rubbish, then even if we go straight down, well be in a better position - financially and experience. And we can then smash the league in 2022. However, on the other hand, I think the reason we've not been ready in 7 years is that we've not had a manager finish 2 of them. So if we don't make it, I hope Cocu remains with us, and next year we'll be saying "we're ready".
  11. I think that (sort of) is still the case. I believe pay per view DCTV is not available on the UK for the next 3 games, it will only be for season ticket option 3s and (some?) international.
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