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  1. I'm going to go right ahead and assue that he's going to fulfill his potential, break through by Christmas, score 20 goals in 25 games, lead us to promotion, score 25 more in the Prem as we staty up with wase and then move to Real Madrid for £250m. No pressure Bob lad.
  2. I've not posted for a bit, because I tend to get carried away, but I can't stop myself here. Kozwiak Lawrence Ibe is, on paper, absolutely as good as it gets in the Championship without parachute money and would be worth the ticket money on its own....err...you know, if we could actually go and watch them... Please, please, please add a bit mobile striker and we will score enough to challenge. With the youngsters, Marriott and Waghorn, we will have the supporting cast. If we can find a reliable combination in defence (not beyond the realsm of possibility) we could be in f
  3. A few years ago, I used to be similarly impressively obsessed with our club. Nowadays, I can only tip my hat to you. Thanks.
  4. I think he went when he was about 14, so nowt to speak of.
  5. Liam Delap on the bench for Man City....take it that's Rory's lad?
  6. Playing for a move...
  7. Needlesh

    Ex Rams

    Best striker of the century for us. Will take some replacing...but we must.
  8. If we'd got three or four of Waghorn, Lawrence, Ibe, Jóźwiak or Sibley behind a big, rugged battering ram who could chip in with 10 or a dozen goals, it would work for me.
  9. Nice. Very nice. Ibe too please! And a striker..!!
  10. Wouldn't that mean that more of our losses occurred further back in time so we'd have more room in P&S right now?!
  11. Take Rooney, Bogle, Martin, Lawrence and Waghorn out of last seasons team and no wonder we look short going forward. Need signings, we'll get signings, and we'll be fine. Got further in the competition than half a dozen clubs at our level for one thing.
  12. No chance. Who was that midfielder that playted for Swansea, rumbled on all summer that we wanted him, we didn't sign him, then he got badly injured early into the next season....??? That thread must have been a big 'un.
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