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  1. BBC Website saying Malone as well. RD saying that whilst Malone put the rebound in, the first effort from Marriott was already in.
  2. Best one for me was Dean Saunders, obv helped that he scored in his first 5 or 6 games (all of which I was at)
  3. With the greatest respect Ramage played for us for a while in the 90's Eric Steele was our ressie keeper for 2 promotions, but started coaching when gk was not a thing, working at Derby Wolves Oxford Leeds Chesterfield, then Jim Smith brought him here as coach. After he worked with Sven at Man City with Hart and Kasper and Peter, also at Villa before Sir Alex hired him after a recommendation from Tony Coton, he won league, FAcup, League Cup, Champions league with training keepers such as VDS, DDG, Foster, Heaton. After Mel Clement Rush stabbed him (and his wife) in the back he went to work for the FA 2 World Cup wins at u17 and u19 with him. Eric started training when at Brighton on his time off, usually with disabled groups.With no disrespect to Ramage whom I like, I know who knows about football Discaimer, Eric started training me at 11 and ended at 17 at Chesterfield.
  4. Looks like a 25 year old was beat up and died. ex Alfreton and current Matlock 25, fing hell.
  5. Also remember that US forces (who i worked with and respect) killed Terry Lloyd (Kevs bro) and tried to cover it up. This lad deserves justice
  6. I had a trial at Oxford when Paul was there, all due to Eric Steele.
  7. I didnt do that game, but I believe that Arthur Cox demanded @Peter Shiltonj jersey at the end.
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