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  1. Agree Jack would be best used in a front 2, but obviously that requires a radical shift in formation. Can't see any means of getting the best out of the rest of the squad with 2 up top.
  2. I didn't call you a name. I criticised your opinion. I also called you out specifically about the player you gave the most hate to, Richard Keogh, and all you had was to state that your dog could play for Ireland. Whatever pal. You're entitled to your opinion. Just know that it's a mardy, foolish and ill-considered one.
  3. We got outclassed for large spells by probably the best team in the division, were lucky to still be in it and nicked a point at the death. Nobody is arguing. Where you went veering off track was saying that they're all awful players and we should get rid. That was just mardy, ill-considered, and foolish.
  4. You must have one hell of a managerial career. You must have a bloody clever dog too. Maybe you should let him know your password?
  5. He's played and captained under how many managers? Made how many appearances? Played how many internationals? But you know better. He's an 'awful' footballer? Why don't you sit quietly and reflect?
  6. Chris Martin. Welcome back. Leeds Utd. duck off.
  7. Sending virtual man hugs with hearty back slap. My experience tells me to just plant one foot in front of the other, and find something to be cheerful about, no matter how small.
  8. Much better performance. Probably deserved to win it. Cardiff will be a handful for anyone. Nice cameo from Flo-Jo. Confidence boosting goal and goal-line clearance from Malone. Waghorn looking sharp. Keogh at his best. Holmes sparky. Positives folks; keep focussing on the positives.
  9. All 4 first and second choice full backs missing. Too little bite in midfield. Marriott up top away. We'll be raite. Just need a serious two weeks to get us organised and go again.
  10. They're getting at the back line soooo easily it's mad.
  11. Could really use a result here...come on Rams!
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