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  1. Nah, just a hunch but it's definitely not Bogle 😏
  2. Thought the same. 6ft 6 and certainly commanded his box and also good distribution. Didn't realise he was on loan from Brighton - at 22 he's clearly one for the future for them
  3. Been confirmed he’s returned to Everton https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2020/01/on-loan-midfielder-dowell-returns-to-everton
  4. Jamie V, is that you???? 👀
  5. I actually think that if you got Morris, Ramage and Cocu in the same room they’d probably all agree..... you need to give the lads an opportunity (and we clearly have an excellent group of players coming through, fully justifying the investment made) but play them when they’re ready. You also need a good blend of youth and experience to build a team. Rooney is the added quality and experience and I can see the transfer policy will be to bring in young players with the potential to develop further and create value alongside the Academy players. Cameron Carter Vickers at 22 on loan with an option to buy would seem to fit this approach (I have no real knowledge of him as a player though). I think personal egos got in the way of a sensible conversation on Monday
  6. Found this article very very interesting, certainly many parallels to where we are now. With our current position and the fan pressure building, Mel will need balls of steel to hold his nerve and ride through the storm. I for one hope he does as we will never find out if Cocu can build something over the medium to long term if he sacks him now. It might prove to be the wrong decision but at some point we need to give a manager time and Cocu has been dealt a bum hand so far this season https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/28/phillip-cocu-Derby-frank-lampard-success-psv
  7. No doubt this is difficult times and the football at the moment is pretty dire. However, I think we need to ride this out and trust that Cocu will build a team we’ll ultimately be proud of. Totally understand the call for his head - it’s a results and entertainment business and we’re not getting either at the minute. Just think at some point we need to give a manager a bit of time 🤞
  8. Let’s hope today’s the day one or more makes a mark & it’s onwards and upwards for the rest of the season 🤞
  9. 6 of today’s 18 man squad are players brought through the Academy. A sign of things to come? Nobody can say Cocu isn’t giving youth a chance - let’s hope we can be competitive. Still need to complement the youth with quality experience so hoping for a good January window with an eye on building a squad in the summer capable of mounting a challenge next season.
  10. That’s just slashed £3m off his market value
  11. Yep, totally agree........... there’s another 45 minutes of this to come 😳
  12. “Way-oh baalocks” is that the interesting new signing Cocu referred to?
  13. Totally agree with this and one thing I should have said is that the young players get great coaching that will help them to play at a good level whether they make it or not.
  14. I cannot speak about Derby’s Academy but I do know that at other clubs the coaches at the younger age groups tend to be part time and may only be getting nominal expenses for their time on an evening and weekend. Clubs will also start with the local talent in younger age groups and will start to look to bring in players from other areas as they progress through the ages. For the lower category clubs it will involve picking up players who have been released from bigger clubs, although I’m sure Derby’s aspiration is to be the Academy of choice, hence the investment and structure that is being put in place. Derby’s “net” will also include Ireland and overseas but this is only likely when the kids get to around 15/16 years old. It wouldn’t surprise me therefore that the “success” is greater at U18 onwards but it will all be done to a plan and model. For this I can speak from experience as my son was released at 12 (rightly so although painful at the time) having been in the system since before his 7th birthday. He was replaced by a player just released from Leeds who has since gone on to play at League 1 level. Reality is that in the younger age groups there maybe only 2 or 3 a year who make it to U18 level - clearly the challenge for Derby is to increase that ratio by picking up the best talent around and developing the coaching structure.
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