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  1. I used to work with a chap from Buxton he told me there were quite a few Derby fans up that way. I thought it was because of the old chairman I didn’t realise you could get a train but I bet I came through Monsall Head to Bakewell then Matlock.
  2. For what it’s worth, from what I can see so far is Boris Johnson is running a far better campaign than Teresa May. It certainly seem like they are prepared to spend more. Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t had the spark he had last time around at the moment. There is still time. Jo Swinson seem to be an also ran and her remain policy doesn’t seem to be attracting the 48% people thought it would. Farage is a one trick pony without much of a trick anymore. The Greens haven’t had much coverage. I think if they were a bit more realistic they could do better. Obviously in England we don’t hear much about the SNP or Welsh.
  3. Derbyshire oatcakes are better than Staffordshire ones.
  4. I don’t know whether he has always lived in Chapel but it’s a fair trek to Derby from Chapel. Especially back in the day when there were only horse and carts.
  5. What does she have to do? A degree in nursing at Uni then get a job in the NHS. Surely the NHS is big enough to have its own academy or academies for nursing and doctors and in house training on different wards around hospitals. I’m sure that’s how it was done years ago.
  6. You forgot season tickets and away matches.
  7. I watched an interview with Emily Thornberry on GMTV on Monday morning and when questioned about Labours Brexit policy she more or less said they will negotiate a deal which sounded like remain without any voting rights. Then put this deal to the public for a vote and let the people decide. What choice does that give people who want to leave the EU? I know no deal has been negotiated but do they expect people to think they will come up with some miracle deal “the cake and eat it” deal??? I think they’d be better getting off the fence and fighting one or the other.
  8. You ought to try Nottingham City Centre. I thought they followed me around just to get me. They obviously were paying the for the Trams. I had a call from some contractors that had a road closure on in Nottingham City Centre, I went to look at the problem they had. There was all sorts of plant around on the road so I parked my car out of danger still within the road closure. I had only been out my car 5 mins and a warden had slapped a ticket on. I hit the roof and stormed around to the parking office and got ushered out. I appealed and got nowhere. In the end I paid it and just sent them an email regarding peoples health and safety blah blah blah. I don’t give them the satisfaction now but they will ticket anyone or anything. I appealed one and won once on a residential street in Nottingham but I think that was a one off.
  9. I needed to go out towards Trent Bridge not over Ladybay Bridge. A steward asked me where I wanted to go and I told him and he let me through. Quite funny really because there were half a dozen gumps behind these stewards goading the Derby fans leaving the car park. They shut up when I walked through and started again when I had passed. i’m not Sure what a youth with pink boxers on had done but he was cuffed in the car park with a bloody nose.
  10. Every time I go to that place we either lose or draw. I’m starting to think I’m a jinx. The only other two games I have seen this season were Forest in the cup and Charlton so a big improvement on them two games. I still think we over pass at the back and put ourselves under unnecessary pressure which showed when Roos ends up booting it into the middle of the park and straight to an opposing player. The same for the goal there was a few times the ball went to Bogle and put him under unnecessary pressure. When we do that a goal will be conceded especially away from home.
  11. Brexit - Remain Is there a Labour one?
  12. It said in the changing rooms at the Baseball Ground, “the biggest crime in football is giving the ball away “. I think today a capital offence took place.
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