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  1. Point gained to day folks. We deserved duck all out of that.
  2. Of all the games we decide to have a bad one against this pile of poo.
  3. I hate it when there’s something to play for I can’t bear to see out these 1 goal in it games. At least my plants got a good watering.
  4. Holmes slows down taking the pace out the move.
  5. It was ok for me today. Very good in fact.
  6. After reviewing the footage and pictures I think Lawrence has been treated a bit hard. The ref has bought the Reading players antics but Lawrence fell into the trap. He would have been better just giving him a 2 - 1 signal with his fingers. Verdict Lawrence will always get sent off in that situation unless he takes my advice.
  7. Lawrence must have told Miazga that he had put a bit of weight on since he last saw him and his arse was looking big too. That’s exactly the reaction I got from a girl I saw on a night out. I was proper bladdered too.
  8. And focusing on Reading players running back while the ball was in play
  9. Should be fresh on Wednesday seeing as we only played 45 minutes today.
  10. We are doing ok but I think there is more to come from this team. A few lucky let offs but we need another two to put us in a good position.
  11. I think we need to increase the pace. They are picking us up too easily.
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