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  1. Whoop whoop. Should have been much more comfortable, 3 points again though. Bring on Florist.
  2. There were games when he was worth the entrance fee on his own. Blissful passer of a ball. In the end though, time's caught up with big Tom. Thanks for everything, and cheerio I reckon.
  3. ....and soon after, Ron Jukes offered Arthur another young striker, but there wasn't really room in the squad...Steve Bull.
  4. Horrid. Difficult to come back mentally as much as physically. Good luck Wizzy.
  5. To be fair Roy, I'd have back my mam to have caught that one. Roos would have, Hamer would have 99/100. Brain fade today. Got away with it.
  6. Started well, tailed off in the middle, ended on fire. Come on lads. Close this one out second half. We always look like we've got a threat.
  7. Love him to bits, but he's 18 lads. Going to be off days.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Instantly recognisable identity to the side again. SIbbo. Just...wow.
  9. Lion. Low budget little tale of a lost Indian boy. As a film, 6/10. As a tear jerking study in considering your own humanity...perfect.
  10. Good lad, was OB. Maybe suffered a bit for not being a huge strapping centre back in my recollection, but a good 'un. Good luck to him.
  11. Turned up with a big fee and big hair, set off all enthusiastic buzzing around, lifted everyone's hopes with a step over, tried it again, failed, promptly disappeared up his own arse-crack and never seen since. Thanks Nigel.
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