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  1. Shh I think they actually managed it last season!
  2. All football fans whinge, in the golden years "McGovern was a liability, Gemmill always tried run through a ruck of players instead of the easy route Durban had two left feet. O' Hare was too slow, Green not tall enough." All opinions I heard back then but all Legends in my eyes. just human nature of the football fan i'm afraid.
  3. Yes Johnny Walker and Ron Bacardi joining the board in the places vacated by the leaving directors.
  4. In the fridge waiting to make a cold crisp sandwich with it.
  5. You forgot Jack Taylor disallowing a perfectly good David Nish goal, How the duck can you be offside when you passed to yourself.
  6. Not necessarily a bad thing shows they care.
  7. Agreed just thought i could see something that might work, also a way using a diamond to get Marriott in the side when fit with Lawrence playing behind the front two and Paterson and Holmes wide.
  8. I thought the link between Martin and Lawrence was one of the plus points yesterday
  9. Not first time we won the league but the first time we qualified for the UEFA (FAIRS cup) then the ducking Yorkshire Dirties won it by beating the ducking Italian dirties in the most filthiest, cheatingest Final one could ever imagine, Wasn't a game of football but who it was decided on who could cheat the best. Me bitter no!
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