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  1. Clap
    BaaLocks reacted to i-Ram in Time for some reflection   
    Over the last 48 hours a few things have happened forum wise, which has made me think and persuaded me to put my thoughts down.
    Overall I consider us to be a generally happy, easy going community, and I know compared to other football forums this one is right up there for being a welcome space to share thoughts (whether it be about the Rams or a great many other subjects). Not perfect, but pretty damn good all the same.
    One of the things that made me think was a brief one-to-one discussion between @David and myself as we waited for other quiz members to join us last Saturday. I hope David that you don’t mind me sharing (and this is not verbatim, just my broad recollection) but asking after his welfare one of the things he said was that there are too many times he gets stressed having to wake to see what shitstorm might have occurred on the forum during his period of downtime. In fact he suggested his period of downtime has increased recently as a consequence.
    There have been a couple of other private matters too, which I will not share, but it has pulled some strings together for me.  I think also joining the forum gathering on a Saturday afternoon has been beneficial, as you realise what really nice people share in our community. Pop in sometime and join in with the chat and quiz.
    Anyway, a point I wanted to make was that an Internet forum can dehumanise individuals if you let it. Behind the keyboard is an individual who you do not know, or if you do it’s perhaps not very well. That individuals life will not be perfect, whose is? But for each who post it is a perhaps a space that they use to get away from the pressures or humdrum of real life. Each individual might have some concerns, anxieties, ill health, money problems, work issues, family difficulties, etc., etc. We don’t know do we? What is likely is that the last two months might only have increased the concerns and anxieties, and we should be mindful of that as we read posts, and respond to posts.
    Now I am no saint, I know that. I can be acerbic at times and posters might not like my idea of humour. I also like to yank a few chains, but it is typically of individuals who I think I have got to know over the years. But I am going to think more in the coming weeks of what I post, and I am encouraging others to do so too. Take a few seconds more before pressing that send button.  
    Ok, < group hug > and as you were.
  2. Clap
    BaaLocks reacted to TuffLuff in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Well why don’t we look into it and see
    The Vaughan Gething Case-
    The accusation: Snapped eating chips
    Reasoning: On his permitted exercise for the day and his child needed something to eat. Claims everything he did was in the rules within the Welsh lockdown rules. 
    Verdict: There’s no evidence to suggest he did anything wrong. Certainly didn’t drive anybody with symptoms across the country or anything so I think we are ok to agree that this one is solved? Not guilty, go and enjoy your chips.
    The Stephen Kinnock Case
    Accusation: Went to visit parent on said parents birthday
    Reasoning: A short and simple. Took ‘necessary’ items to his dad, maintained distance and didn’t stay long. 
    Verdict: Not the smartest move to post this ok twitter, but considering he didn’t drive anybody with symptoms, maintained a social distance or driving to test eye sight then i think he’s ok here surely? Got a good shoeing on twitter, a reminder of responsibilities by the twitter plod and I imagine a bit of a roasting in private. Not guilty but take it on the chin!
    The Tahir Ali case
    Accusation: Attended funeral with over ‘100 people’
    Reasoning: No reason given, but he went as an observer. Quick couple of things to observe though. One this quote, “West Midlands Police confirmed it was called to Sutton New Hall Cemetery following reports of a large crowd of people. On arrival, officers found approximately 15 people socially-distanced into family groups, therefore no action was taken," (from bbc report). This is more than allowed but the police decided no further action was necessary. The other is Ali response, in that he apologised and said he wanted to help set clear guidance on funerals attendance. I think this helped me understand the complexities and position he was put in and how he was looking to change it. 
    Verdict: Not ideal this. I think the problem was only considered once the funeral took place and he didn’t deny anything and said he wanted to do something about it. Too much context involved for it to be a simple case.
    The Kevan Jones Case
    Accusation: Attended birthday of a 100 year old war veteran 
    Reasoning: The Party was moved indoors at the last minute due to the weather, all precautions were put in place to allow a small crowd into a sports hall.
    Read more here: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/kevan-jones-mp-defends-decision-18323036.amp
    Verdict: Similar to the Ali case he was put in a position. Maybe not the best action possible was taken but there was an attempt to keep within regulations and protect everyone involved. Not guilty
    As far I can tell, none of these people were ill or were with people were ill, they didn’t move the coronavirus from one place to another so had no potential to spread the disease, none of them tested their eye sight by driving 60 miles, none of them looked to cover up what they did, none of them were in meetings that decided what lockdown in the uk should be (actually, maybe gething could in Wales but he was eating chips!), none of them held press conferences in the rose garden at no.10 (won’t open that can of worms). Anymore?
