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  1. Apart from the 11 pt team this is one of the worst Rams teams I can remember.
  2. I’m in who wants my membership fee ? What a guy !
  3. Back to earth with a bump 😞 We are not out of trouble yet - really good 30 mins but we knew we would regret not scoring. Silly free kick given away by Sibley, crap defending and we gift a very poor Sheff Wed team 3 points. Joziak was just awful tonight - stop moaning and fight for the ball FFS ! But perhaps it’s unfair to pick on one player tonight as everyone was really poor in the second half. So disappointing after the highs of Birmingham 😞
  4. Could see that coming after not taking the chances in the first half - they really don’t deserve to be ahead but that’s football
  5. Wow another superb performance - so many positives from that I don’t know where to start ! Love keeping clean sheets but Knight deserved MOTM 🙂
  6. I’m in !! Works so hard, has a great attitude and holds the ball up so well ! Just shows what we have been missing !
  7. Wow don’t know what to say after that !!! Trying not to get carried out as we’ve still got a way to go but that was soooo much more positive in every single way ! More energy, more passion, we had a shape and a purpose. We closed down as one and actually created chances ! Just unrecognisable to the turgid crap that Cocu had us playing ! Really hard to pick a MOTM as everyone was good - Byrne, Bielik, Clark, Shinnie, Knight all had great games but I really enjoyed CKR ! Holding the ball up, playing it simple and generally being a pain in the arse to play against ! I can’t reme
  8. 1-1 Knight Was going to go 1-0 but losing Curtis has shaken my confidence !
  9. Yep another for Darryl Powell !
  10. Is it time to close this thread yet ? If this was a transfer thread it would be dead...
  11. Brilliant !! Great point !! This is better than Cocu !!
  12. I voted no but happy to have my mind changed ! Wayne hasn't said anything wrong yet since he has been 'Sole' manager - the comment about 'guaranteeing' we will go up the table was said before so I will let him off with that. In fact I've actually liked what he's said and like the way he conducts himself during the game. What does he have to do to convince me he could make a manager ? Carry on doing what he's doing I suppose - if he gets us mid table how can you argue against him ?
  13. So pleased Lawrence was left on the bench - might give him the kick up the arse he needs...... But I doubt it...
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