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  1. Great news, CKR has been a revelation, certainly on the pitch, and by all accounts in the dressing room and on the training ground. Definitely got at least another season in him. Why did Cocu hardly use him? I would offer another contract to Wiz, and possibly to Waggy for 1 more year.
  2. 1st post and I get the number wrong by £169840000, bugger. The Burnley takeover cost £170 million for 84%.
  3. Burnley’s takeover(£170k for 84%) took at least 8 months, and Wrexham from the national league have just been taken over by 2 ‘Hollywood’ actors, which took over 7 months to complete. It may mean there is still a chance this will go through. I remember Mel saying he would not be commenting any further, until the deal is completed, which he hasn’t done (confidentiality?). Big mistake obviously were the announcements by the club of an imminent completion.
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