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  1. I might have a few old uns up at my mothers. I’ll have a look around when I go up next. Unless she’s had a clear out.
  2. Don’t forget we put the final nail in their coffin last season too.
  3. Van Gritters


    I get it. It started when my kids were young lifting them in and out of car seats. I found there are some exercises you can do and I avoid lifting things now.
  4. Long live the king!! I never really liked Lampard. I’ve always felt Dutch players have a bit of class about them. When you say Dutch I get visions of Johan Cruyff turning players inside out.
  5. I’ll never forget that night at Elland Road. Cheers Frank I will remember the good times.
  6. They could buy more chickens too.
  7. How long did it take us to sign him last year?
  8. May be he is. Just because Mel isn’t posting updates on here doesn’t mean he hasn’t been updated.
  9. I saw it waving around when Liam Gallagher was doing his bit. It’s on BBC 4 now.
  10. Yep I think it depends on who is playing. I’ve been to Manchester to watch Prince I think it was Prince or that symbol thing. It was a good night too “you sexy mother ducker”. Rather rude if you ask me but he sold out.
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