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  1. Sorry mate, can't agree. Class player IMO. He'll play Prem at some point.
  2. I'm going to forget the Knight miss, the penalty we should have had, the comedy goal we conceded, the drop in standards thereafter, the fact we looked awful for stretches of the second half and remember instead the bullet from CKR. Lovely jubbly. Next.
  3. Be careful what you wish for, and maybe spend over £100m of your money in a genuine attempt to help the club before you slag off Mel Morris.
  4. He is however the present for us, and he just scored a cracker in a home win, so....ya know, why be moaning? Don't get it.
  5. I love watching beautiful, slick, one and two touch football, on the deck, at pace. Almost as much as I love watching Derby win.
  6. They're horrible. We went away to a horrible outfit and had a scrap and won. No way were we doing that 10 weeks ago. Quite chuffed.
  7. Needlesh

    Paul McGrath

    One of my favourite Rams players. What sticks in my memory is the effortless positioning and confidence. He understood what was happening in a game quicker than any other player I've seen in a Rams shirt. Just instinctively knew where to be. Also seem to recall a lot of backheeled clearances...due to his knees maybe?.
  8. Forest 5-0 again. 10 men winning at Forest missed.
  9. Pleased, but not surprised. He's a thoroughbred as a coach. It's be madness not to use him.
  10. I haven't seen enough to form a serious opinion on the lad, but I hope he gets game time. Could be a player. Dean Sturridge looked keen but a bit 'meh' until he suddenly looked amazing. JHI could be the same.
  11. It begins! Pleasing cover, but with the way Clarke and Wisdom have been playing together, maybe the best thing that could happen here is that we never, ever see him in a Rams shirt!
  12. Too many teams above us, too many points have to go to one or other of them in too many games. We could catch up 14 points on Bournemouth in 20 games if we show amazing form and they have a Devon Loch run in...but we can't catch half the division. Bielik injury pretty much underlines that. I've really enjoyed watching us for the last 6 weeks or so, with occasional blips obviously, so I'm more interested in getting a successful end to the window and then watching game to game and seeing how the new lads can be blended in.
  13. Quite excited by the prospect of the names mentioned. Looks to be a common thread...quick, strong, uncompromising buggers on the pitch who can play a bit. 3 or 4 of these types and we can have an enjoyable end to the season.
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