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  1. Not the best pairing but a special mention to Christie and Davison in the two third tier seasons
  2. If Kieran Dowell is the answer, what is the question? Which current player is replaced by Wayne Rooney come January? Seriously, I think there is a decent player in there and I think he will improve soon as Bielik drops in to place.
  3. Jim Wheeler wants a place on the board.
  4. As said previously the EFL can't criticize Derby's action and continue it's lucrative partnership with Skybet.
  5. What with all that corruption (alleged)!!!! Not to mention the carbon footprint.
  6. Seems to me that the so-called Ramstrust have been taken over by middle class Guardianista!!! 😉
  7. With respect to selling yourself the stadium Mel probably wasn't the first. At least two ex owners i know have bought the stadium as their pension fund : Bradford City is still owned by it's former chairman's pension fund and also Port Vale's was owned by there previous owner until the last couple of months. I doubt either was done to evade FFP, however both where used to make the clubs more viable which amounts to the same thing.
  8. Agreed,Yes and Saab used to make military aircraft so where do you draw the line
  9. I think wave is a Flemish term for golf, so Phillip Phillip give us a wave could mean he is waiting at the pitch and putt at Markeaton right now.
  10. Since the legend of Sir Graham Richards please. Not always.
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