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  1. On the positive side we have young players who will improve. On the optimistic side we have Krystian Bielik to come back and when he was around we looked a different team and talk from some was about launching a play off push this season. Given some investment and clever recruitment the re-build may not be quite as drastic. Maybe I’m glass half full but I won’t gain anything by being the opposite. On your point about declaring that we have money to spend I tend to agree although the positive view maybe that it shows ambitious intent that may help to attract the right sort of player who
  2. Cracking post, sums up my own views perfectly (and I’m a tired middle aged man as well) 😂 👍👏
  3. Albentosa, apparently he’s decent as long as he remembers his insole 👀
  4. Clearly it isn’t Rooney in charge it’s just Craig Ramage in disguise 👀
  5. Fair play to Rooney, knew it wouldn't be pretty, accepted it and could easily have took 3 points
  6. Match abandoned.............. Steve Mc for got his brolly🌂
  7. Yes please, hope there’s some truth in this, looks the type of player Rooney seems to be after with physicality, decent ability and forward thinking. As highlights reels go, over 9 minutes without 3 repeats of each piece of play is decent
  8. I’m a big Chris Martin fan but I agree with this....... CKR influence both on and on the pitch is huge
  9. I think his football intelligence is right up there with the best
  10. My understanding is that you cannot sign a pro contract until you’re 17. Kaide is 17 in October so will be on an academy contract until then. Nothing to stop him going if he wants to go and if clubs don’t agree a compensation fee it goes to tribunal.
  11. Just listened to CKR interview on RamsTV.......... I could listen to him all day! Such an engaging and inspirational speaker and will be as big an influence off the pitch as he is on it. I know he’s 34 but as he says, “age is just a number” and for me he deserves at least another 12 months contract and probably 2 years.
  12. Reminder of our Newcastle friend’s post in October...........
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