    Similarities:...They were outside?
    There you go everyone I went and actually looked into what I did a post about. To all those who have been writing utter nonsense on here, about these MPs or trying to change the debate,  I did the work you should be doing before posting you lazy bunch of self righteous, tedious bunch of bleeps. 
  3. Like
    BaaLocks reacted to GboroRam in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Johnson really can't win. If he refuses to fire him in the midst of all this criticism, even from his own MPs, he looks weak. If he does back down and sack him due to the pressure from the media, he looks weak. 
    It's brilliant. 
  4. Haha
    BaaLocks reacted to GboroRam in The Politics Thread 2020   
  5. Like
    BaaLocks reacted to TuffLuff in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Gave this a listen earlier and I think it’s worth a share https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/today-in-focus/id1440133626?i=1000475775828
    Interview with their reporter who helped break the story. It gave me a few different perspectives on it all as it’s not an all out attack. Ill write them out without going into much detail
    1) why didn’t Cummings double down that he left London as a security issue? I’m not saying it’s a good excuse (if he was worried people knew where he lived I’m sure the govt could prepare lodgings whilst they quarantined?), but I think it would have been seen as a more understandable line. The through line ended up being about the press which doesn’t make sense
    2) The govt knew for six weeks about the allegation, my guess had been they hadn’t responded because they had something up their sleeve (a resignation and then carrying on working for the govt freelance so to speak) but that doesn’t seem the case. They kept quiet because they didn’t see it as a big story. They discuss that it’s a massive oversight from Cummings who feels his key successes (brexit and the Johnson election win) are because he understands the public better than the press do.
    3) I don’t think as a whole, his story is overly that bad if you look at it as a human rather than a person of significance (who wrote the guidelines!). Especially in the eye of joe public as everyone, including on this thread, ums and ahhs about what they have done throughout lockdown. What I think the public don’t like is deception. The eye test, his wife’s account not mentioning it, adding parts to his blog to say he warned of a pandemic. They are the actions of people who are trying to cover up and everyone can sense stuff like that from a mile off.
    4) This means that the public have lost faith in the govt and that’s really hard to get back. Fortunately for them, there is time to do that long term although this won’t be forgotten easily. The big problem they now have is that if they can’t predict how the public reacts which means they can’t control the narrative of how the news is portrayed (even in the mail) and yesterday showed, he didn’t know how to react and tried to make the press into the enemy. The problem here isn’t the press, it’s that the press aren’t doing what the govt want.
  6. Clap
    BaaLocks reacted to Boycie in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Well if he’s added to his blog to try and make himself look like the “I told you so” then he’s a bigger plum than I thought.
  7. Clap
    BaaLocks reacted to 1967Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    I have no idea why Cummings would lie like this. He must, sorry should, have known he would get caught out.
    Doubt has been cast on Dominic Cummings’ claim he warned of the threat of coronavirus “last year” after the discovery of a recent edit on the Downing Street adviser’s blog.
    I can only presume that, like a lot of highly intelligent people, he has very little common sense.
  8. Clap
    BaaLocks reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in The Politics Thread 2020   
    The thing is, the story just doesn't seem at all believable. Who honestly would drive a 60-mile-round trip to test if their eyesight was working? And how can he honestly believe that sitting by a river for 15 minutes and playing in the woods after a toilet stop is part of the 'doing what was necessary to take care of my child' defence?
    I'm always inclined to believe people when they claim they're being sincere, to the point of being let down in the past, but I honestly can't buy this.
  9. Clap
    BaaLocks reacted to SouthStandDan in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Amazing what " I am sorry" can do to a person in the public eye. Could have killed this story off a week ago. Instead the government decide to "not show weakness" and tie themselves in knots. Sometimes it is easier to admit being wrong. I respect people who do that rather than justify their actions in a really poor manner.
  10. Clap
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Carl Sagan in Cameron Jerome   
  11. Angry
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Patrick Rams in Zak, the club and RamsTV   
    13 appearances, one goal, that on his debut, in a three months on loan and then a one year deal. Not quite sure that warrants him being called The King and not sure there's that much to recount.
  12. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from SKRam in Tim Brooke Taylor   
    Beautiful save, truly majestic....
