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  1. RamontheMoor

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Wow, I've been off the radar with no phone & internet today and just logged in. Blimey, I've just had a shock.....id heard Rowett was favourite for the Stoke job but just assumed it was the clayheads lumping on him at the bookies....🤑 Not quite sure how I feel about it all but whatever happens with GR and Stoke, his future now cannot be with us. He absolutely cannot stay if he's looking to speak to anyone else.... Liked the man, didn't like his 'football' philosophy..... Oh well, onwards and upwards...
  2. RamontheMoor

    Derby County F.C. v Barnsley F.C.

    I hate forest even more now.....
  3. RamontheMoor

    Gut feeling

    I can't even see that happening to be honest..
  4. RamontheMoor

    Blackpool fan here help needed please the petition

    Signed 👍🏻

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