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    BaaLocks reacted to BodminRam in Small Claims Court   
    OK you lot, this is true , the one and only Brian Clough knocked my mum over one evening in his car, she told me he quickly got out of his car and politely asked if she was ok, she was thank god, she couldn't wait to tell me.
  2. Cheers
    BaaLocks reacted to Anna in Small Claims Court   
    Sorry ūüôąūüėĀ
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    BaaLocks got a reaction from therealhantsram in Life Ruined   
    I feel like I'm 16 again looking at those 3D pictures where you have to defocus to get the point. But, for me, I think I have also just flipped out. The bit circled in red I don't recall seeing before (though admit Ron Webster's shirt bears testimony to it) and having checked it is on the side of the ground so I guess that makes it legit.
    My issue is that the introduction of the eye changes the perspective of the head. I had always been of the view that The Ram was standing with it's head at 45 degrees so that one eye was under the horn and the other was out of view. Green line shows where Ram is looking.
    If what you are saying here is true and The Ram is in perfect relief (a bit like the Denver Broncos horse) then the horns are out of perspective and you shouldn't be able to see the second horn.
    All I will say is that I shouldn't have to face such iconoclastic schisms so late in my days.

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    BaaLocks got a reaction from Anna in Small Claims Court   
    Now that makes me feel old, I was in the same year as Nigel - he went to Woodlands and we played them in the Derby schools cup final. Played at Bemrose, his Dad was watching from up on a bank away from the parents. They won.
    The second half of the statement doesn't exactly make me feel young at heel either.
  5. Cheers
    BaaLocks reacted to loweman2 in Life Ruined   
    You need to buy this book so does anybody else who is having the same issue, you are the only ones who can do it, you just have to help yourselves!  it’s just plain ridiculous!
    there is a section on the changing ram from 1971, it was born with an eye but in their wisdom in the 80s some of the manufacturers messed around with it.
  6. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from FindernRam in Mel Morris on TalkSport   
    A situation that is unlikely to change
  7. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from StivePesley in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    That's not Craig Burley - that's Spud out of Trainspotting
  8. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from David in Life Ruined   
    By name and by nature
  9. Clap
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Jourdan in Mel Morris on TalkSport   
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    BaaLocks got a reaction from Mafiabob in Mel Morris on TalkSport   
    There was a great section where Jordan challenged him on his concerns over parachute payments. I had always wondered if Mel was a smart businessman or just someone who got lucky on a few investments. The way he handled that exchange, strongly and respectfully getting to his position, convinced me he's not just been lucky. I didn't get to listen to it all but I thought he came across very well indeed, but I did get the clear feeling he is frustrated with the game of football at this level and his threat to 'sell if we don't get promoted' was anything but a hasty throwaway line.
  11. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Jourdan in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Golden rule - them with the gold make the rules. No need for naivety to suggest otherwise.
    He is a wanted manager by both clubs, hardly worthy of a cleft in the space time continuum.
    Maybe he wants to? Maybe he thinks he can help Chelsea at this time? Why would it put that at risk for the sake of spending another year or two here, with there being a chance it only goes downhill? Don't kid yourself you would, I wouldn't.
    It's a case of it's now and he wants to. It doesn't mean he is somehow rubbing anyone's nose in it, it's just turned out that way in terms of timing. 
    Anyway, it's done - suggest you either get over it or find a quiet room to lie down in. All the hand wringing in the world won't change that.
  12. Cheers
    BaaLocks reacted to David in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Inside each forum at the top right we have sorting options so you can see the most viewed, most replies. This is both the most viewed and replied in this board, but George Thorne still holds the record in the Transfer Forum with 10,300+ replies and 934k+ views

  13. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from WHAT DO I GET in Small Claims Court   
    She's at Markeaton Crematorium if you want to pay a visit.
  14. Like
    BaaLocks got a reaction from GboroRam in Small Claims Court   
    She's at Markeaton Crematorium if you want to pay a visit.
  15. Like
    BaaLocks got a reaction from GenBr in Suggestions for the next Derby manager   
    What point is worth £460k a week to prove? You could tie me to a tree and call me Susan for that and I wouldn't complain one little bit.
  16. Sad
    BaaLocks got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Small Claims Court   
    When I was about seven I met Colin Todd at a friend's house. Rather randomly he gave me 10p because it was nearly Christmas. I kept it on my bedside table for a few months until my Mum borrowed it as she was short to pay the paper man.
  17. Haha
    BaaLocks reacted to StarterForTen in Small Claims Court   
    I once bought a Suzuki Vitara off Craig Short.
    Traded it in for an MG midget the following year.
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    BaaLocks reacted to Mucker1884 in Small Claims Court   
    Same as mine then!  Bless 'em both, eh!  
  19. Cheers
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Mucker1884 in Small Claims Court   
    She's at Markeaton Crematorium if you want to pay a visit.
  20. Haha
    BaaLocks reacted to sage in Small Claims Court   
    In the mid 80s I saw Steve Buckley walking down Arboretum Street carrying a plastic bag that may have contained unboxed shoes.
    He was wearing a long beige raincoat, The raincoat was unbuttoned. It wasn't raining, but it looked like it might.  
  21. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from jono in Jayden Bogle   
    He tried but realised that working with glass is mainly a silly con.
  22. Haha
    BaaLocks reacted to one_chop in Small Claims Court   
    In the late 80s I frequently saw Paul Blades on the mile up town, one evening he was surrounded by autograph hunters and only had a tiny bit of paper on me, when I managed to pass it to him he took his gum out his mouth said thanks and rolled it in the paper and threw it away. 
    To this day I still don't know how I feel about it. 
  23. Haha
    BaaLocks reacted to StivePesley in Small Claims Court   
    I was once in the Rhode Island Diner (or might have been the Baltimore Diner at the time) - when one of my mates waved to a friend (someone I didn't know) who was sat up the other end of the bar. I glanced over and his friend was sat at a table with a group of lads. One of whom was Stefano Eranio
    We beckoned his friend over and asked him how he knew Eranio - he just said "he lives next door to one of the others and his wife makes us take him out because he's got no mates - trouble is it's really irritating because he can barely speak any English so he just sits there all night saying nothing" 
  24. Like
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Will Hughes Hair in Small Claims Court   
    Having been inspired by a comment on another thread how about our own Derby County version of Sean Keaveney's Small Claims Court from his 6 Music show.
    Did you once sit next to Glenn Skivington in a laundry on Peartree Road? Did you tell Alan Biley that he'd forget to take his change at the Bargain Booze in Darley Abbey? Did you once ask a stranger for directions to Ascot Drive only to find it was Ken Oxford?
    To kick us off:
    About a year ago I was on a train back from London to Banbury and a man asked me if the seat opposite was taken. It was none other than 90s defender and academy leader Darren Wassall. I said it was and then chose not to speak to him for the entire journey so as not to come off like a total fanboy.
    I also used to deliver Stuart Webb's newspaper back in the 80s.
  25. Haha
    BaaLocks reacted to ramsbottom in Small Claims Court   
    Told this more than once in the past but - 
    Me and a few of my mates were in the popular, at the time, men's clothes shop Forge on Sadlergate one afternoon.  As I browsed some shirts I took a step back and bumped into someone behind me.  I turned round to see who it was, and it was none other than my idol Ace Asanovic.  He politely apologised, and I was too dumbfounded to speak.  I simply nodded politely, turned back round and tried desperately not to wee myself with excitement...
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