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  1. Cardiff City at home................ 🙄
  2. I prefer the view it’s a buzzer to take on drinks.......... Jack Daniels it is
  3. “So Flo, let’s see what I can do for your career this time!!”
  4. Won’t be McLaren.... Mel’s interview on RamsTV he says “knowledge of the Championship, but not necessarily coaching experience in the Championship”. Start the guess work....... I’ll throw a name out with Shaun Barker 🤔(totally not ITK)
  5. Could it not be that Lampard has signed his contract already hence reports that Cocu has also agreed with Derby but the delay is for negotiations on the compensation for Morris and Jones to be agreed? Would make sense to me and wouldn’t delay preparations for the USA tour
  6. Ah but doesn’t say which Thursday 👀
  7. Fair point although I don’t think Scott was in great form at the time. However I always felt there was a mistake waiting to happen with Kelle. Unfortunately happened in the biggest game of the season. I guess we’ll see what happens with Shay
  8. Nope, didn’t see that one at all 😂. Anyway, I still hope he shays
  9. Makes sense with Shay not named with Lampard, Morris & Jones as having time off. This would be good news if he stays as it provides some continuity and knowledge of the current squad. I assume he’s been assured of a role with the new team and possibly been given an incentive to stay.
  10. The way I read this it suggests he is not really aligned to Lampard’s preferred style of pressing high up the pitch to win the ball back quickly. It seems he sets his team up with more defensive structure with less emphasis on pressing & breaks quickly to counter attack when the ball is won. Seems more aligned to the way Rowett set up than Frank. Hope I’m wrong as I certainly prefer the aggressive pressing style of football.
  11. Crikey, Hannah Montana has really grown up 😳
  12. If she sings the Cocu-motive it has to be a sign 👀
  13. £5m compensation and that might be the plan.......... prefer some continuity though
  14. Excited by this if true....... seems to fit Mel’s profile perfectly. Hope it’s not just a lazy link because of that
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