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  1. Agreed I might not have phrased it correctly (groundswell) but it definitely is a common view amongst party members I have spoken too. I have spoken to 5 Candidates since the election was called 3 successful 2 not (2 were sitting MP's prior to the election) I won't name them as it is their personal prerogative to give their views. Conservative members I would guess about 50 in the last six weeks and whilst Scottish independence was not the focus of these members I have discussed it with some. Again as I am getting an old git within the party I tried to tap into what the newer/younger members of the party were thinking. Just for the record I am Unionist in the sense of the party name and was quite pleased that TM brought it back into the title of the party when she became leader. However 40 years ago when I became a member it was a given that you were Unionist, akin to being a member of one of the big trades unions and being a Labour member. Fortunately the world has changed for the better and the Conservatives are more of a broad church and until recently I thought Labour had become more inclusive of differing opinions. Nowadays you don't have to pledge to keep faithful to UK when you join the Conservatives. Just as matter of interest Tamworth are you a member? I will understand if you don't want to say.
  2. I feel sorry for 1 or two labour ex MP's Caroline Flint being one of them. She talked a lot of sense this morning.
  3. I think it can be overridden by Westminster vote.
  4. I think at present the Leadership are towing (toeing?) the party line and maybe that's their belief, but I am not sure that the next gen tory coming through sees it as so necessary to have a unionist mantle to their policies.
  5. From talking to people in the party, including election candidates.
  6. There is a large groundswell within the tory rank and file to jettison Scotland from the union as it wouldn't necessary be an awful outcome. This on two counts: 1. What Scotland costs England to be part of the Union (possibly). 2. This act would ensure a tory majority for eternity.
  7. Yes but they where both young 22 and 18 respectively Depay played 28 games prior to Cocu's first season so I would argue it was Cocu who nurtured in and brought him through to the first team. My reasoning that whist I am not enamoured with his start he needs to be given a chance to implement his ultimate philosophy.
  8. I have done some analysis of how PC went about transforming PSV the season prior to Cocu taking over PSV finished second in the Eredivisie (he was at the club as Under 19 coach). Of the side (11) which featured most that season he shipped out 6 from the club permanently in the summer transfer window. 1 retired (Van Bommel)1 out on loan for the season and three he kept Wijnaldum,Willems and Matavz. (Matavz was subsequently moved on the following season). Looking at his record he tends not to recruit during the Winter Window He changed the formation from two defensive midfielders to one. We finished sixth last season I would suggest if Cocu had been in charge at the beginning of June of the regulars now playing Bogle and Bielik would be the only ones getting a regular game. He has to be given the chance to build If we are in the same poo this time next year then he will have to go, but I still think somehow we won't be.
  9. That version of Labour disappeared when Gene Hunt took his Cortina to the scrap yard and if somebody says what about Blair to me, taxed the people who were prepared to graft for a living and gave it to those who didn't want to.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50696221 Have we extended the stadium already? Chris Kavanagh Attendance: 262,072
  11. Yes and I bet there ain't many actual workers in the SWP.
  12. Free broadband who said that? Don't you there are people using foodbanks or they would starve? Surely it would be better to spend the £40 billion on free broadband on food vouchers for the needy.
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