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  1. Its actually illegal to stand at an all seater stadium. Sooner or later somebody is going to get seriously injured. The north stand is a family stand, a lot of elderly and young families. What a great idea if you want to drive people away from the stadium, me included.
  2. Whoever the new owner is its got to be run sensibly, no more wage bills bigger than the turnover of the club, no more excessive transfer fees, continue the good work developing good young players. No more hire and fire managers, just appoint sensibly and support within limits. Its not really rocket science is it? 🤷‍♂️
  3. Derby 2 Reading 0. FRGS Curtis Davies 🙂
  4. Having a wage bill over £40 million, and a turnover of just £31 million, sort of helps too. Not to mention high transfer fees paid out for average players, who leave at the end of their contract for nothing. I'd say the academy model is working reasonably well for Derby, looking at the team sheet each week!
  5. 10,000 put in £500 then there's £5 million, to form a trust to own a % of the new club.
  6. I certainly was interested to hear that Wycome are 25% owned by a trust which in turn was funded by 1000 fans. I think fan ownership and strict control of player wages as a % of trading turnover is the way forward. If we could get 10,000 people to invest £500 each that would be a great start, with the trust having a % ownership and a seat on the board. Then we insist the club is run with non loss making budgets each year. We then have a sustainable club where fans have a voice, and can see and hear what is happening at the club.
  7. Unfortunately for many people rules are for others. Just look at the amount of people standing in a seating area?
  8. I particularly like it when they fanny about with sideways passes until it gets to the half way line, then pass it back to keeper who can the roll it out and start again.
  9. Serves us right, constant passing around the back four, back passes to the keeper, even when Birmingham are pushing up. Stupid tactics.
  10. I'd also suggest the north stand, very little foul language, generally nice environment, good family environment.
  11. Dont really want this to become a stand v sit argument, but it certainly seems to be an issue, and perhaps causing some people to not go to away games, which is a shame. I'm certainly a little apprehensive now, given some of the replies.
  12. I've been thinking about going to a few away games this season, as I now have the time to do so, I've never been to an away match before! What can I expect? Is it true everybody stands up for the whole game?, and do people take their allocated seats? Is it rowdy, south stand style? What about before and after the game? I'd probably drive so is parking an issue at times? I'm in my fifties and would like to sit down and watch the game, giving the rams a cheer on the way. Fairly typical north stander 🙂
  13. Ngl, I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by the ridiculous systems put in place by our ticketing office and the sheer incompetence of our operation. Fully agree, whatever happened to keep it simple?
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