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  1. Long story but no. Bought a return ticket on Hull Trains but couldn’t reserve seats for all of us on the return. Changed to GNER coming back but 2 singles that are not refundable. Thanks anyway for the suggestion
  2. Return rail ticket available from Doncaster to London Kings Cross - bought for my son for the Play Off final but he now can’t get the day off work!! Seats reserved on the following; 09.24 from Doncaster arriving at London Kings Cross 11.09 (stops at Retford & Grantham) - Hull Trains, Standard Class 21.00 from London Kings Cross arriving at Doncaster 22.44 (stops at Stevenage, Peterborough & Newark) - GNER, 1ST CLASS Paid £81 - would accept £60 Let me know if anyone would like to buy the tickets
  3. That’s exactly how I felt when we were 1-0 up in the last game against WBA. Thought we’d sit back and try to defend the lead. Actually think West Brom equalising early 2nd half was the best thing that could have happened...... we’d have conceded 1 at some point so better when we had time to shake it off and get our arse into gear. Onto a Elland Road 🐏
  4. I remember going into the away end with a couple of mates when we were in the old Division 3 at the Baseball Ground against Brentford I think. Normally stood on the Pop Side / Columbo end and it was absolutely hammering it down. We’d figured that the away fans on the Ossie Terrace usually got put into the stands if it was raining and true to form we were moved into the Ossie lower with about 30 other Brentford supporters (they came in a taxi😉). Sat on our hands all 1st half, think we were 1 up and told stewards we’d accidentally gone in the wrong end and got put into the C Stand at half time. Still got wet through on the walk back after the game 🙄
  5. Don’t take comfort from not having the away goals rule......... Leeds scored 1 and we’ve got to score at least 1 😂. That said I love your optimism 🐏
  6. Holmes is on the RamsTV video of training but no sign of Waghorn. Could be mind games and guess we won’t know for sure until 16.15 tomorrow. Ironic that we’ve put a video of us training on the website saving Leeds the bother of spying 😂. Maybe deliberately kept Waggy out of shot 😉
  7. Donnyram


    Totally agree. Much rather he took a yellow by bringing the WBA player down on the half way line......... couldn’t because he’d already been carded for taking his shirt off. Might be a daft rule but it’s there and refs are instructed it’s a yellow every time so why do it? That said, I bloody love Mason Bennett 😂🐏🔥😍🥰
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned but there was a passage of play late on in the 2nd half where Mount, Bogle, Tomori & possibly Wilson and Laurence kept the ball down our right showing experience way beyond their years. It then got switched to the left & Malone got a shot off that Johnstone saved. I thought it was an outstanding bit of football and one I’ll look forward to seeing again on the Sky coverage. Pity it didn’t end up as a goal that I feel it deserved
  9. Much more likely to be Hastie....... it would be in line with the recruitment policy outlined by Frank & Mel at the fans forum whereas a 29 year old journeyman is the polar opposite
  10. I’d take a 93rd minute 1-0 win...... not bothered about the 7 goal deficit 😂
  11. Immediately thought of Charlie George’s goal against Real Madrid https://goo.gl/images/8GcpJ2
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