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  1. I can think of 7 million reasons why we’re not mugs 🤣
  2. Cocu has consistently said he likes to bring through young players alongside quality experienced players to help their development. This would tick that box and some ✅
  3. Knowing our luck we’ll be getting the one on the right 🙄
  4. Personal coach for Mason Bennett......... leaving present from Frank for his loved one 💕
  5. Wow, I’ve been waiting for the next new name being linked but wow, Wayne Rooney!!! Wonder if this has any connection to future investment 🤔
  6. With FFP a lot depends on the length of contract I believe and if you’re confident he will grow in value it’s less of a gamble. £10m over a 5 year contract for someone who is young with great potential to develop may be doable if we can convince him we are the right fit for him.
  7. Cardiff City at home................ 🙄
  8. I prefer the view it’s a buzzer to take on drinks.......... Jack Daniels it is
  9. “So Flo, let’s see what I can do for your career this time!!”
  10. Won’t be McLaren.... Mel’s interview on RamsTV he says “knowledge of the Championship, but not necessarily coaching experience in the Championship”. Start the guess work....... I’ll throw a name out with Shaun Barker 🤔(totally not ITK)
  11. Could it not be that Lampard has signed his contract already hence reports that Cocu has also agreed with Derby but the delay is for negotiations on the compensation for Morris and Jones to be agreed? Would make sense to me and wouldn’t delay preparations for the USA tour
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