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  1. Was just typing that...Bristol still to play Villa and west Brom too. We just have to do our bit 🤔
  2. I'd take that all day long.........here's to hoping 🤞🏻
  3. Cant wait for Warnock's post match......🤬😡😤🤯
  4. And if I recall, didn't Regis go on to score the winner? 😡😤
  5. Not worth discussing it at all.....shout to sack a manager at the first hint of difficulty and frustration, it drives me mad. Its like groundhog day. Listen to his post match interview - honest appraisal of what's wrong - needs time to sort it out. One good win will change everything and we make top 6. Keep the faith - COYR !!!!!!
  6. I've just said this exact same thing and need a quality alternative up top too.
  7. Should lock this thread now - stupid thing to say!!!! Drives me mad!!!! Agree performances aren't great but sack the manager - come on 🤯🤬
  8. 27 or 39, depends what you believe...😂 https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/former-ac-milan-player-taribo-west-is-12-years-older-than-he-claims-8560297.html
  9. Reckon GT might be a bit annoyed now as Luton's manager looks like he's going to Stoke.......
  10. Accrington Stanley...who are they 😂😂
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