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  1. Cocu IN. Half the squad is inexperienced. Injuries in midfield are biting hard. We'll be raight. Chill your beans.
  2. I've had some issues and posted a little about my late wife's cancer, ultimately being bereaved, the struggles I had to cope as a single dad of bereaved children and how it nearly finally broke me and how hard it hit me when my dog got sick this summer. I thought I'd just share that I met a lovely widowed lady my age a couple of months ago, and she makes me happy. I make her happy. We're a couple now. Things can and do get better, no matter what life throws at you, you can smile again. Hang in there people.
  3. What a character. What a team that man put together. RIP Jim. Love ya.
  4. People. Grow the flip up. Time. Patience. Transfer windows. Cannot build a team in half a window with little money and half a dozen good players leaving, especially when you get a batch in injuries in one department.
  5. Dillian did enough, routine tick-over win. He'll be lighter and sharper when he gets his title shot. Love watching him box, because it's always a bit on the edge. You never know if he's going to spark someone out or walk onto one himself. Povetkin just lost to Hunter for me, but it was close enough that the draw wasn't a disgrace, Fury, Wilder and AJ surely need to go against each other over the next 18 months, belt ******** be damned. Usyk is a wildcard and he could win a belt, as could Dillian if the stars align, but I don't think he'll have the tools to beat all three. Then again, who saw Ruiz winning the belts last summer? Fascinating division at the moment.
  6. Well up for this....c'mon AJ.
  7. Threadbare midfield due to injuries lead to an understandable but ultimately frustrating selection. One daft challenge aside, we could have held on and won it anyway. Accept that we have an unbalanced squad, love that some of the kids are coming through and looking comfortable, relax and believe, We're a point closer to florist.
  8. ...and everyone take a breath. Chill your beans. We weren't going to win the league on Saturday evening, and we're not going down tonight. We got dicked away to as good a side as there is in the division, probably. Keep the faith. No wrist slashing. Get behind our man. Come on. Give each other a cuddle.
  9. Performance of the season so far. Best I've seen Max Lowe play. Chris Martin's one touch link up play was Mac I vintage awesome. Best thing about yesterday though was seeing Fozzy back and playing well. Loved it.
  10. Loving it. We need to chill on the outrage when we lose a game or two. Let this guy do his work. We'll be pleased we did, I'm sure.
  11. I had a chat with Gareth Roberts queuing up to pay in Sainsburys petrol station on the Wyvern. Wonder which one is shorter?
  12. I did poo myself when I got my last tax bill, to be fair.
  13. Needlesh


    He'll get it right if supported. He knows his business. Patience.
  14. The lad booked for coming back on...why did they get a FK after that? What happened?
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