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  1. Just noticed Frank has moved in to 3-1 to remain at Derby with Paddy Power and has eased as Next Chelsea manager. Umm.
  2. There's two big questions: Can he start a bounce and will he sing the words?
  3. Yes agreed once again intrusive journalism, a question putting him in an impossible position, over something where there is no vacancy. Frank will get this again next year when Chelsea finish third in his first year in "proper" management. Reporter "Frank are you aware of the interest that the FA want you out to replace Gareth Southgate should he fail to beat Germany by three clear goals in the Euro Final?" "Apparently there are reports it will happen." Frank "What aware or reports?" Reporter "Both." Frank "Ask Uncle Harry."
  4. No Mel will have sacked him by the end of July (was going to say August)
  5. Yes Nutfly I was going to bring this up also, people who are dismissing the Cowley's are upping Gerrard, perhaps it's the name that makes the style more attractive because definitely the style is very similar ie: quick from back to front.
  6. Chris Wilder is very ambitious and has served long apprenticeship in management and whilst it is great achievement (being the club he has supported as a boy.) I know he won't be too happy at not being able to strengthen his current squad.
  7. Funnily I think that could be Mel's fallback position to get us through pre season. If Frank gets up and just leaves.
  8. Yes nobody knows who owns which bit of the club, and at present that means no incoming transfers.
  9. Test card with a picture of Dave, next to a clown (Kenny Burns) playing noughts and crosses on a blackboard. For you young un's illustrated below:
  10. Yes it is a bit peculiar he has dropped into Serie B as he has full caps as well. Maybe it's the Palermo connection, play for our club or sleep with the fishes
  11. Just putting into practice what he has learned from the captain the past year.😉
  12. I thought he was quite effective when he came on at Wembley
  13. Is every body piling on! odds now only 4-1
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