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  1. Personally, I'm torn on this. I lost my uniformed job due to drink driving. However I knew other uniformed members that used to DD as the norm, anyone who had folks that lived in the 70's and says they didn't know that must have lived with saints. However, it IS wrong regardless of job, especially now and it can kill people, innocent people. I ended up in jail for my offence, never committed a crime since, so I want people punished. Is that me feeling bitter though? Maybe rehabilitation would be better for young lads?
  2. I'll be behind him, but as an ex-keeper and lover of all things keeping I would have preferred to have given Ravas a chance.
  3. Accept your point, and sort of agree with it, but people say things at times that they regret. I'd hate to be judged now for things I've said in my 20's.
  4. Aye, before we had social media Stuart Pearce was one of my favourite England players and I've always held him in high regard as he's 100% committed, so when he said he'd prefer to be on the dole than play for Derby I can respect that, I may disagree but I understand his viewpoint. That penalty against Spain 👌
  5. I had literally just read it as well *facepalm* I will not edit the original post though as a tribute to my idiocy.
  6. Best of luck Scott, best keeper I've seen at Derby since Poomy. Replacement rumoured to be Ben Hamer from Leicester according to the Athletic (Brilliant 50% off offer of free first month by the way)
  7. Just as a benchmark, it's showing DCFC twitter as having 284,375
  8. This is worth it for the salty comments on twitter from seemingly exclusively Leeds and Forest fans, all other people seem to think it would be a good move if it came off.
  9. Eric Steele cannot speak highly enough of the bloke, when Eric was going from Man Utd (Great decision Moyes) he asked the first teamers to sign something for him, Rooney gave him signed shirts and boots. He also donated a signed shirt for my mums charity. Yes he's made mistakes and fans/press have had a go at him, but anecdotally from someone that knows him he is a decent bloke.
  10. That image was on twitter earlier, lad who posted it said that it was two 'older' guys with Mel and speculated that it might be agents, as they spent a lot of time looking at a laptop. As such I don't think it's the rumoured players.
  11. Good lad, pleased for you mate. Think I've told this story before, but after the Tin Man testimonial I went for a Chinese in Etwall a few hours after the match, there was a busload of Rangers fans in before me and I had to wait ages to get served as theirs was a massive order. I spent the time talking footy with the fans, after about an hour or so my order was ready and I went to pay only to find that the rangers lads had already paid for holding me up. Really nice gesture. I also had an MPGS guard who was a Rangers fan who used to go on a rampage every old firm Derby and end up being arrested by the RMP for hitting people, but that's another story!
  12. He brought super Stevie Howard, Oakley, Jones, Bywater ,Leackock and loaned Lupoli in. Sure there were a few more as well. At Christmas he went mental and brought a load more in.
  13. What also helped Villa was the excellent appointment of Dean Smith as well, they were doing nothing under Bruce.
  14. True, but we struggled when Mount wasn't playing last season. The run when he was injured was horrible. Wilson was a creative player, for me Lawrence is inconsistent and as much as I like Bennett he isn't a promotion chasing teams starter, Joz has been nothing but poor for us. I'm surprised that we haven't strengthened in midfield, although I'm still hoping that Frank sorts us out with some quality. I see this season as being like the Nigel Person one I'm afraid, and that's not me being overly negative it's me looking at what we've got and what we've lost, and can see is being mid-table at best. I fully expect us to be closer to the relegation spots come October then to the top 6. Midfield was a problem for us last season and now we've lost Bradley, Bryson and Mount from what was an already weak/poor position for us. I hope to God I'm massively wrong mind.
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