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  1. Cheers! 170 pages of beer talk to read 🍻
  2. @eddie I'm partial to a Belgian beer or two. Any recommendations as I am always on the lookout for new ones to try. What are Belgiuminabox like? I've used Beerwulf before but not them....
  3. I heard that on TalkSport yesterday when they were talking to Dennis Wise.
  4. I'd imagine that would depend on if Frank stays with us? Or not?
  5. Waghorn is mint - seems like a funny bloke. Club morale officer 😎
  6. Dean Sturridge anyone.......
  7. Is it just me, or us the editing really bad on this? It changes angle just as player is about to shoot.....makes it hard to watch. Appreciate the video though, just think it could have been edited better.
  8. I wanted to give 6.5 but couldn't so went for 7 as a result of the last 10-15 mins pressing. Irrelevent now, but given another 5 mins and we'd have equalised......
  9. Server busy try again later message........
  10. I can't see that point being enough. Boro will most likely beat Rotherham so nothing less than a win is good enough for us. Nothing has really changed from before the match (except we have one less game to secure a playoff position).
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