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  1. My understanding is it will be assessed by an independent arbitration panel so won’t be something the EFL have to make a final judgement on. Might be a convenient way for the EFL to say to the likes of Gibson and co “it wasn’t me guv” 🤞
  2. The difference with the other events is that you can budget and plan. Yes, we pushed the boundaries totally but they were boundaries set by the EFL with FFP losses allowed. Nobody can be expected to have “planned” or “budgeted” for a global pandemic that resulted in zero gate receipts for over 12 months. The argument against our appeal is that we shouldn’t have been over the losses allowed - which it seems we have been with the amortisation issue. Personally I think it’s worth the appeal but by no means an easy win. Hopefully the Administrators have been given some encouragement in discussions with the EFL.
  3. Should be an episode of Question Time with both Mel and the EFL represented. Won’t tell us anything but it’d be fun to see them both completely avoid answering the questions with politician type responses.
  4. Speculation I believe, although just googled Mike Ashley Derby County and found an article saying he’s likely to be interested in buying a Championship club……… mentions Sheff Wed so not sure how recent it is
  5. I think that whatever the actual situation is (and I suspect that there is genuine interest) the administrators will give positive messages about significant interest in the club - a bit like car sales!
  6. Just re-read my post and understand where you’re coming from……. as I said, I understand the approach but was a gamble (maybe not massive 😂)…… it’s back fired because of the injuries…. pure bad luck. My reference to Thorne was intended as tongue in cheek I’ll check for context better next time 😂
  7. I actually get this but it’s another massive gamble that has back fired. High fee with low up front payments for a young player of high potential on a 5 year contract. If he helps to get us promoted in the first 3 years then happy days….. if not then sell him to at least get the money back to pay Arsenal and hopefully bag a profit. I guess they didn’t consider 2 ACL’s in 2 years affecting his value potential…….. it’s not like that has ever happened before to a talented young holding midfielder 👀
  8. ……. at their best….. (ignoring loaned players e.g Mount) Craig Bryson Jamie Ward Wayne Rooney Need goals more than anything at the moment…….I’d have gone with Ince but I think we need players with the same team spirit and work ethic so for me Jamie Ward is right up up there. Banking on our old guard at the back continuing to do the business Couldn’t resist Wazza at his best 😉
  9. The key point is finding a buyer before January….. without that we will have to sell players for sure. With new owners you would hope we will be able to add a few loans / free agents that I’m sure Rooney will have lined up. With that in place………… bring it on and enjoy the ride 🐏🐏
  10. Arr, the memories of singing White Christmas at the BBG and at away games in the 80’s 🐏👍
  11. Let’s hope there isn’t a national shortage of WiFi to go with the lack of fuel 🙄
  12. Just about got enough diesel for two round trips Donny to Derby…….. hope the Mrs doesn’t get any daft ideas about going anywhere else this week 😉🐏
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