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  1. No quotes, no actual fee mentioned, no club mentioned. Utter B.S. why do Gloucestershire Live continue to do this?
  2. You mean Wasserman Media Group client Paul Clement? Who went to ex Wasserman Media Group employee Sam Rush, to get permission to buy a lot of Wasserman Media Group clients such as Johnson, Butterfield, Camera, Bent and Ollson, for big fees on large contracts?
  3. Exactly said, take the GK error out of it and it's rather even. Maybe it's not about blaming an individual player, we could just have been beaten by a better side. If we'd started Waggy and Jack? Who knows, but it's all hypothetical.
  4. balls Fair play Villa, no complaints really. Decent set of fans as well.
  5. COME ON YOU RAMS!!!!!!! Well done all of you that are there, give it loud and give it proud.
  6. Echo that mate, I'd have had others, but in Frank we trust. AS lets be honest he is awesome.
  7. You do know I was taking the p*ss, I've actually commented before in this thread on how refreshing the whole game has been via the medium of social media, in that both Villa and Derby have been wholly civil towards each other. Hence why I thought I could joke about the old days. Are you asking for me to be banned for it, seriously?
  8. Probably wrong thread, but does anyone know who Forest are playing today?
  9. Mentioned on here before, but always rated Burnley since that FA Cup game in 92?ish. Firstly, I used to sell programmes at the BBG and was walking there when this car with a couple pulled up, turns out that they were Burnley fans and wanted to know how to get to ground, so they gave me a lift and I showed em where to park. Then the match was called off (didn't Patterson break his leg?) On teh rearranged game I was stood near the Ossie End selling and the same couple (youngish, must have been mid 20's) came and got a couple of programmes off me and also brought me a Bovril and a Wagon Wheel. Then we had the match, which for those of us that were there, just seemed to be Burnley chanting non-stop "Jimmy Mullins Claret and Blue Army"
  10. Gone anyway, he messaged me literally 30 seconds ago.
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