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  1. Van Gritters

    Ex Rams

    He only came on as a sub on 58 minutes too.
  2. I think we’re a goal scorer a midfielder and a centre half away. Take Rooney out and we are way off.
  3. I feel disappointed we didn’t win so I suppose that says we played well. I think overall we had the chances but didn’t put them away. It’s been the same all season. Defensive mistake leads to a goal we need another goal but can’t score. I’m encouraged that we had 7 shots on target because some times We haven’t had 1. We look dangerous so that gives the opposition something to think about. I think we will put more away it will come.
  4. Who listens to that tripe anyway?
  5. Pitch was looking good for March. There was some grass still on it.
  6. Spot on Angie although I thought Huddersfield goal was more influenced by the wind and caught Bogle out and he made a mistake. I don’t even think Roos put his hands up to stop the shot for the goal but then minutes later made a save to keep us level. I suppose a quality keeper would save both. I think the weather affected us more second half than Huddersfield first half. Lawrence’s strike was top draw probably better than the one at Swansea last week. I came away disappointed and felt we dropped two points today.
  7. Bogle handed them the goal and a great assist from Roos. Nuff said
  8. Rams 3 - 0 Uddersfield Rooney hattrick
  9. Let’s give them a sound thrashing today. Come on you Rams. Rooney FGS Rams 3 - 0 Uddersfield.
  10. When all is said and done from my experience these kind of bodies throw the book at Derby and we usually come off worst and everyone else gets away with it. I think back when Chelsea threw all the seats out of the Ossie End didn’t Derby get fined for it? This is what we’re up against.
  11. I’ve only been down there 5 or 6 times in the last 20 years However I have taken different routes down Cambridge Street and down Shaftesbury Crescent. Great memories I think I took a lot of it for granted. When we moved to PP I used to see the old flood lights from the West Stand concourse and wish we were still there. Not to worry now we’re in our £80m stadium. We’ll never get the BBG back.
  12. That place had a heart, it had history it was home.
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