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  1. Saw the Shirt pulling and handball on the We Are Derby vid on RamsTV and it was astounding how we didn't get them. Didn't we go last season without a pen until Sheff Wed game as well?
  2. 100% yes. No complaints about this one, just leaves a bad taste when we think of a shirt pull and handball against Forest and a foul and handball against Preston
  3. I'm in Romania and it's on, EDIT: I think I can see @Bald Eagle's Barmy Armyin the corner
  4. In fairness pretty much every goal was a pooshow from the defending team, errors left right and centre. Thought you were really good first half. From a Luton supporting mate on another forum
  5. Shilts finished 5th in the Ballon d'Or whilst playing for us. A position only bettered by (I think) Yashin, Zoff, Kahn, Neuer and Buffon, I think in his last season he had declined dramatically but the first 3 seasons he was immense. That said Poom was bloody amazing as well.
  6. On the plus side Hamer is in nets for them so always a chance and all that.
  7. Blimey. So many fans have stories pre-Hillsborough, my Wolves mates tell be horror stories. I only started going in 85 so missed out on the 'glory' years.
  8. That's fair enough mate, everyone is entitled to their opinion 😀 I quite like Hillsborough, when I was doing a charity bike ride I was allowed to sleep in the groundsman's hut and the club were ace to me.
  9. tbf I have 100% solidarity with them, great historical club, my most visited away ground, buggered by financial rules. I genuinely hope they come straight back up. (might also be biased as a lot of my mid 90's nights out were in Sheffield)
  10. Also liked your input into Glove Story 2 with the GK shirts. Was chatting to Eric Steele about his red top v Plymouth in the week, apparently was a proper GK top although to me still looks like a training top. Also sad to realise that he only has a Brighton shirt in his collection at home, as he's given away his shirts to various charity organisations. Can you possibly tell me what the Umbro keepers top was in 1991/92 season? As I cannot remember what I wore for the under 16's in my only ever appearance for an official Derby side! (the other keeper, a good good friend of mine cannot remember either, yet I can remember the Chesterfield and Norwich shirts I wore)
  11. Seriously, this is a magnificent book if you are a) A Derby fan and/or b) a Kit saddo it brought back so many memories looking at the different shirts and remembering incidents I remember in them, plus the additional information about why and how for shirts is amazing. Fiver in the post to me now @loweman2?
  12. Found the RD interview pretty interesting, more because of what was not said than what was said. My take on it, my thoughts after I've looked at what is in the public domain. I posted a while back about what I'd heard re: an American consortium taking over, I have heard nothing to suggest that this is no longer the case. I've experience of dealing with due diligence for American companies, and boy do they love an NDA personally I've signed around a dozen, and what Mel couldn't talk of last night leads me (hopes) to believe that the silence through official channels is as a result of an NDA between Mel/DCFC and the consortium. The NDA between the club and bidders will also be separate and differ to the one between Mel and the fans groups last night. I understand that a lot of us are upset/frustrated/disappointed/angry and it's only human nature to want to point the finger and find someone to blame, but I'm hoping that it's more a question of cannot rather than will not when it comes to the lack of direct engagement with the fanbase. I'd also suggest that the consortium are waiting for the accounts and actual level of debt to be finalised before moving forward, as I understand the accounts have to be submitted at latest in 13 days, so I reckon that it's more end of month/transfer window rather than start of season before we see proper movement. I know we all want answers ASAP, but it might just be a question of wait out on this and when there is news then there is news. I'd also ask that we remember what we have in common, that we are all Derby and want the best for the club, my view is that sniping at each other, different groups, posters and dismissing with terms such as wrist slashers or happy clappers does nothing good bar possibly making you feel better for a few second., Whilst people may have a different view debate is good, sarcasm, anger abuse in my view is not. I feel the club, with the dire straights we are in, need the fanbase to step up show why we are amongst the best in the country and support the club, manager and players during what is going to be a testing season. Jesus, I've rambled a lot for a post that is just my opinion and not fact. Sorry. COYR
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