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    therealhantsram got a reaction from EnigmaRam in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Yes, he travelled. Ampadu and Gilmour are the "names" that didn't, so maybe loans for the two of them.
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    therealhantsram reacted to Squid in Ethan Ampadu   
    Terry will be holding his wife ransom.
  3. COYR
    therealhantsram reacted to OwenB87 in RamsTV Feedback   
    How would you feel if I told you I was taking over comms this season, dare I ask? 😬
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    therealhantsram reacted to King Kevin in Anya - not sure what to make of this...   
    To me he's a wing back  not brilliant at either role ie full back or out and out winger  but competent at our level .Unless we play three at the back be interesting to see what PC can do with him.
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    therealhantsram reacted to DontTrustTheDevilInside in Christian Walton   
    Harsh.... think its a big year for Lawrence and Anya before they've written off their success before joining us as fluke and is seen as a very average championship winger/not worth their price tag. They've both always been seen most prominently as wingers so not a square peg.
    I am not a fan of having too many traditional chalk on your boots wingers, I think full backs are better now 1 v 1 and Shearer type strikers who will score 10+ headers a season are very rare! Even the really tall ones don't, which renders a player who is great at getting to the touchline and crossing redundant. Don't think it was helped by 442 being abandoned by most clubs (having two strikers in the box) and 433 coming to prominence where the winger is required to get in behind the striker and their finishing ability, be a treat cutting inside and ghosting in at the far post are also judged critically. It does mean more full backs who push on a little bit higher to get into those traditional winger positions when a winger steps inside and creates space. The end of 442 has also seen the amount of Michael Owen/Emile Heskey (little and large) type strikers massively reduce as strikers have to be the best of both now. 
    At the end of the day there's only 2 places up for grabs and I have listed 6 first team players and 4 academy products capable of filling them. I think it gives us a range of options tactically. Like I said if the right winger came up (an Adomah- in his prime athletic wide player who scares full backs) was available even if you had 50 options you would snap them up because they are almost priceless. Is it a priority position we are in desperate need of... not for me at all.
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    therealhantsram reacted to Seth's left foot in Derby shirts that we're generally disliked but you loved   
    The first Kappa shirts, loved all three but a lot of fans seemed to hate them.
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    therealhantsram got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Pre Season Friendly v Bristol City   
    His pass for Waghorn was straight out of the Mason Mount school of football.  Waggy really should have scored.
  8. Clap
    therealhantsram reacted to richinspain in Life Ruined   
    Quick look on @loweman2's shirt thread and found this. I don't know when exactly we first used the badge bot in 1976 the eye was definitely there.

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    therealhantsram got a reaction from SKRam in Scott Carson   
    Opta’s review of 2019 ranks Scott Carson 24th out of 24 Championship keepers.  😱
    I knew his performance wasn’t up to previous seasons but didn’t realise just how bad he was last term.


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    therealhantsram reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Steve Bruce   
    Imagine being a Premier League club in 2019 and thinking that hiring Steve Bruce is a good idea. He had the best squad in the division by absolutely miles at Villa and couldn't get them above mid table.
    The game has totally moved on from him, he's done. He won't last a year at Newcastle.
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    therealhantsram reacted to Ambitious in Steve Bruce   
    Steve Bruce is an absolutely deplorable human being for his actions at Sheffield Wednesday. Not a club I’m overly fond of, but genuinely hope the potato head never gets another job after he’s relegated Newcastle. 
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    therealhantsram got a reaction from Millenniumram in Anya - not sure what to make of this...   
    The additional appearances came just after we sold Russell to the States, so had a little money to spend... so I think this could still be valid actually.
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    therealhantsram got a reaction from Will Hughes Hair in Nick Blackman - Signed for Maccabi Tel Aviv   
    At the time it was billed as 100% Clement. Clement had apparently worked with him before at Blackburn, and asked for him specifically.
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    therealhantsram reacted to SouthStandDan in Chris Martin fitness   
    Marriott, Martin, Waghorn.
    A top 6 strikeforce in this division.
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    therealhantsram reacted to jimbo jones in Christian Walton   
    We really don’t have an abundance of wingers. We have an abundance of players who get shoved out on the wing but don’t really want to play there. 
    And who are the loads of exciting youngsters? Michell-Lawson and?
    our main exciting youngsters are midfielders (Sibley, Knight, Bird) But seems to be the position everyone is desperate to sign a player.
    Cocu apparently likes quick wingers who take players on and put crosses in, that counts out most of our “wingers”. I will be amazed if we don’t at least sign one before the end of the window.
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    therealhantsram reacted to MuespachRam in Pre Season Friendly v Bristol City   
    A great couple of days in Florida watching the Supers. 
    Great to speak with Mel, he was super down to earth, friendly and open about what is going to be the plan this season etc. 
    one thing that surprised me was that after both/all three games that the only player from Derby to acknowledge the fans at all was Keogh, not one other player even clapped any of the fans at the end of the game. Keogh on the other hand came over to the fans and took his time to speak to everyone there and thanked them for coming etc. the rest of the players and staff just walked off. 
    Compare that tor Bristol City who were all sat in the stands arching the game, kicking balls around with their fans afterward and generally interacting a lot.  
    Small things I know but some fans had travelled a long way to watch It I would have thought a few minutes out of their time wouldn’t have hurt them. 
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    therealhantsram got a reaction from KCG in Liam Delap - Signed for Man City   
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    therealhantsram reacted to IlsonDerby in Scott Carson   
    Well then lets do a way with all statistics. Possession? who cares? Shots? Whatever? Top goalscorer in the division? Who needs to know? 
    People will rave about Brentford's recruitment style yet bash stats like xG which are very similar. Both are about looking under the surface of the results of a football match etc 
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    therealhantsram reacted to HantsRam in Nick Blackman - Signed for Maccabi Tel Aviv   
    And the rest I'd have thought if the perennial rumours on here have any credence.
    9 guys....some of our reputedly higher earners? Reckon you can double that!
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    therealhantsram reacted to TuffLuff in Chris Martin fitness   
    Actually he brought in Kasey Palmer and didnt play him!!! Now I’m angry all over again 
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    therealhantsram reacted to Needlesh in Nick Blackman - Signed for Maccabi Tel Aviv   
    First time any Derby fan said that! 
  22. Cheers
    therealhantsram reacted to RoyMac5 in Pre Season Friendly v Bristol City   
    Yep according to DET.
  23. Haha
    therealhantsram got a reaction from AndyinLiverpool in Liam Delap - Signed for Man City   
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    therealhantsram got a reaction from whiteroseram in Nick Blackman - Signed for Maccabi Tel Aviv   
    Just leaves Butterfield now. Heard no more about his trial at Blackburn, so I guess we have to assume the worst on that front. 
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    therealhantsram reacted to Joel in Scott Carson   
    xG is something that's always going to divide fans. Some think that it's absolute baalocks, some see it as insightful.
    I like it. The way I see it is as a measurement of the likelihood of a goal being scored and as a tool to see whether a team has been lucky or unlucky to win.
    The Carson thing is interesting. It'll annoy people that "lesser" keepers are above him but, if anything, it would back up the decision to drop him for Roos in that he was expected to save seven of the goals that he actually conceded. 
    I think it's a fair view that last season was his worst in a Derby shirt and that chart, albeit only one factor, backs it up.
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