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  1. Derby 1 Bristol city 0 Waghorn
  2. Huddersfield 1 Derby 1 Waghorn
  3. A year ago I didn't think Roos was good enough for the first team, but his performances have shown he's a match for Carson, who is a quality championship keeper himself. With Given staying at the club, I hope Roos will make more progress this season.
  4. Rams 1 villa 0 Wilson 45' I've predicted 1-0 win for pretty much every game, why change now? Thanks for running the prediction league!
  5. It was fine. Got a pair in block 523, which was mostly empty at that point (about 10-15 minutes ago).
  6. Cheers. Under 1000 ahead of me in the queue now, so I'm hopeful I'll be able to grab a pair.
  7. Does that mean blocks 521-526 are still not yet released? Hope so
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