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  1. I rated him at Bolton too. Thought they'd done well.
  2. I think Tom's performances toward the end of last season set a standard. If he keeps it up he'll be massive this season. Really hoping so.
  3. I reckon Nick Blackman is in the conversation for most disappointing signing in our history. Even Butterfield had a couple of months good patch.
  4. Rowett deserves the dinosaurs tag on his season at Derby. He bought and played old players. Oldest starting XI in the Champ wasn't it? And he did state he was after a younger side, surely? Lampard went about it with young loans, and found room for Bennett, Roos and Bogle regularly, so he gets to lay claim to the 'promoter of youth' tag. Ultimately, they both finished 6th. I'm happier with Phillip Cocu than either of them...although I reserve the right to whine like a bitch if we're 18th in November,
  5. Without the loanees, it's 28+, and into a side which was too old and which he said he intended to bring some youth to.
  6. I've seen him, probably. Can't remember a thing about him. Meh. Up to Phil.
  7. Chris Martin is the only one with a chance. That chance is vanishingly small.
  8. Cosmic, cosmic.
  9. I'd love to see Warnock given a proper budget at a Prem side, just for the grin. I reckon he'd smash it. Up to a point.
  10. Robbie van der Laan had a good go at turning a few inside out too. In a slightly different style.
  11. Who's this Frank character anyway? Phillip Cocu's barmy army.
  12. Frank left with dignity intact, having done a decent job for us, and I hope he'll go on to be a success. I can't help but wonder though, if he'll be out on his arse by the time Philip Cocu is explaining how he avoided our usual new year slump.
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