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    Tamworthram reacted to ram59 in View from the outside   
    Bizarrely, the amount of time the ref added on, nearly worked against us. 
    Any normal ref would have added the usual 4 or 5 mins, plenty of time for our first goal and we wouldn't have had to suffer the remaining few minutes. Incidentally, the ref stuck to his guns and added a further 2 or 3 minutes on top of the 9 mins, to allow for the time lost on the penalty, hardly favouring Derby. 
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    Tamworthram reacted to Mucker1884 in View from the outside   
    ... And all those that leave on 80 mins would still be late home!   
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    Tamworthram reacted to Ghost of Clough in Don’t Leave Games Early   
    I go to watch Derby to support the team - whether it’s entertaining or not
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    Tamworthram reacted to BurtonRam7 in Don’t Leave Games Early   
    I bet every film is crap in your book if your view on football games is anything to go by😂
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    Tamworthram reacted to BurtonRam7 in Don’t Leave Games Early   
    I say it time and time again. You wouldn’t leave ten minutes before the end of a film would you? Can’t stand the sight of people streaming down the stairs when we’re still fighting. 
    Today was absolutely glorious.
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    Tamworthram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Sky commentators   
    I thought the Rams TV commentators weren't much better. They mentioned a few times that they thought the support was as flat as the performance, which wasn't right. On the whole it sounded immense to me. Yeah it may have gone flat at times but that's understandable when not much is happening on the pitch but the support was great for the first 25/30 mins and again when it really mattered. Well done to all those that contributed to that.
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    Tamworthram got a reaction from BurtonRam7 in Bristol City fan here with the local info for trip to Bristol   
    And we need to know this because.......
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    Tamworthram got a reaction from ThePrisoner in Derby County Flags   
    Do they count as flags? 
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    Tamworthram got a reaction from whiteroseram in Biringham city stwards really unfriendly   
    The silly thing is, like everyone else I was frisked going in. Fair enough, I don't have a problem with that. However, I was carrying a coat and they didn't check that at all. I could have sneaked all manner of things in.
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    Tamworthram reacted to McRamFan in Galaxy Fold   
    Just gaffer tape two phones together - job done...obviously using the clear version of the tape...
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    Tamworthram reacted to ThePrisoner in A52 Footbridge Closure   
    Good job there’s another about thirty seconds away at Costco. 
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    Tamworthram reacted to jono in Birmingham City vs Derby County   
    Yet if there was a league table just for goals against .. we’d be 6th 
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    Tamworthram got a reaction from jono in Pets   
    One of my daughters cats: Hector (not named after King Kevin)

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    Tamworthram got a reaction from KCG in Bristol City - General Sale?   
    No great surprise that we'll not get anymore tickets (assuming we'd want/need them). If they can't sell out for their last home game of the season in what should be a play off qualifying season against a potential play off rival then it's a sorry state of affairs. 
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    Tamworthram reacted to Abu Derby in Trouble ahead?   
    It’s the parachute payments that should be looked at, never mind FFP. They ought to be reduced in order to permit a more level playing field. These payments are to help relegated clubs transition into the Championship. Instead they are being used recklessly to try and buy their way back up. Stoke City is a prime example. It’s nobody’s fault but their own if this strategy fails. 
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    Tamworthram reacted to G STAR RAM in Trouble ahead?   
    I'm a fan of the principles of FFP but not a fan of how it is being applied and the limits in place.
    I'd like to see any limits to equity investment removed.
    I'd like to see some sort of cap on wages.
    I'd like to see rules applied consistently. 
    I'd like to see punishments proportionate to the breach.
    I'd like to see financial penalties compensating teams that have played by the rules.
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    Tamworthram reacted to G STAR RAM in Trouble ahead?   
    Can you substantiate this claim? As far as I can see, the ground has not been paid for and is a paper transaction only.
    I can think of a few thinks I would blame before FFP:-
    Egotistical owners
    Greedy players
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    Tamworthram reacted to Mckram in Predict the play off race   
    Hate to be a mood killer but at the minute I just can’t see us beating Bristol City away. If we played them at home then I’d be feeling a lot different.
    We don’t beat them away then no play offs...
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    Tamworthram reacted to RamNut in Predict the play off race   
    villa v sheff utd final
    could go either way.
    If grealish plays then villa will win.
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    Tamworthram reacted to DcfcMatt in POTY   
    Blue = Richard Keogh
    Red = Richard Keogh but in red

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    Tamworthram reacted to Ellafella in Bristol City fan here with the local info for trip to Bristol   
    Is it ok to cross even if the green man is flashing? 😲
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    Tamworthram reacted to Millenniumram in Bristol City fan here with the local info for trip to Bristol   
    Can you give our team directions? They haven’t turned up to an away game since I was still digesting my turkey 
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    Tamworthram reacted to BaaLocks in Next season then...   
    Coz you can't - we can still get promoted, even if it is highly unlikely, and we have to play our best team until that is no longer the case. Otherwise, it's a bit like Ronnie O'Sullivan thinking he wants to practise left handed because he's 60 points down with 75 left on the table (yes, I know, Ronnie is pretty darned handy left handed but still).
    To kind of make the point https://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/47871628
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    Tamworthram reacted to Jourdan in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Lampard resigns at the end of the season.
    I think the enormity of the job required here will be starting to dawn on him, and in his position, it might seem appealing to duck out of harm’s way.
    He is used to winning, he is used to being successful, he is used to things going to plan and things going his way. I don’t think he signed up for 40% win percentages, FFP panic, and losing roughly once every three games.
    Maybe I am doing him a massive disservice, but you have to wonder where he’ll find the motivation and the stomach for a difficult rebuilding job in the Championship next season. I mean right now, he and the players can’t find it for a promotion push, despite being given so many lifelines.
    The way I look at it is he’s just had a baby and he’s financially secure, would you blame him if he decided to step away and focus on his family, or go back to his comparatively stressless and more flexible media duties with his reputation relatively unharmed?
    I mean we’ve been trash since December and he is still next in line for the Chelsea job...
    He can do no wrong.
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    Tamworthram reacted to LB_DCFC in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    It's no coincidence that the top 6 is comprised of either teams that have allowed managers time to build something (Norwich, Sheff U, Bristol C), or have qualities that are clearly too good for this league (Leeds=Bielsa, West Brom & Villa's squads with both having expensive PL players). We are clearly in neither camp at the moment, so why not allow the time to see if we could jump in to those areas? Especially after what we've seen in the previous couple of years. I've seen enough green shoots to allow me to think that there is a successful project in here, and changing the manager will only contribute to the mess that has been created by changing managers.
    Anyway, I don't think we'd be able to afford to sack another manager anyway, so the whole discussion is rather futile.
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