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  1. If I'm anything to go by, we start panicking within a couple of months of becoming a Derby fan. From there it's just one continual lurching panic to panic journey through to the grave, so far as I can make out. My advice is to just go with it, and numb the worst bits with IPA. Or conceivably some brutal Belgian job, or some alcohol infused Ribena, according to some on here.
  2. Leicester City? Meh. Not interested really, but nothing against them since I forgave Robbie Savage for diving like a bitch in the late 90's. Turns out they have at least one clinically insane supporter though.
  3. RamsTrust were the epitome of a local action group cliche when I dipped a toe in years ago, and I can't believe they've changed. Good luck to them, but meh. I haven't read the letter, because it's irrelevant what they have to say. Mel Morris, who I love to bits, has had a damn good go and come up short. The club is on it's arse, and will remain so until someone stumps up to buy us. RT, the supporters club, us collectively or as individuals...we can write as many letters as we like, it won't shift the debts by a quid and it won't bring any investor a step nearer signing the contract.
  4. Do you juggle too?
  5. Ignorant query: How can we have lost £30m more by accounting for reduction in player values over the course of a contract at differing rates? Surely that moves the losses to different years, rather than magics them away?
  6. Oh no! Some WUM heard a rumour? We're dooooomed.
  7. Completely and utterly drained. I just want to forget football until at least July.
  8. I hate this, but he's got to go to give us the chance of a new manager bounce and scraping a result somehow. Time for Mac III.
  9. FCUM or whatever they called themselves are the answer there. This has been in the post since the Prem was set up. Time to stamp on it.
  10. Absolutely must accept the breakaway without delay, question or negotiation, and throw them out of all national FA and UEFA competition immediately, and cut offer absolutely no route back for any player, coach or manager getting involved. Could be the best thing that ever happened to football. Let them get on with it.
  11. I so want this breakaway to happen. As of this lunchtime, the PL, UEFA and other competitions should expel each of the 12 from their competitions. The Prem should expunge each of the 6 splitters results from the table for this year. Never, ever, ever let them back. No player who signs for a breakaway league club should ever be allowed back either. Forget them. In 3 years, when Inter and Spurs (or whoever) have been bottom 2 without a win in months, it won't feel so super. We can get on with proper football as an actual sporting competition rather than a business.
  12. I'm a tired middle aged man. I don't have reserves of rage to bring to bear on topics around what might go wrong, or what should have been done. I'm sad that Mel is walking away, sad for us and for him, that the effort in sweat and treasure he's put in to getting us promoted never worked out. Blame him if you want, but few of us could or would have done better. He deserved to sit in the executive box at Old Trafford and The Emirates and watch our team mix it with the best again. I'll always respect him and wish him well. The new guy is a clean slate, a fresh start. We have a new season ov
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