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  1. I remember canvassing opinions on Cocu from a few of my Dutch mates when he was first appointed. The general few was that the first season would be a slog with not particularly attractive football, one lad with a good grasp of the Championship said to expect something similar to Rowetts tenure, and that we would have plenty of possession but with few chances created and a lack of dynamism in the final third. He said that that is what Fenerbache got and didn't give him time. First half of the seas, since Christmas I would say that that is exactly what we got. The Dutch lads also said that
  2. Jason Knight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-1 Good on you lad
  3. If I remember correctly when Mark Lawrenson was interviewed by RAMS TV about his time with Eric at Brighton he let slip that Erics nickname down there was stainless.
  4. Few that I remember that weren't for penalties/friendlies or injuries. Leeds took Paul Rachubka off after his performance against Blackpool, think it was something like his 5th game on loan for them and he cost them about 6 goals in that period. He never played for them again. Di Canio took Wesley Foderingham off after about 20 minutes for Swindon The Zaire coach also substituted his goalkeeper during a 9-0 loss to Yugoslavia at the 1970 World Cup Martyn Margetson was also substituted for Man City when Everton beat them 5-2.
  5. Read a piece in the Athletic the other day about Andy Lonergan, 4th/5th choice at Liverpool now, was basically saying that a keeper can be signed solely for training these days, that the intensity of training/shooting drills/small sided matches means that you cannot expect your first 2 keepers to perform day in day out, as such you need a reliable keeper to step in and still be decentish even though they are never likely to play a game for you. Many years ago when he was first starting out Eric Steele took me to Wolves and Oxford to fulfil such a role meaning that he could work with the first
  6. Moyes was the ******** that sacked Eric Steele and the rest of the coaching team.
  7. Remember when Martin Taylor came in for Shilts? He struggled and gave goals away, but he worked hard and became one of our best GK ever. Hamer seems so opposite to that. It upsets me, as I love Goalkeepers. Get rid of him, and why not try Ravas or Foster. Wallington, Oxford, Shilton, Carson, Poom, Green we deserve better.
  8. As a yoo f I was at Oxford with Eric Steele, they had a NI international called Paul Kee in goal. We had a training session when Eric was starting out, Eric said to me "I'd prefer to play you as he should not be a professional GK" I wonder what he thinks about Hamer now? At least Roos was an Eric signing who might come good. If not, give Ravas a go.
  9. I'm quite impressed that Benrahma appears to have the same haircut that I was sporting at Progress/Blue Note/ Renaissance in 1994/95
  10. Roooonnnneeeeyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Think it's a top line up, and strangely I feel confident.
  12. All the best, great player in two spells. One of our own. Hope he gets a good contract.
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