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  1. Get games abandoned due to pitch invasions sign players with forged passports.
  2. It was something I don’t think I’ll ever experience again. I hope it can be bettered but I doubt it will.
  3. Thanks for that. It’s given me a Boost.
  4. This is the thing most people who voted don’t know either or what to vote for. I believe that many voted based upon the topic at the time fear that we would be over run by migrants.
  5. It’s just an example of what governments are capable of and what they are prepared to do and keep covered up. There are that many lies I don’t know what is true and what isn’t anymore. Some people come out with these theories are they true or not. Remain people say one thing Leave say another. What is the truth? Does anyone know or are they just theories?
  6. I have heard that we can’t leave the EU.
  7. And blew up the twin towers.
  8. Apparently it’s the Americans of all people.
  9. You ought to be more concerned about this. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory
  10. Too many people are too stubborn and no one will work together may be because they are too stubborn. You only have to see people on here giving it chapter and verse to know that politicians who do it full time will not compromise. It’s just a stalemate.
  11. They aren’t doing too bad so far. City defending is worse than ours.
  12. From what I see I doubt you can bring the country together over this. There are so many versions like remain, soft, hard, etc how can you please everyone? It could end up like a you get in a GE where the party that wins is actually the one the majority didn’t vote for.
  13. Surely that wouldn’t improve the tax receipts the government publishes though
  14. So you think there would be even less unemployment under this government than there is already had we voted remain?
  15. It’s whatever and both sides can argue until they are blue in the face. I’ll just let things pan out and I doubt my life will be too effected either way although I do like a good holiday and I hate queuing at airports. I personally think we had a vote and leave won. Why can’t we try something different? Surely if things go tits up I bet the good old EU will be the first to welcome us back with a big smug look on their faces.
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