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  1. I get the negativity and comments about Shinnie but this could be a clever move. Shinnie will always be a leader with or without the armband. If the responsibility gets an extra 10% out of our most gifted player then it's worth a gamble. My fear would be how Tom reacts if and when things don't go our way and the crowd turns against him and the team. Good start needed by Tom and the team as a whole........
  2. I'm sure I'd read recently someone has paid £6.3 billion for Morrison 🤔
  3. I’m sure I read that only Derby could appeal the arbitration panels decision and not the EFL……. complete drawn out farce that leaves us in total limbo yet again
  4. Listening to McLaren the same applies to Derby. Need players in and a good start to next season....
  5. Will be a free agent as he’s turned down a new contract at Wimbledon. We’ve maybe got an advantage with Rooney in charge as he was born in Maidstone so highly likely he’s a Man Utd supporter 👀
  6. So pleased to read the bit about your 8th can of Guinness................ didn’t sound great until then I have to say
  7. Unlike the last lot who smelt of bull poo
  8. It’ll be a cunning plan..... take a £5m non refundable deposit from every would be buyer. 2 down 10 to go and we’ll be debt free (disclaimer, I have no idea what the value of debt is)
  9. Sorry, but has to be said.......Chris Martin. I honestly thought he was a bit of a donkey when he first joined on loan. The rest is history as he was a key part of some of the best football I’ve seen from a Derby team since the Jim Smith era.
  10. I like it, keep going & we’ll be promoted before the season starts
  11. If it’s taken about 2 years, an inquest and appeal then it can’t be that black and white. Hope I’m right but sounds like a bit of a storm in a tea cup..... hopefully a fine will be seen as appropriate punishment which was initially reported when the appeal was first made.
  12. I can’t believe nobody has said Chris Martin yet...........oops
  13. On the positive side we have young players who will improve. On the optimistic side we have Krystian Bielik to come back and when he was around we looked a different team and talk from some was about launching a play off push this season. Given some investment and clever recruitment the re-build may not be quite as drastic. Maybe I’m glass half full but I won’t gain anything by being the opposite. On your point about declaring that we have money to spend I tend to agree although the positive view maybe that it shows ambitious intent that may help to attract the right sort of player who want to join the project.
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