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  1. Immediately thought of Charlie George’s goal against Real Madrid https://goo.gl/images/8GcpJ2
  2. We look like a team that’s played 39 games since Xmas let alone this season 🙄
  3. Don’t panic, my mate from Scunny says our very own pocket rocket Mr Holmes is a dab hand at centre half 👀🙄
  4. Played there for us as a teenager. Not ideal but emergency, yes
  5. That’s a good shout to be fair, quite possible
  6. Suspect you’re thinking of Shaquille McDonald.... he was released in 2016 & is with Mickleover Sports now. Unless you’ve completely lost the plot and thinking of Malcolm McDonald 😉
  7. Assuming Wimbledon hold on and beat West Ham (3-2 now) there will be a maximum of 7 Premier League teams in the last 16 and could be as low as 4. Favourable draw and a couple of all Premier League ties and it could be s great chance of making the latter rounds
  8. Can you post power point presentations on here???
  9. I noticed that the highly rated groundsman Nathan Scarff is no longer at the club having left to join Club Brugge. Makes you wonder if this has had an impact and also why he left I.e. maybe our investment plans didn’t match what he thought was needed. Pure speculation and still a great pitch but I must admit I thought it was looking a little more worn than normal. Anybody know why Scarff left?
  10. One for next season on loan............ Ejaria, Readings number 18 yesterday. On loan from Liverpool after a spell on loan at Rangers. Thought he was outstanding. Big, strong and powerful midfield runner with pace and also excellent on the ball. Would suit our style of play perfectly and after how well we have helped Harry Wilson’s development you’d think Klopp would be happy for him to come to us next season if he goes out on loan again
  11. This bloke is a next level troll and he's got massive balls and I like him. Couldn’t see that on any of the stats. Have you been spying round Thorpe Arch changing rooms? 👀
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