  13. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from SKRam in Tim Brooke Taylor   
    Raspberry seedless? WTF were you thinking you monster, you had the whole forum hanging on your every last word and you had to go and blow the whole thing out of the water with 'raspberry ducking seedless'. I hope you're proud of yourself....
  14. Like
    BaaLocks got a reaction from SKRam in Tim Brooke Taylor   
    True, we're down to Robert Lindsay, Motty's lad and Simon Groom now.
    RIP Tim, Goodie goodie yum yum....
  15. Like
    BaaLocks got a reaction from jono in ADVANTAGES TO THE HIATUS IN THE SEASON   
    Been over a month since we conceded from a set piece.
  16. Like
    BaaLocks got a reaction from 48 hours in Rushian Hepburn-Murphy signed on loan for season (under 23s)   
    Always, and we should play the ones that aren't getting a game, and we should keep the ones we're thinking of selling, give long contracts to the ones we give short contracts to, give short contracts to the ones we gave long contracts to, play the ones who aren't playing well more often at the same time we don't play them, play the ones in position out of position and make sure the ones out of position now play in position and sign the ones we didn't and, and, and......
  17. Clap
    BaaLocks got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Coronavirus   
    Can you direct me to, or highlight, some of the areas where it has omitted or over embellished? Genuinely, I would be interested in trying to understand how the argument is positioned from the other perspective coz (and I know I have probably created for myself a bit of an echo chamber) my Twitter feed seems to full of stories like this. Again, sure that doesn't surprise you but I would really like to understand it from the other side in a bit more detail than 'clap for Boris for he is risen'.
  18. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Uptherams in Coronavirus   
    Which is kind of my point in the original post, if only half of this is correct. Our preparation and immediate action was blinded by the political impact that it would bring. Participating in the EU PPE scheme, date of the lockdown, herd immunity, is where I do tend to believe we wouldn't have acted in the same way had we not been ruled by a bunch of right wing charlatans and chancers intent on protecting their Brexit biased position. They were hugely influenced in how they would act, driven by factors other than the protection of broader society. And no, I'm not suggesting Corbyn was the right person but I am saying a more compassionate, transparent, listening, government who had something more than irrational disdain for experts would have given us a better reponse. We didn't have it, from either side, and it is strange to me that many choose not to see that (not saying you @Van Wolfie, just generally).
    Boris nearly paid the ultimate price for that, I argue that others do every day by sheer dint of the fact that more died than should. But I also recognise that the right wing media will spin the story, Cummings will ensure any enquiry or investigation is blocked just as they did with the Russia report and us rampant Trotskyists out here on the communist fringes of the left wing will keep feeling we've been utterly let down while some at the other end will think we've been gloriously served by our wonderful leaders. 
  19. Haha
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Uptherams in Coronavirus   
    Go for it, balance away - put something on the table that shows the other side. Go for it, really.....
  20. Cheers
    BaaLocks got a reaction from Tamworthram in Coronavirus   
    Yeah, I get the point on that - thx for the note. I guess that is why people in the US would be saying that the dissolution of the pandemic committee was such a bad thing. It wasn't that they knew to prepare for coronavirus but an avian / swine flu of some description was clearly the most likely to occur. But, as we all see in our working lives, we only tend to find the reason to fix the roof when the rain starts coming in. 
  21. Angry
    BaaLocks got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Coronavirus   
    If only half this thread is correct (click on it to see the full timeline) we should hang, draw and quarter the lot of them.
  22. Clap
    BaaLocks got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Coronavirus   
    Did you just think up four random sentences and then type them out for a giggle?
    Nobody is saying China is viewed through rose tinted spectacles, and comparing the management of RBMK reactors in the death throes of the Soviet empire to how China operates today is, oh forget it, I've just realised who posted this comment. I'm wasting my time even trying here.....
  23. Like
    BaaLocks got a reaction from ramit in Coronavirus   
    Benign paraoxysmal positional vertigo apparently, I had no idea I had crystals in my ear, that they could come loose or what might happen if they did. Amazing thing the human body eh....
  24. Clap
    BaaLocks reacted to NC--RAM in Rams 74/75   
    Looks like Rod Thomas to me.
  25. Clap
    BaaLocks got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Coronavirus   
    Did you just think up four random sentences and then type them out for a giggle?
    Nobody is saying China is viewed through rose tinted spectacles, and comparing the management of RBMK reactors in the death throes of the Soviet empire to how China operates today is, oh forget it, I've just realised who posted this comment. I'm wasting my time even trying here.....
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